Portia Phillippa Welch💌

Went 2 a Slipknot concert once n broke me collar bone sums me up pretty well

We are very photogenic💌 Thank you for a great night 💛
Can’t just take nice photos can we 💌 lots of love for my gal who risked drowning to get a nice photo for my coursework @hannaharnott.x
Never seen such mad dance moves as I did last night 💌 thank you Hannah for letting us ruin your house xx
NYE consisted of me finding out I really don’t suit dungarees and that Tia is shit at darts 💌
Only 2 minutes in n we managed to crash into each other ⛸
Spent the weekend slittin throats n such💌 Dickens Christmas Festival 2018, an old man didn’t try to buy me this year instead I made a child cry
Honestly don’t know what was so shocking on Harvey’s phone for them all to look like that Oh and had mad bants at maths revision bc I can’t even pass atm x
Musty n dusty ol mirror Lil tb 2 sum fun times when I didn’t want to deep throat a paintbrush just to end it all x
Vans off the wall onto neighbourhood watch👀
My extremely photogenic mates n drama ladz first time attempting to camp when we’re all lazy and hate the outside Harry looks like the guy who killed Versace
Tolo🌞 gettin chased by Greek men on a pedlo is honestly one of my both most fondest and horrifying memories
Well done everyone for their Lamda results💛 DoE did not deserve the amount of time and effort we put into it, we crawled between barbed wire, got so lost we didn’t even get to the end, were stranded on top of a massive ol steep hill and I cannot wait to burn the horror trailer we created for it.
Portsmouth Festivities 2018🎭 ‘Pronoun’ has been a great show well done guys💛
Brighton Fringe 2018 🎭 9 hours travel, 6 trains, 3 performances n a load of mysterious bruises I probably got from walking into every piece of set when I tried to get off stage. We also accidentally crashed someone’s wedding soz
A series of mistakes Ft Harvey’s edgy photo of our shoes backstage in Brighton when we should’ve been on stage
Wot a nice weekend that half of which I can’t remember apart from someone telling me I look like Jeffrey dahmer in my glasses :) @xlarissaberry we died on the needle @jade_cosgrave thx for your moral support during the Lamda exams xx
Duke Of Edinburgh was not worth losing Vy’s shoe and my will to live for.
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