Pop-Soda Comics

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#PopSoda 009: first black and white comic! Also I recorded the process on the @tacoremix YouTube channel
#PopSodaUpdate 001: I’m really trying to work on this #RPGMaker #Game for #PopSoda , I also want to release comics faster. Each panel takes me about 45 minutes to do, with 4 panels that’s about 3 hours, as awesome as color is, I want the story to be released faster and I want to complete the game around the same time the story finishes, I figure if each panel takes me 5 to 10 minutes I could release a couple panels a day instead of one every few days. Plus have enough time to work on the game :) thank you guys again for being so supportive!! You guys seriously rock!!
#popsoda 008: changed the font from “comic book” to “komika slick”, with the numbers and “FOOL!” Lines to “badaboom bb”. Trying to incorporate more story, so much to put in still!
#PopSoda 006: The story behind Ralph’s Triangle is a long and interesting one. I wanted to include it as an Easter egg. As far as soda and candy is concerned, I just really enjoyed that time with my cousin as kids. We lived off of Taco Bell, little caesars breadsticks and, of course, all that candy and soda while we played Dragon Ball Z games.
#FanArtFriday 003: I used to co-host @ttttrivia. I found out today that @dnbhollywood_ca had cancelled the show for good. We had a good run, gentlemen! It was a pleasure doing art for you ♥️
#FanArtFriday 002: @dashiexp drawing I did awhile back. I used to draw a lot on the #DashieMaker levels he would do and #DashieXP would see them and make awesome comments. #Dashie you the best, brother!
#PopSoda 005: This will be the last of Justin you will see (at least for a little bit) next comic we go back to Mark and Brian for more soda filled deliciousness 🥤
It’s #FanArtFriday time! I recently pre ordered @garyvee ’s audio book #CrushingIt . Loved how he’s always going off script. Haven’t got the physical copy but was considering getting it to see how the two match up.
#PopSoda : The Curse Of Super Happy Num Num Drinky Drink! I am extremely passionate about this series, I am hoping this cover art gives you guys a little taste as to what’s to come 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🥤🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️
#PopSoda 004: so the comic was originally my cousin and me going on a ton of adventures together since I was in 1st grade (earliest I can remember). I met @turbo_taormino in high school and we became such good friends I had to include him in the story. Now nearly 12 years out of high school I’m giving this story a fleshout it deserves. I’m curious to see my skill 100 comics from now. Will be nice to do a before and after with these!
#PopSoda 003: Practicing a good amount of shading. Next comic we look at another main character in the series. Give this square some ❤️👍 😊
#PopSoda 002: Was edited a bit to make the text on the last box bigger. A little inside baseball: I forget even though it was an 18 point font, it’s on a 1000 x 1000 canvas. 24 point seems to be a comfortable minimum.
#PopSoda 001: Figured I would spruce this one up and make an account for the Pop-Soda brand. Hope you guys enjoy! 😊