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>Credit if you repost< Mostly Marvel ヅ

I was having a bad day and needed some tlc. dt; EVERYONE 💕 >credit if you repost<
\mis·read/ •judge or interpret (a situation or a person's manner or behavior) incorrectly. cc; @oml.galorex
I’m trying once again 🙏🏼 #marvelbunchrct2
Let her be happy please 😪 ac; mine | cc; @violetsedit2 / @oml.galorex |
The one and only man who gets all my uwu’s 💕 ac; allonsyaudios | Dt; Chloe, because she keeps me happy by posting Chris Evans edits on her spam
I’m really excited about this one 👏🏼 #aranhascout
I can’t wait to see him smile again. [use headphones] ac; mine | cc; mine | dt; CHELS, Chloe, Bri and Bre [#delphinigrprct ]
EbOnY IM SCREAMING audio from @oml.galorex 👏🏼 #noaudiochallenge
...the idea of the fall ac & ib; @renogers (NO SPOILERS) [#delphinigrprct ]
“we have blood to spare” ac; comic.audios | cc; mine | dt; Ebs, Chloe, Aisha, and the rest of Thanosassgrp AND Lauren
Honestly the ship that deserved endgame. The intro is so long I’m sorry ac; allonsyaudios | cc; mine |
Pain in HD
This duo makes me heart go ‘boom boom woosh’ nOt A pLoTtWiSt ac; allonsyaudios | dt; @gxedits @ironstrange @strckxedits @diddybucky
This is put together so sloppy I’m sorry 😬 but I got inspired
My favorite boyfriends 👨‍❤️‍👨 ac; drizzyaudios | cc; mine | [Watch your ears] (Repost)
Not a single day goes by where this dork doesn’t cross my mind 😪 ac; mine | cc; mine | dt: Chloe, Bre, Bri and Skye
Marvel you twats, let Jemma be happy for once in her life. ac; mine | cc; mine | ib; @bvckies | dt; @scarletsandwich , @ghqsts @spiderlang @varioux @diddybucky @grvsdy @war.bucky and @buckwhitewolf + so many more 🙏🏼
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