📍 ɴʏᴄ ❌ #Influencer#Fitness instructor (Boxing&Bootcamp) ❌ #Health#Motivator YOU DONT NEED ANYTHING - YOU ARE ABUNDANT

Yeezy szn.
If you don’t rumble , what you doin ??? 🥊
Being a coach is more than just coaching .. you an entertainer, a DJ , a therapist , and the list goes on 🤪
Bad lil vibe she been on my mind
A little arm action in the am never hurt anybody 🤷🏾‍♀️
... I mean I’ve been storm , X-men been formed ⚡️
Adapting to a totally new eating schedule and new way of eating is testing my patience. I wouldn’t say it’s difficult because I am enjoying he process as the days go by and growing mentally/physically.
Fall workout essentials 🍁🍂 As many of you may or may not know , today was the FIRST day I started intermittent fasting ... I will be posting my journey through out on my story mainly so be on the look out and turn my post notifications on✅
😫 Working on building these arms ... don’t get it twisted this is a solid pump in my arms I’m not this big .. YET
If you didn’t know , my favorite day is leg day 🍗
The jungle is a little less wild from the top 🐯
I don’t take vitamins , I drink green juices 🥤🥦🥒🍏🥕 What do I put in my juice ? Turmeric , cucumber , spinach , ginger , beet , carrot , cayenne pepper & Apple cider vinegar 💚
Haven’t posted in almost a week ... getting acclaimed to my new schedule with both work and school is tough , but I still manage to keep my head in the game and STAY consistent with my training as well ...
⚡️I just talked to Jesus he said wuddup yeezus ...⚡️ Working out for me is a way of self expression , and also a way I can freely articulate my emotions and strength. I always tell clients to preform the exercises “Gracefully” and be in the movement instead of just going with the motion... Add some ❤️ love
Chest routine coming up on my story a little later , be on the lookout 🧐
Sundaze are my laze-Dayz(It doesn’t get anymore New York than this , oh and that’s not my pizza , I SWEAR ) . . . . . . #ny #nycphotographer #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #nycfood #nycfit #nycfitfam
🌸Bye summer , you were beautiful ... Will be uploading more of my workouts on my STORY (Incase you haven’t been catching up) so be on the lookout ...
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