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~*fLoAt On*~
flowers? yeah, we got flowers. regular flowers. cauliflowers. any kind of flowers.
avocado cons: the sweet spot when they’re perfectly ripe is so so short, have to choose between eating them spread on toast or ever buying a house. avocado pros: delicious, occasionally there’s a prize inside.
happy #nationalsmoresday , you know what to do 🔥🔥
channeling my inner cucumber today & staying cool. guess the haters will just have to dill with it 🥒
if you want to make a deal with the devil, you best come prepared 😈🥚
APPETHAIZING: a totally real word used to describe exceptional Thai food and also a promo code you can enter into your Postmates app for free delivery on your next order from the Thai category
yeah sure we got potato wedges but could you please be a little bit more specific
It’s almost August already? Guess that means it’s last call on our @Alfred collab! Through the end of July, all Postmates orders over $10 from Alfred Coffee LA locations come with a free mug (while supplies last). Go ahead, get coffee in bed. You deserve it.
unfortunately your order could not be completed, it looks like your egg...has gone bad 😎
not only can you order @pizzaoki with free delivery through Postmates, but you can enter to win a trip to Vegas to party with the pizza-tossing, beat-wielding, legendary @steveaoki with promo code MEETAOKI. runners up will win anything from signed albums to a pizza party for their 25 closest buds. it’s only valid through 7/29 so you better hurry up and get that ‘za 🍕🍕🍕
rainbows. solar eclipses. when #NationalTequilaDay falls on #TacoTuesday . these are just a few examples of the universe's beauty and magic. to help you fully appreciate at least one of these cosmic events, we're offering free delivery on the Tacos To Die For collection through 7/29 with promo code TACOBOUTIT. happy eating ✨
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