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ReCoil Band Set with Pro @graciebfit Adding a little extra in my workout with @profitnesssure bands! Use my link in the bio and code Gracie for 15% off! Wearing: @musclerich.apparel . . . . . . . . . #bands #bandworkout #bandresistance #shoulderworkout #bodybuilder #girlswithmuscle #fitnessgirl #bikini #aesthetic #igfit #glutenfree #celiacs
DETAIL WORK with @tessietwig and @profitnesssure At least once a week someone at the gym asks me if I have a show coming up.😳 Huh? Me? (*Looks over shoulder*) I’m 25-30lbs up from stage weight🐡 and feel so out of shape.🥴 Can’t tell if they’re being funny or tryna be nice.🤷🏽‍♀️ . . Finished off my glute day with this ladder burnout (seen on @jessicaarevalo_ page😏) 10 hip thrusts right into 10 abductors, then 9, 8, etc until you get down to 1. #feeltheburn 🔥 👉🏽you could use a regular band but I prefer the @profitnesssure Grip Hip Glute circle bc it’s tighter and also doesn’t roll/fold.👌🏽 👉🏽keep toes flared out and squeeze each time you “thrust”.🙊 . . Sidenote: the guy in green 👆🏽 on the treadmill is my hubby.🥰 #mybodyguard . . ♥️Leggings @tilyoucollapse . ♥️Bands @profitnesssure (DC: TARYN💰) ♥️Fueled by @strikeforceenergy (TARYN for 20% off🙌🏽) . . Happy weeeeeeekend!! 🤓
Introducing athlete @syleena_adams infusing her Copoeira background with @profitnesssure Super Mini’s and ReCoil set beach 🏝 day!!! Just in time for #TheWeekend : . Check out @syleena_adams as she has fun in the sun with the @profitnesssure bands! The bands allow her to perfectly infuse her beach day with a great workout! Make sure to check out Syleena for protips on how to create the perfect life combo of fitness and fun. 🎥| @forallmedia 🌟| @syleena_adams #SyleenaAdams #Profitsure #ForAllMedia #Fit #Fitness #Physique #Fun #Beach #Beauty #Bands #Lifestyle #Workout
Super Circuit 🃏with @vixenfit808 🔹Goblets with elevation 50# DB 15 reps 🔹 Behind the hip laterals on bench with @profitnesssure Black band 15 reps R/L 🔹Reverse Hypers with @profitnesssure black band 20 reps 🖤 #fitsporation #fitvid #workhardplayhard #workout #workoutmotivation #ifbbbikinipro #booty #gymaddict #profitnesssure #anytimefitness
🍰QUICK #HUMPDAY LEGS & BOOTY WORKOUT by @anita_herbert with @profitnesssure Super Mini Bands!!! Holy moly my glutes were on fiyaaaaa after this😱🔥 . Who else loves to train on the weekend when the gym is empty??🙋🏾‍♀️♥️ #MyHappyPlace . ‼️SAVE & LIKE this routine for your next booty dayyyyyy!!! . SUPERSET: 3sets of 👑DB side lunge to squat - 10 👑DB sumo squat to RDL- 10 . SUPERSET: 4sets of 👑Good mornings on Smith machine -10 👑Elevated reverse lunge pulses - 10 - (keep your knees slightly bent, don't come all the way up to keep tension) 👑In and out jumps- 10 ( these will burn AF🙊💀🔥) . SUPERSET: 4 sets of: 👑DB frog pumps - 12 👑Elevated single leg glute bridges with bands -10 each 👑Banded clams - 15 each . My bands are from @profitnesssure ! Best Quality Bands EVER! It’s no secret that I love using resistance bands. My glutes feel wayyyyyy more involved during my workouts with them! “ANITA15” saves you 💰 . 💞Shorts by @mybikinita (THIS PINK CAMO IS FINALLY BACK IN STOCK BABES🥳🎉)
ROLLIN’ INTO THE WEEK LIKE..... With @officerashleysmith and her vibrating roller 🙌 . @profitnesssure Therapeutic Massage Rollers help ease your sore muscles & joints to lengthen and soften the muscles to accelerate activation (pre-workout), and recovery (post-workout) ...... leggings by: @curves.official @curves.n.combatboots . USE CODE OFFICERASHLEY FOR MONEY OFF!!!!! 🤩🥳 . . #profitsure #profitnesssure #therapy #foamroller #roller #therapeauricmassageroller #recovery #fitness #roll #gym #workout #tgif #curves #curvesandcombatboots #curvesncombatboots #leggings
PLIABLE BURN🔥MAX using @profitnesssure + @inertiawave with @stormi_knight3 @stormi_knight3 ... I’ve been adding @inertiawave as part of my HIIT/Active Recovery days to rebuild my body and I like how well my body is responding to it. One of things I’ve noticed is hand eye coordination increased and core strengthen more from the percussions rippling back into the body coercing your to stabilize as your performing the exercise. Check out @interiawave and and use my code: WAVE3 to save on your next purchase to amp up your HIIT training 🔥 #inertiawave #metabolicconditioning #bodybystorm _ Workout Gear @1stphorm 💪🏽 #1stphorm #wedothework _ Resistance Bands (Red/black)💪🏽 @profitnesssure __ #tothemax #profitnesssure #resistancebands #burn
#Repost @faithandfit METABOLIC MASTERY✨ ・・・ Come learn how to maximize your metabolism, hormones, reduce inflammation, reach your physique goals, and optimize your health!! ONLY 20 SPOTS LEFT- over half already gone 😳😳😳 . Learn from some of the best coaches in the fitness industry, with specializations in physique development, hormones, reverse dieting, weight loss, nutrition, and training. Special guests and speakers include Lacey Dunn, Christopher Barakat, Paul Revelia, William Grazione, Sam Miller, Justin Mihaly, Megan Davis, Erin Dimond, and Jordan Dugger. . Topics presented include: -Paul Revelia: Post Diet Strategies & Techniques -Erin Dimond and Jordan Duggar: Business and Online Coaching Strategies -Justin Mihaly: Training For Physique Development -Sam Miller: Optimizing Hormonal Health -Lacey Dunn: Optimizing Gut Health & Eating to Reduce Inflammation -Christopher Barakat: Optimizing Peri-workout Nutrition to Maximize Performance & Recovery Capabilities -William Grazione: Minimizing Adaptive Thermogenesis And Permanent Weight Loss. . Each presentor will be speaking for 15 min with an hour Q&A session at the end. All attendees will receive samples from our sponsors- PEScience, a meal from Icon Meals, as well as one attendeee picked randomly with be chosen to win a free fitness band set from ProfitnessSure. ❗️❗️All proceeds will be donated to a local animal shelter in Columbus, OH.❗️❗️ LINK IN BIO! . Huge thanks to our sponsors: Pescience, Icon Meals, ProfitnessSure, and Legion Athletics!! I am THRILLED that all these amazing humans agreed to make this seminar happen with me 😭❤️ It’s gonna be PRETTY EPIC! . @pescience @iconmeals @profitnesssure @christopher.barakat @erindimondfitness @jmihalyfit @megandavis6 @duggaesthetics @paulrevelia @william_grazione @sammillerscience
Give more than what you expect! ... You are more than your excuses. When you are lacking that motivation, just DO! 🙌 ⁣ ⁣ Remember we all have the same potential it’s what we choose to do with it that makes the difference. ❤️⁣ ⁣ #ginaaliotti #Ginaaliottiworkouts #noexcuses #nogym #gfitcircuit #fitmom #do #fitspo #lessiamore #homeworkouts #untilitsdone #ginaaliottiVIP Best Band Ever—> Grip Hip Glute Band @profitnesssure (Gina15 and safe 15%) 🙌
Super Mini Band Work! With @v20fit Check out Coach J hitting y'all with that #selfiemode footage! #LEGDAY work out - #balance #stability and get #GAINZ and amazing #RESULTS #superminibands provided by our sponsor @profitnesssure Make sure you visit for 15% off your bands set! #V20Fit #COACHJ #orlando #strength #fitfluential #fitmotivation #fitness #fitissexy #fitfam #fatloss #doyouevenlift #instafit #fitmom #igfitness #webuildchampions #yourgoalsyourwork #dowork #putinwork #beastmode #savage
🚨 EARLY 🐦 HUMP DAY BOOTY WORKOUT 🚨- one machine 😱 by @anita_herbert @profitnesssure . Okayyy, this combo HERE, had my glutes on fireeee! 🔥😨 . ‼️Dont forget to hit LIKE ❤ & SAVE 📚 if you like my workouts! Your feedback is very important to me🙏 . If you’re not adding bands to your booty sessions, you’re missing out on some serious gains😤 Please make sure to get good ones, there are ton of shitty ones out there💩🤦🏻‍♀ I always recommend to get bands from @profitnesssure good quality, never slip! “ANITA15” saves you 15% OFF . ROUTINE: w/ GRIP HIP GLUTE BAND Superset1: 3 sets . ♥️Hip thrusts with abduction -10 ♥️Single leg hip thrusts with abduction - 10 each side ♥️Squat to Squat jump-10 . Superset2: 3 sets . 🐦Frog stance hip thrust-10 🐦Side squat steps - 10 🐦Kick backs - 20 each side . PS: you can do hip thrust on the smith machine or with a barbell if you prefer! . Enter “ANITA15” and get 15% OFF! 😉 . 🎶 Guz & Tough love: Dancin’ Kinda Close #wednesday #profitnesssure #humpday 🍑#resistancebands
Feel like resting 🛏 today? MAKE IT AN AT HOME BAND WORK DAY! With @ginaaliotti_workouts I didn’t want to either, then I realized how amazing I would feel after!! ❤️ 1 month into the new year, how are you feeling!? Crushing it or are you letting those dark clouds and excuses get the best of you?! I would love to hear, how are YOU doing?? 😍 #ginaaliotti #ginaaliotticircuitworkouts #noexcuses #digdeep #nogym #fitmom #homeworkouts #gfitworkouts #dontstop #lesdismore #fitspo 🔥 BAND: @profitnesssure (use Gina15)
🎉FRI-YAY training with @stephaniefierro It's not a question whether you can or can't, it's a matter of how bad you want it 💪 Leg day powered by @profitnesssure ! Taking these legs to the next level. Today's Leg Workout 👉 📍Smith Machine Elevated Split-Squats 📍Hip Thrusters w/ Banded Curtsy Lunges 📍Single Leg Reverse-Hyper 📍 Leg Press w/ Grip Hip circle band 📍DB RDLS 📍Leg Curl w/ B-Stance Hip Thrusters #friday #profitnesssure #resistancebands
🍑ANYWHERE SUPER MINI BAND WORKOUT - #humpday even on my balcony🤷🏻‍♀😂 with @anita_herbert + @profitnesssure . ❤️LIKE, SAVE TAG A FRIEND AND LETS WORK: . 🌸Hammie curl- 15 🌸Curtsy lunge with push-pull -10 🌸Squat jump to pull aparts - 10 3 rounds! . 🌸Deadlift - 15 🌸Single leg deadlift to reverse lunge 3 rounds! . Mixing up your workouts is SO important to keep your body in the best shape possible and far from plateaus! ALSO, there are times in your life where you just can’t make it to the gym.... Thats when my app + some resistance bands come in handy😎👍🏽 @profitnesssure “ANITA15” saves you 15% . ‼️Train with me EVERYDAY! LINK IN BIO BABES 💋 #anitaherbert #profitnesssure #miamibeach #resistancebands
DEATH BY GLUTES & HAMS😫 by @faithandfit SEND A WHEELCHAIR STAT. Full workout below 👊🏼 . Start with 15x2 banded clamshells & 50 banded glute bridges. Super Mini Bands are life get them at @profitnesssure 15% off code=LACEY at checkout! . Superset: -Banded glute hipthrusts 12x5 -Banded abductions 15x5 Superset: -Romanian deadlifts 10x4, 5x2 (HEAVY) -Single Leg Press 12x4 Straight set: -Glute focused back extension 10x3 (each set do 8 weighted then drop weight and do 15 bodyweight) Superset: -Elevated sumo squats 12x4 -Straight Leg kickbacks 10x4 Superset: -Lying Leg curls 10x4 (last set negative reps till failure) -Leg extensions 20, 15, 12, 8 (increase weight each set) Try it out & lemme know how you feel🤣🤣🤣❤️ Back in Houston now and had to celebrate with an epic leg day!! #legday #gluteworkout #bootybands #deathbylegs #npcbikini #fitdietitian
🥇G-Fit Circuit with @ginaaliotti_workouts by @ginaaliotti : 30 seconds of each exercise test and repeat 3x 🔥 Super Mini band by @profitnesssure (Gina15 for 15% off). #ginaaliotti #gfitworkouts #noexcuses #homeworkouts #fitmom #digdeep #bootybands #nogym
💦Re-Coil Banded full body workout💦with #TheFitQueen @anita_herbert & #1 Resistance Band Set @profitnesssure ReCoil! ON SALE NOW!! . ‼️SAVE IT babes for later! I personally like to do these type of full body workouts on the weekends! . 🌎 online coaching LINK IN BIO @anita_herbert . You guys have been loving my “low equipment” or “no equipment” routines so much lately, so here is another good one for ya using ONLY MY fav @profitnesssure RESISTANCE BAND! . Tag your babe and lets do this👯‍♀️ . Full routine: 2 sets of 15 reps each: . 1️⃣Bicep curl to shoulder press 2️⃣Lunge to side lateral raise 2 sets of 15 reps: 3️⃣Squat to shoulder press 4️⃣Bicep curl to tricep extension 2 sets of 15 reps 5️⃣ Lunge to front to side raise combination 6️⃣Bent over row to fly 7️⃣Sumo walk . ‼️BIG SAVINGS‼️ This @profitnesssure resistance band kit is already on sale right now + my code “ANITA10” will save you an additional 10% 💰🕺🏻 The package includes multiple levels of resistance bands (5) and comes with both handles and ankle straps that you can connect to depending on your workout! They’re extremely effective at working out your muscles, boosting stamina, flexibility, and range of motion - no matter your fitness level 📶 👙 by @kl_swimwear . 🚨 If you’re ready to switch up your boring routine for fully customized and effective workouts, send me an email to 📧: Let’s get to work 💪🏼 .. #profitnesssure #bands #ReCoil #resistancebandsworkout #lafitexpo #losangeles #miamibeach
@stephaniefierro Booty ☠️with @profitnesssure Bands & Iron 🔥 When your coach reads a journal article on female training and tests it on you. (Watch the end if you want to know how it went 😂) Today was 35 reps each set 😶😶. . Sports Bra: @bossbunnysportswear Shorts: @competitorsource Bands: @profitnesssure Coach: @boknows247 #bootytraining #profitnesssure
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