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I get my clients light, strong, lean, and athletic. . Apply for Online Personal Training: Ranbir@sanjosebarbell.com . Actor/ strength&nutrition coach

. There’s more keys to END your dieting forever. . I know that you’ve tried a lot of things and you keep finding yourself in the same spot. . Isn’t it time to stop putting bandaids by looking for the “best” diet or the newest supplement? . Yes. So today, we look at the next key to end dieting forever: your friends. . List the 5 people you spend the most time with. What are their health habits? . Are they healthy, active, eat real foods, and positive people? . Or are they always sleeping, eating crap food, drinking too much, and complaining all the time? . GRAVITY - the force that attracts a body toward any other physical body having mass. . People and environments also have gravity. If you’re around unhealthy, negative, shitty people, you will also be that. . The next step is about putting yourself in better gravity. . Day 2: . Do you know people who workout on Fridays, go hiking on the weekends, and always seem to be doing some activity? . They drink water and coffee instead of pounding beers and bottomless mimosas. Always encouraging and positive. They build others up and never tear them down. . Cool, go hang out with those people! . And then stop spending time with shitty friends and family. It may be difficult but you’re the most important person in your life. . Do you want a life with people who destroy their bodies and minds? . Because you’ll follow suit. Gravity. . You deserve to live a great life. Put yourself in environments that make you better, not drag you down. . This is what we call “intentional communities” (something I picked up from @realcraigballantyne ). Eating healthy and being active becomes easy and something that you do vs. something you “know” you need but can’t. . Pick better friends. . Tag your healthy friends who pull you into their gravity! . @i.am.deadlift @ve_ronica @_gainzmo @the_joshking @thefakejohnny @shanssingh @annakatzman @david_perez1022 @enkane @pinaymama0108 @biddyboppyboo @dannicide_san_jose @abbyliciousness24 @i_berdnik . #fatloss #weightlosssupport #weightlosstransformation #dietplan #dietfood #dietstartsmonday #diet #fatlossgoals #weightwatchers #fitnesstrainer #nutritionist #nutritioniskey #healthyeating #healthyfood
. The boys were gettin some deadlifts and thought I’d hop in. . The point of this isn’t to have you do stupid shit aka lift without warming up. . The point is to show you what is possible. . The body is so unbelievably amazing. If you listen to it vs try to slam it into exhaustion, cool things happen. . If you live around 70-80% effort for all your training, your 100% goes waaayyyy up. And your every day strength becomes muuuuucchhhh greater than most people’s best. . But only if you believe it. Remember, a belief is only a thought you keep thinking. And your beliefs keep you anchored to where you are. . There was a time where I couldn’t walk without back pain. It was unbearable. . But here we are, 10 years later at the same bodyweight (153) and without a warmup, I can deadlift 405. Earlier this week, I did the same with 425. . What’s been the purpose? . To show you the RIGHT way to getting the most out of your body. . I don’t train hours a day. I train maybe 3-5 per week. . I rarely ever test one rep maxes or lift weight that causes my form to change. The last time I checked my deadlift was over a year and a half ago. . I don’t take any supplements or fancy diets. I eat my food stress free and track my calories. . I don’t get guilty if I eat too much or miss a week of workout out. I get Back into it. . I never focus on the weight. I try to control every movement I do by making it slow and controlled so that my muscles are doing the work and my brain is getting smarter. . Most importantly, I BELIEVE that I will be ridiculously jacked. I will be stronger and lighter and more ripped. . And I keep thinking that. . I don’t like thoughts of weakness or doubt. Because I don’t want those to become beliefs. . What thoughts are in your head that aren’t serving you? . What thoughts can you replace them with? . It’s really beautiful how easily things change if you stop forcing things and approach everything with ease. . #fatlossjourney #diettips #loseweightfast #burncalories #burnfat #burningcalories #burningfat #theguavfather #sanjose #sanjosebarbell #strongerthanyesterday #strongfirst #strongerthanyouthink #believeinyourself #belief #mindsetiseverything #lifestylechanges
* Want to stop dieting? . You’ve tried everything and you always end up in the same spot. . You’ve gained and lost the same 20 pounds and you look down and see your belly hanging over your belt. . Let’s end dieting. This is how you set yourself up for permanent success. . And over the next 7 days, I will take you through it one step at a time. . One piece of the puzzle will be given to you on a silver platter each day. . Let’s dive in. . Day 1: . Be a JERF, not a jerk. . JERF stands for Just Eat Real Food. . Eat ONLY veggies, fruit, and lean protein sources. . Drink ONLY water. . The foundation of our eating habits needs to revolve around eating real food. . The benefits of real food include that it has less calories for more food, meaning you’ll be full. Be a JERF. . Establishing healthy, sustainable eating habits is simple. It takes practice but you can 100% do it. Don’t make it more complex than eating veggies, lean proteins, and drinking water. . If you currently have food that is NOT veggies or lean proteins, go throw it out. Don’t worry about waste. . Want to know what’s really a waste? . All the money you’ll spend on health care down the road. All because you couldn’t eat your goddamn vegetables. . If you participate, share your real meals, use the hashtag #ImaJerf . #fatloss #weightlosssupport #weightlosstransformation #dietplan #dietfood #dietstartsmonday #diet #fatlossgoals #weightwatchers #fitnesstrainer #nutritionist #nutritioniskey #healthyeating #healthyfood #strongon #healthysnacks #sanjosebarbell #theguavfather #burnfat #burningfat #burncalories #burningcalories #beajerfnotajerk
Great post from @thefitnesschef_ ・・・ Emotional eating carries many complexities. But this post is an attempt to strip back it’s concept and discuss it in a measured approach. - - Am I going to have the audacity to advise in the event of an individual’s emotional trauma; “just don’t eat it”?Well... Yes. I am because by whatever therapy or discovery you embark on, if successful, they will all end in you explicitly deciding NOT to emotionally eat anyway. You already have the uncomplicated power to do that now. - - Whilst debate about the intricacies of human psychology and it’s relationship with calorie consumption seems to be prevalent, we have normalised to notion that food can control us. However, it cannot. We have succumbed as victims to the resulting weight gain and/or obesity. However, we can choose not to be. - - Unfortunately, all this does is give subconscious excuse for its perpetual, irresponsible reoccurrence in one’s life, especially during periods of mild or extreme trauma. Whilst these events can evoke emotion, pain and suffering, logic tells as that food has no bearing on the healing or solving of these problems. Despite the presence of emotion, we need to be strong enough to also apply logic. - - Simply ‘saying no’ is simplistic and elementary. But it is one way we can take responsibility for our actions and properly confront our problems. To give a basic example; “why are you eating 4 cinnamon swirls?”... “Because I had a bad day at work”.... “will that make your bad day at work better?”... “No”.... There we have it. - - This subject clearly cannot be drawn out in one Instagram post and I expect some criticism for my lack of clinical skill/research. But if it helps just one person self reflect and discover that; Actually they do have 100% control of their choices, that food may not solve their problem and that overeating may create more problems, then this post will have been worthwhile. Yes/No. To do or not to do. Sometimes it can be simple as this if you allow it. 🙂 - - #thefitnesschef #emotionaleating #bingeeating #obesity #nutritioncoach #eatsmart #fatlosshelp #fatlossjourney #bingeeatingrecovery #diet #diethelp #dietips #losefat
. Great post by my man @chadhargrove1 ・・・ I posted this one a while back and although the reaction was great, I’m not totally certain everyone who read it understood it. - Maybe you didn’t. - I often eat 6 eggs when I eat eggs. People are amazed — “how do you eat so much food?” - Some of my clients are learning to get more protein in. They’ll eat 1 egg for breakfast. They’ll use it because it has protein, but we’re talking 6 grams in one egg. Not significant. - 6 eggs is about 450 calories. I usually lose weight anywhere between 2000-2500 calories a day — meaning 2000-2500 calories on Friday and Saturday too. - For 6 eggs, I can keep myself full, because it is a good amount of food. And protein is clearly the most filling macronutrient. - But the calories really aren’t *that* significant. - Consider this: - Your restaurant meal probably has at least double what my 6 eggs have. - Two IPA beers usually have more. - 3 glasses of wine. - A depressing couple handfuls of potato chips. - Some of those dessert style “coffee” you can get at Starbucks. - My point in order to understand food that’s actually gonna help you get weight off and keep it off, you want to eat more foods that are both filling but reasonable or low in calories. - Not the opposite. - Eggs, meat, fish, beans, lentils, vegetables, fruits, and even starches like rice, potatoes, and others fall into this as well. - The stuff you run into trouble with? Liquid calories, processed foods, using butter and oils the way restaurants do, or even common health foods like nuts and seeds that add up in calories fast if you aren’t careful. - Also noteworthy? When you sleep 5 hours a night, the foods you’re more likely to crave are the last ones I mentioned. - I slept 4 hours last Saturday night and I couldn’t imagine eating eggs, salad or anything that was likely to do my body good. - Couldn’t tell you why, but I know it isn’t just me. - You don’t have to eat eggs, but you do need more foods that are full of nutrients, water and fibre without being calorie dense. - When in doubt: was it available to eat 200 years ago? - Any questions or comments? Put one in the comments and I’ll get back to
I know the holidays are around the corner. Time to start prepping what kind desserts you’re gonna have in your back pocket. . Portable AND delicious. . Everyone’s favorite dessert is cucumber right? . Repost @chroniclesofstrength ・・・ Good advice, fits any season. — - #fatloss #weightlosssupport #weightlosstransformation #dietplan #dietfood #dietstartsmonday #diet #fatlossgoals #weightwatchers #fitnesstrainer #nutritionist #nutritioniskey #healthyeating #healthyfood #strongon #healthysnacks #sanjosebarbell #theguavfather
. ONE PROGRAM: Pick one strength program that includes the basics. All you need is a variation of squat, deadlift, press, row, and lunge. Then stick with it. Most people never stick with a program long enough to get results. Don’t be that guy :) . ONE COACH: Pick one person that you know, like, and trust to listen to. The more sources you listen to, the more overwhelmed you will feel, the less action you will take. Ignore everyone else. . ONE WAY OF EATING: The main thing is to make sure you are in a calorie deficit. Beyond that, it doesn’t matter. Vegan, paleo, IIFYM, keto, intermittent fasting, etc. Pick ONE and make sure your calories are low enough. . ONE SCHEDULE: Put your weekly workouts into your calendar. The problem with not enough time is that we float through our days. If you pause, plan, and ponder, your chances for success are guaranteed. . ONE FRIEND: Find a person who keeps their commitments and follows through. Enlist their help to do it with you (they won’t quit) or keep you accountable. Professional accountability is an even better idea. . The way you get killer results is to prune excess, not to add more shit. . Cut out all options. Make fat loss simple. . If you do this for 52 weeks, you will not be the same person. But again…don’t overwhelm yourself. Aim to get 4 weeks in a row under your belt. Then another 4. . Tag a friend who does way too much and lives in a Costco-sized bucket of overwhelm. . #burnfat #burncalories #burningfat #burningcalories #fatlossjourney #fatlosshelp #fatlosstips #fatloss #diettips #dietplan #dietcoach #onlinecoach #onlinecoaching #theguavfather #simplifiedplanner #lifestylechanges #habits #habit #doitinparis #doityourself #youcandothis #youcanduit #youcandoanything
. You don’t know what a metabolism is. . You also don’t need to know what it is. . Even if you knew…you’re still gonna need to exercise, build muscle, move more, eat like an adult. . Tag that friend who knows EVERYTHING about metabolismsssss. . #metabolism #burnfat #burncalories #burningfat #burningcalories #fatlossjourney #fatlosshelp #fatlosstips #fatloss #diettips #dietplan #dietcoach #onlinecoach #onlinecoaching #theguavfather #dietcoach #mindsetofgreatness #mindsetiseverything #fitnesstransformation #fitnessmodel #caffeineandoctane #caffeineandkilos #coffeetable #coffeeshops #coffee_time #bulletproofcoffee #buttercookies #supplementstore #supplementsthatwork
. What’s the “king” of all exercises? . Many say the back squat. . In fact, they’ll say, you need ass to grass. That means you’re squatting so low that if you were standing on grass, your ass would be on the grass. . The squat is awesome. It’s a great total body lift when done correctly. But not everyone was made to squat. And even more aren’t physically prepared to squat. . Just because something is a good tool doesn’t mean you use it for everything. . I love my DeWalt 20 Volt Power Max drill. It’s a phenomenal tool. . But I don’t whip out my DeWalt when the screws on my glasses become loose. . Great tool…wrong job. . The squat is the same. It’s a tool in your tool belt. . The thing with the back squat is that it takes time to master it. It can also be a bad choice if you have limitations with mobility, baseline strength, and safety. . I love to squat. . But I have long limbs and though I’ve worked my squat up to 350 pounds, I can’t push it without risking injury. And although I still use it, I’ve switched to more single leg options. . A lot more lunges, split squats, leg presses, and sprints. . Why? . Because these things put me in far more comfortable positions for lifting safely. For the squat, one small mistake with that much weight can lead to a tweak. . To be sure, the stronger you get and the better your form gets, you can get away with a lot more. . But I’m all about doing the least amount for the biggest payoff. . Safer, more comfortable exercises equals a bigger payoff. . So when people tell you “oh no bro, you really gotta squat”, you can tell them to shove it. . Because you don’t need to do anything. . It’s simply ONE tool. . Don’t be married to tools. Be married to results and using the right tools. . Tag a bro who can’t live without squats. . #squatchallenge #squatbooty #squats #streng #strengthtraining #getstronger #strongertogether #fatlossjourney #fatlosstips #burnfat #burncalories #burningcalories #dogma #results #8020rule #fuckstagnation #sanjosebarbell #theguavfather #onlinecoach #onlinecoaching #legworkout #legsworkout #lowerbodyworkout #lowerbody
. Hey you. . I heard you wanna look all sexy. You’ve tried a lot of things. It’s not your fault. Have you tried counting calories? It’ll work. Try it. . Great post by: @soheefit ・・・ (An important reminder post!) When embarking on a fat loss mission, it's common for individuals to immediately slash calories and make a beeline for the treadmill. ALL THE LETTUCE‼️ALL THE CARDIO‼️they proclaim. 💦But this is backwards! Here's the hierarchy of fat loss: ⁣ ⁣ 1️⃣NUTRITION. Your diet is by far and above the most important determinant of fat loss. You could be exercising like a fiend, but you'll be spinning your wheels unless your diet is in check. Focus on total calories first and foremost to establish a caloric deficit, and to preserve muscle, consume approximately 1g protein per 1lb lean body mass. ⁣ ⁣ 2️⃣RESISTANCE TRAINING. You should absolutely lift weights to lean out. 🏋️‍♀️🏋🏻 This, coupled with adequate protein, is what's going to help you maintain (and perhaps even build) muscle so you are shedding almost exclusively body fat. Perform variations of the squat, deadlift, hip thrust, bench press, and pull-ups 2-5 days per week. 💪⁣ ⁣ 3️⃣SLEEP & STRESS. Most individuals don't consider how their sleep and stress could factor into their fat loss efforts, but in fact they can be a huge hindrance if not properly managed. Not only can they affect your appetite and cravings, driving you to chow down more, but they can also throw your hormones out of whack. 💢⁣ ⁣ 4️⃣CARDIO. This comes last in my book and should ONLY be sprinkled in when all other variables have been accounted for. 🏃🏃🏼‍♀️Most, in fact, can see incredible progress without ever adding in formal cardio (though walking regularly can be great for heart health). Cardio burns surprisingly fewer calories than most people think, and for some, it can actually increase appetite. Consider whether it energizes you or drains you and how active you already are throughout the day. If you do too much, it can decrease NEAT, which defeats the purpose of increasing energy expenditure. 🙆🏻(Of course, if you genuinely enjoy cardio, then keep it up.)⁣ ⁣ Focus most of your energies on what will move the fat loss dial.
. Can’t stop eating? . Instead of complaining about it (your words and thoughts become reality), start by taking action. Don’t worry about being perfect. Just try something different. . Great post by @kimschlagfitness ・・・ Snacking is only a stumbling block to fat loss if it leads to you eating more calories than you need to be in a calorie deficit. If you like having snacks, cool, plan them into your calories. If you find that you stay on track better having 3-4 meals with no snacks, great, do that. If you find yourself snacking throughout the day and it’s causing you to eat too many calories then here are a few things that might help: 🔸 Clean up your environment: whatever you’re snacking on too much of, get it out of there. At a minimum put it out of sight and in a hard to reach spot. 🔸 Have satiating meals. Are you snacking because you’re hungry? If so look at your meals. Protein is the most satiating macronutrient, so make sure you’re getting some with each meal. Lots of volume and fiber from vegetables and fruit helps you stay full as well. 🔸 Figure out if you’re even hungry. People eat for lots of reasons and hunger is only one of them. Ask yourself “Is the feeling I’m having physical hunger? Would I eat an apple or some broccoli right now?” If you aren’t hungry try one of these strategies: 🔸 Drink. Any zero calorie drink will do: tea, coffee, water, flavored water, seltzer. It fills you up & keeps your mouth and hands occupied. 🔸 Speaking of staying occupied- it helps. Boredom snacking is real! Find something productive to do: work, play, create. Read a book. Take a walk. Clean something. Make something. Help someone. 🔸 Remember, snacking is a-ok. Just work snacks into your calories. There are loads of low calorie snacks. Here are a few to try: ~pepper strips in low cal dressing ~rice cake topped with PB2 and smashed raspberries ~tomato slices topped with cottage cheese ~frozen grapes ~turkey breast, lettuce, & yellow mustard roll-up ~fudgesicle Hope this helps! 💕💪 Kim . #burnfat #burncalories #burningfat #burningcalories #fatlossjourney #fatlosshelp #fatlosstips #fatloss #diettips #dietplan #dietcoach #onlinecoach #onlinecoaching #theguavfather
Is delicious. Don’t ruin it with butter. 🤓😂😉 . Awesome post from @shredbyscience make sure you give them a follow for solid science backed advice! ・・・ CAFFEINE: One of the world's most-loved and most-consumed drugs. Caffeine is awesome. Have more. MORE. . #dietcoach #mindsetofgreatness #mindsetiseverything #fitnesstransformation #fitnessmodel #caffeineandoctane #caffeineandkilos #coffeetable #coffeeshops #coffee_time #bulletproofcoffee #buttercookies #fatlossjourney #fatlosshelp #burnfat #burncalories #supplementstore #supplementsthatwork #theguavfather
#fuckstagnation . Most people never hit their goals. . I think it’s because they never say their real reasons Because their true reasons might be considered vain. *gasp* . Instead, they give weak, safe reasons like: . “I just wanna lose a few pounds.” . “I just wanna be a little toned.” . “I want to be healthy.” . Inevitably, the people who say this to me are the ones who never follow through. It’s because they’re not honest with themselves or me. . Instead of a real reason like, “I want to look sexy as fuck so my wife can’t keep her hands off me.” . At one point, I didn’t lift weights. . I didn’t track calories. . I didn’t know calories were the main thing for fat loss. . I didn’t know what calories were at all to be honest. . Why did I want to be ripped? . I wanted to be attractive. I wanted girls to like me. . I wanted to be like Arnold, Stallone, and Bruce Lee. . I wanted people to stare and be like “damn, you look fucking good.” . Vain? Call it what you want, but feeling good about yourself...feels good. . I was honest with myself about my goals. . And I wanted desperately to feel better. . I achieved my goals because I was honest even though my reasons weren’t socially acceptable to say out loud. Despite everyone thinking similar thoughts. . In today’s weird world, people are ashamed to WANT to look better. . Thats weird Shit. . Feeling good about yourself is important. . And how you look is a big part of that. . From how you dress to being lean and athletic. . And all this body positivity crap... . Guess what, you can love yourself AND want to look better and be healthier. . Are people really that confused? Take care of your body and health and you can’t be body positive? You HAVE to look and feel like crap? And settle for what you look like at this moment? Because you eat like shit, you never workout, and you won’t keep trying to change? . Loving yourself means improving yourself and taking care of your vessel. . Let’s hear the jimmies getting rustled. . Oh, and if you want the fat loss bible, dm me and I’ll email it to you ;) . #dietcoach #mindsetofgreatness #mindsetiseverything #diettips #bodypositive #bodyfat #burncalories #burnfat #burningcalories
. Maybe you’re pissed at yourself for not accomplishing your fat loss goals by now. . That’s silly. . There is no timeline to your success. . Only in your head are you a failure if you don’t do something by a certain age. . In reality, there is no deadline. And thinking that there is leads to anxiety and depression. So focus instead on the actions required to make your goal happen. . Be nice to yourself. You can do it. . @happy__trader ・・・ There is no timeline for success. It happens when it happens, but only to those that prepare for it. Work on your craft, get help from mentors, and be as self aware as possible as to what works for you. We all have different talents thus everyone’s path is going to be different. And because of that success happens at different stages of different peoples lives, be patient your time is coming. 🌱🚀💡 . . . . #motivation #success #quotes #wealth #investing #dailyquote #ambition #ceo #startup #business #billionaire #warrenbuffet #happy #trader #wisdom #followme #forex #lifecoach #lifequotes #traders #wordsofwisdom #hustle #grind #rich #burncalories #burnfat #theguavfather
. Most people have unrealistic expectations of fat loss. . And yes, it is possible to lose more fat faster if you have a lot to lose. . But if you expect that rate to keep up every week, you’re setting up for failure. . And also remember....your goal is not to lose fat for the rest of your life... . Your goal is to be the best you and LIVE your life. . Stop obsessing about this. Put in the work, be patient, and live life. You’ll find you get way better results too ;) . Great post from @shredbyscience ・・・ HOW QUICKLY SHOULD I LOSE WEIGHT?  Here is our quick guide. Tag someone who needs to see this! . #infographic #mindsetofgreatness #mindsetiseverything #fatlossjourney #fatlosstips #diettips #dietcoach #fatlosshelp #burncalories #burnfat #burningcalories #burningfat #bodyfat #lifestylechanges #habits #theguavfather #sanjo #sanjose #sanjosecalifornia #bayareablogger
. Fat loss and what your see in the mirror is a lagging indicator. . That means what is happening there tells you of other things in your control. . Primarily, your calories and your training. . Be patient. This is always a good reminder no matter how well you think you know this. And if you “think” you know something...chances are you need even more learning. . Great post by @saltylifts via @rpstrength ・・・ The scale is a very useful tool to help gauge progress. However, to successfully use it as a gauge of your progress you have to be aware of how it works. @rp_transformations # Almost nobody ever has a perfectly linear slope for weight loss (or weight gain). There are tons of ups and downs on the scale. That's why it's important to not stress about those ups and downs because they're inevitable (especially for females). # It's also important to focus on weekly trends vs any one particular weigh in as many times it doesn't tell the whole story. # Sleep (or lack thereof), stress, lifestyle factors, carb intake, salt intake, hormonal cycles, free meals, etc can all drastically impact the scale weight. Use it as a tool, but don't forget to use other factors like energy, recovery, strength, body measurements, and the way you look as other useful tools if that dang scale isn't cooperating! # Thanks @saltylifts for the good reminder of this! # #rpstrength #rplifestyle #diet #transformation #grind #hustle #rpdiet #weightloss #fatloss #motivation #iifym #paleo #cleaneating #fatlosstips #weightlosstips #dietplan #fitness #burncalories #burnfat #burningcalories #burningfat #mindsetiseverything #mindsetofgreatness #fatlossjourney #onlinecoach #onlinecoaching #theguavfather
. Do you have to squat? . Some key things to know when picking exercises, especially in regards to squats. . 1. The goal isn’t to be married to a particular exercise. The goal is to pick the best exercise for your body today. And maybe you don’t have the right foundation or tools to do a barbell squat. The point is, pick something that FEELS good and stimulates that body part. Single leg movements and the leg press are great subs for squats. . 2. If something hurts, don’t do it. . Great post from @pheasyque ⠀
• • •⠀
⭕️BREATHING DURING LEG PRESS⭕️ - How to keep your back extended and attached to the pad? - ✅✅✅By breathing through your belly (diaphragm) and tightening your abs. That will create support for your back, which will be “pushed” by the internal pressure created by the air towards the outside. - ❌❌❌On the other hand, breathing through your chest simply won’t allow your back to be supported, because there won’t be any internal pressure to keep it tight and “blocked” when performing the exercise. That can definitely end up in breaking your form and potentially cause back injuries because of the rounding and overloding in the spine area. - 🔥🔥🔥TAG somebody who needs to see this!! #pheasyque . #fatlossjourney #diettips #dietplan #dietstartsmonday #dieter #fatloss #fatlosshelp #fatlosscoach #fatlossfood #fatlossgoals #dieting #dietfood #dietingtips #caloriefriendly #countingclaories #caloriescount #fatlossfriendly #watermelon #greekyogurt #theguavfather #sanjosebarbell #caloriedeficit #calorieburn #lifestylechanges #badhabits #healthyeatinghabits #JERF #justeatrealfood #beaJERFnotaJERK
. From engineer body destined for pain and flabbiness to athletic, ripped, and powerful like a snow leopard. . I’m not supposed to deadlift 500 pounds. . I’m not supposed to be ripped. . I’m not supposed to be able to do 30 chin-ups and break into a sprint. . I was supposed to be bound to a desk, be an engineer, write code, and suffer a life of “engineer body”. . I was flabby, had back pain, woke up every day with aches. . I’m just going to give you the keys that changed it for me. . Oh by the way, I’ve spent close to $100k on educating myself through coaches, certifications, seminars, workshops, meeting the best in the field, and books to get to where I am. . I’m just gonna give you the keys because I think Gainz were meant to be shared. And I want you to feel what it feels like. . 1) pain is not an enemy. It tells us what not to do and what direction to go in. It’s a beautiful piece of information from the brain. Use it to make you stronger. . 2) Get as strong as possible. Control your body, use bodyweight to build a foundation, learn how to move well and be coordinated, then use weights to build more strength. Strength will fix all problems. . 3) Use the minimum effective dose. If you move in the key ways every day, even 5 minutes a day will have a massive impact. . 4) The key human movements are: push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carry, roll, crawl, sprint, hand. Do a little bit each day. . 5) JERF. Just eat real food. Yeah, macros and calories are important but make your life simpler and better by getting your Jerf on. Yes I track calorie but I focus on being a jerf. . These are high level principles. They’re meaningless if you don’t know what steps to take. . There will be more strategic based posts to help you implement. But you can also always email me for either general info on this stuff or individualized coaching. . #mindsetofgreatness #mindsetiseverything #verticaljump #jumprope #30thbirthday #burncalories #onlinecoaching #onlinecoach #personaltrainer #personaltrainerlife #strengthening #burnfat #burningcalories #burningfat #strongerthanyesterday #dunks #dunk
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