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🇸🇪Director of Shazam!, Annabelle Creation, Lights Out, and various things with @lottalosten . Certified smasher of ponies.

‪I’m here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... And I have a ton of gum. ‬ ‪Wait, no...‬
This was one of my favorite comic books I owned as a kid. Back then I didn’t know what Marvel or DC was, I just knew that I loved all of these superheroes. The seriousness of the DC/Marvel rivalry is so god damn stupid. I hope that all superhero movies do fantastically well. Why would you ever wish for a movie to be bad or to fail? More good movies is a win for everyone. This interruption in trolling is brought to you by disappointment in humanity. Now back to our regular programming.
Found a comic book store AND walked by a “dogs meeting Santa” event. Not a bad day.
I just met Frankie. She doesn’t have eyelids so she needs to wear her doggles. 😎 @frankietheseeingblinddog
The gag in last nights video was kind of ruined by instagram’s compression so here’s a better look in still form.
Had a moment to shoot some quick and dirty low light shots to test my Blackmagic Pocket Camera 4K. Pretty great so far. That alley was really dark.
Stand-in improvements
It cracks me up to see what they dress stand-ins with. It’s like really shitty cosplay.
Well I know what I’m doing when I have some free time. In like 5 months or so...
I get to do some cool shit
No I’m not playing with toys. It’s for...Instagram.
Went to the toy store.
Visited Camp Crystal Lake at Warner Bros #horrormadehere 💀
Was part of a DGA panel on horror and Sci-Fi today with @iamfedealvarez and @roxannebenjamin , moderated by @cinemaguy. 📷: @lottalosten
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