David F. Sandberg

🇸🇪Director of Lights Out, Annabelle Creation, Shazam!, and various things with @lottalosten . Certified smasher of ponies.

This movie is already making money!
One of the first storyboards I did for Shazam! (Before we hired professionals storyboarders). I thought that this could be a moment they put in the trailer and now, 10 months later, it is indeed in the trailer. It’s not my favorite Billy to Shazam transformation in the film though. Maybe that one will be in a future trailer.
Some of the convenience store scene in Shazam! was shot day for night. DP @maxime.alexandre put polarizers on the windows and a polarizer on the lens which made the windows look dark in camera but normal when you looked at them with your eyes. Movie magic!
Damn kids always making fun...
What you see vs what goes on behind the scenes (swipe). Making movies takes a long time...
Some of the props seen in Freddy’s room in the Shazam! trailer.
Doing press is serious business
Getting to the DC booth wasn’t easy... So many people.
What it’s like to walk out on stage in Hall H
Doing press before Hall H. @lottalosten has more behind the scenes in her stories.
Visited the Aquaman offices today and made sure to take lots of photos.
Oh look, I’m in the former Jackass offices! The history of this place...
As a huge Donald Duck and Shazam fan this @tdrogerson drawing is now one of my favorite possessions. Thanks @henrygayden !
One image gets out there and... ⚡️
Since everyone else is doing it...
“There’s something in the mist!”
I’ve seen a lot of great Shazam photoshops and fanart online. This might be my favorite 😃 Haven’t found who made it though.
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