Precious Wagner ☄️

0 attention 😴 Couple hoes 😂🎯 Wifey to @coolie.thang.flor.flor 🥵🥰💍 •16🎈•

In life we all have a friend that is a mirror and a shadow; mirror doesn’t lie and shadow never leaves 🥵
Ik Vind Je Leuk. Baby 🖇
Alexa play “Toast by Koffee” 🎶
You hate me 😂 Yo nigga love me 🥵
My mother once told me when I was a little girl,”Have courage,be kind and everything will be alright.” And to this day I live up to that phrase🌚🥀✨
Sad & Loyal ✨🌚 —xxxtentacion⚡️🔥
I’ve been posting a lot of pictures of me/selfies so here’s pictures of some views where I live ☺️😌✨
The views where I live are so amazing 🌺🌸 #tb
Promise me no Promises 🌼🌾
Huir y nunca Regresar ⚜️➰
Todos es muy DIFICIL antes de ser FACIL😌
Simply because. ❤️✨
A queen will always turn pain into power. R.H. sin ✨✨❤️
I freakin love this pic ❤️❤️❤️ P.C ~ Me