Jason Momoa

Currently broken down getting a tow rescued by friends and AAA. I want to say how unbelievably thankful I am to be getting to work on DUNE with the legend director Denis Villeneuve it blows me away that I get to bring Duncan Idaho to life. I am so excited to be working with this all star cast so much talent. Fucking @joshbrolin and javier. WTF I’m so stoked. Anywho. I am also thankful on this beautiful rainy day my dear friend @jamin_jannard blessed @on_the_roam with the monstro 8k @reddigitalcinema so now everything we are shooting its RED and @leicacinema for our channel. What’s to come. 2 movies 1 show 3 commercials. BTS YouTube channel can’t wait to show you all our projects. So much aloha Need a new car it’s time. Maybe not. I like the old shit. Maybe just fix it. Humbled Aloha j
@captainriff sent me goodies. Little preview of my day with @iannoemusic The Cave sessions On the ledge. In the wind by the fire @on_the_roam Cant wait to start piecing it together get ready Mahalo to all my friends for supporting me and jamin from @reddigitalcinema I love this camera. Aloha j
I love shooting with my friends. @on_the_roam Making art for @iannoemusic @youngmaryrecords out in Joshua tree 2 @reddigitalcinema Gemini’s. vintage anamorphic lenses. Cheeehuuuuu Testing for my next movie Starting this fall. Can’t wait to direct again All my aloha @captainriff @poem_tv @martin.kistler @caldercrisis johnny and E. aloha j
New YouTube episode. Link in bio one of the most inspiring people in my life. MARK TWIGHT Is launching his new book REFUGE please check it out it’s amazing. Go to @_nonprophet_ to order or go to @wfmft Love u bro. So proud of you Aloha j
What a beautiful night @httydragon mahalo @universalpictures for making me the proudest unko Movies with babies and friends. Aloha j
New YouTube episode link in bio. Truly honoured to capture this night with so many amazing artists. @colterwall @vincentneilemerson @iannoemusic @youngmaryrecords and so many more. Great work Aloha j
NEW YouTube episode LInK in bio Making of FRONTIER part 2. Sorry for the wait but I needed to get this piece in front of one of my favourite bands FUCKING METALLIICA @metallica Approved. Chheeeehuuuuuu hhrajahh. Aloha j
Home sweet home. So thankful to come home and be with my Ohana. Climbing with my babies Really stoked to hang with these two legends @jimmychin he’s one of the greats please go check him out show him some love. His new film @freesolofilm is amazing. Then there is the one and only @alexhonnold such a beautiful human/alien. 👽next level Athlete And then wrap it up with some ramen. Cheeeehuuuuuu. Mahalo wes @senderone @soill Aloha j
Super thankful to have a small part in this awesome movie. Really stoked I got to take my ohana to see The LEGO Movie 2 It’s in theaters on February 8th. @prattprattpratt @arnettwill @tiffanyhaddish @thelegomovie #thelegomovie2 . Mahalo unko corey RRL and @richardbaggettstudios Aloha j
Mahalo @dennydenn for your amazing work! Please support this independently published book of amazing images from my show Frontier. Link in bio Aloha j
FUCK YEAH bleed for your art. making of frontier part 1 LINK in BIO. This is what started it all 1 year ago I asked to come document @captainriff and @on_the_roam unite with the Newfoundland Frontier crew to shoot season 3 of frontier. The show has come out and we are at SUNDANCE talking about or YouTube channel It’s been a real life shift for me to put these together and keep them authentic and inspiring I’m stoked people enjoy them this is the brainchild part 1 of 2. If u haven’t seen frontier please give it look I’m really proud of my cast, crew and producers Season 3 was epic. Season 4 is gonna get dark. 👿🐺😜 mahalo @netflix @discoverycanada. Aloha j
Stoked to be at SUNDANCE with @on_the_roam @captainriff talking about our YouTube channel. 😈😈😜😜aloha j. #Fanart #alohatomyfans
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