📍 ɴʏᴄ ❌ #Influencer ❌ #GroupFitness instructor specialist (Boxing&Bootcamp) ❌ #Motivator ❌ COFFEE CULTURE YOU DONT NEED ANYTHING YOU ARE ABUNDANT.

Don’t always want to .. but I have to
Trying to build these bad boys up ... LEGENDARY (LEGS-NO DAIRY)😂✨
SO HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS SO FAR ... putting on quality mass
Have you ever stopped to wonder maybe COFFEE IS ADDICTED TO ME ? . . . . . . #coffee #coffeeshop #coffeeculture #fit #fitness #black #fitspo #fitnessmotivation
I always try to mix up the workouts I write for my classes by getting motivated from other fitness influencers I see on Instagram and other social media outlets. Still having fun and maintaining proper form to build muscle and tone up. I love what I do & do what I love
I get asked about my calves a lot when I’m working out , coaching a class , or flexing them and to be completely honest I don’t train them anymore (maybe even less) than I train any other body part. Thank God for good calf genes , and if that wasn’t a thing I guess it is now 🕺🏻 But if you did want to build on your calves I would suggest slow & controlled movements with A LOT of concentration on your calves and firm mind to body connection.
🥶 just got done with my cadio. It’s brick city in these New York streets ...
Did a lot of shit to live this here lifestyle 💧🗣
70 degrees in New York City on the first day of November ? I’ll take it 🤪
It’s brick in these NYC streets , but toes warm in the 🌊🌴🐬SOUTH BEACH 8’s🌺🌴
Yeezy szn.
If you don’t rumble , what you doin ??? 🥊
Being a coach is more than just coaching .. you an entertainer, a DJ , a therapist , and the list goes on 🤪
Bad lil vibe she been on my mind
A little arm action in the am never hurt anybody 🤷🏾‍♀️
... I mean I’ve been storm , X-men been formed ⚡️
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