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Literally- the best day ever on the links with #ChrisTraeger himself @robloweofficial photo credit #DrRichardNygard @parks.n.rec
Thanks to my awesome sister @angierae1975 for diffin up this sweet photo of me as a kid. And to bro @cullypratt and his lady @candy_lvr for immediately pointing out my similarity to chuckie. The old one two punch of love and laughter we Pratt’s enjoy. 😂😂😂 love you guys.
JUST ASK ME IF IM EXCITED!!!! @brucebufferufc
Too patriotic.
I was honored to hang out with an amazing group of athletes as they learned they’d get to run the NYC Marathon with #TeamUltra #MichelobUltra #LiveULTRA #achillesinternational #sponsored
I’m honor of international #TakeYourLizardForAWalkDay I’m posting this pick of Leo in his leash. Fact: in 2018 fewer that 1 in 12 DPL’s (domestic pet lizards) even have leashes and far fewer will even go on a nice relaxing walk with their owner. Demand action now.
Get it in. Every day. Stoked to work out with good people including ufc veteran @uriahhall today. Blessed to be healthy and hungry. “Like Iron sharpens iron, so too one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17 #Lesssgo
Thanks to @adelkyokushin at @unbreakableperformance for opening up on a Sunday for an epic two hour sweat fest. Lessgo! I actually had a nightmare last night that I was hours away from a real mma fight. I still had 25 lbs to cut. I was terribly underprepared and alone. No trainers. No friends. My phone was dead. I was hungover. Sick. I saw the kid I was fighting and I knew he was gonna beat me up. I was scared. That’s the anxiety I get sometimes. That I’m not working hard enough. That I’m not prepared. That I haven’t put in the work. Not today devil! Today we put in the work. If a nightmare hits you. Hit back. And know that when you follow God you are never alone.
Thank you @michaelstrahan for donating gear to the incredible @mergingvetsandplayers Such an awesome organization @jayglazer set up @unbreakableperformance I’ve been challenged by @misshayleypaige ! Now I challenge @davebautista @johnkrasinski and @calebishaw For every 25 push-ups this challenge generates Strahan will donate a piece of gear! Let’s go!
😂♥️ Thank you to whomever took this photo of me ringside at last night’s @ufc event! I’d never been to a UFC event live before. And the face I’m making in this photo pretty much sums up how I felt all night. I don’t really get star struck by actors anymore. But UFC commentators like @joerogan and fighters like @dc_mma are another story. Congrats to the champions @tjdillashaw & @henry_cejudo on your spectacular performances and gratitude to @danawhite and all the fighters who put on such a wonderful show. Respect! Hope to be back!!
So blessed! About to be front and center ringside at #UFC227 !! Thank you @danawhite LESSGO!!!
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