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Fly Like Bird🕊
Some perspective from my birthday last week. @maui.meg and I took a walk and laid down in the forest 🌳🍃
It’s been a great season shooting the #MilkyWay . Hoping tropical storm #Olivia passes by quick so we can catch some more before the season is over🌞 . . Shot with @nikonusa @tokinausa and @manfrottoimaginemore
Balance⛅️ . . Looks like #HurricaneOlivia is heading our way, be safe everybody✌️
Wow. I had such an epic time in the city of Honolulu this weekend @photoconhawaii ! . . I have to say though I’m so happy to be back on Maui. This one is for Haleakalā - Our House of the Sun. My favorite photo from our recent 25 mile service trip through the Crater, and I have been waiting to share. . . It was so inspiring to win and connect with so many great artists, thank you everyone! I could not have won without Haleakala, she is a masterpiece. Love you Maui. I’m excited to ride this wave of inspiration and fully pursue my career in photography & visual arts. Thanks for following along! Al🌞ha
I am so honored to win this year’s @photoconhawaii contest🙏 . . I would sincerely like to thank all of the artists that participated in this event. There were so many amazing photos that could have won, and I’m humbled to have been chosen. Thank you guys for continually pushing the limits in the art of photography, I am constantly inspired by all of the great artists here in Hawai’i. . . Thank you @zaknoyle & @ricnoyle for coordinating PhotoCon, this is such a cool event to bring all of these great artists together! . . Thank you to all my friends and family who support me, and my beautiful partner @maui.meg who flew all the way over here with me from Maui, I love you. . . Thank you to all the sponsors: @djiglobal @aquatech_imagingsolutions @hawaiicamera @canonusa @tokinausa @khonnews and more - I’m thrilled to start working with new gear! . . One more thing I just want to say that I truly love Hawai’i and this sacred land. My vision is to help promote the preservation of these beautiful islands through my work. The aloha aina gives us so much here in Hawai’i, and I hope to give something back. Mahalo everyone!
Heading over to Oahu for the @photoconhawaii event🤙Thank you everyone for all your love and support🙏 Gonna be an awesome weekend! . Here’s the highlight from our last trip over - Aloha Friday!
Please vote for my image on KHON News and you could win a @djiglobal Drone! - Link in Bio. . I’m honored to have made the top 34 finalists at this year’s @photoconhawaii contest with my image titled “Wonderment” (Image No. 23) @khonnews is hosting a Viewers Choice Award online before the event - Enter to win a drone and 6 free tickets to PhotoCon in Honolulu! . . Please click the link in my bio and vote for my image #23 . You will be entered for a chance to win a drone and tickets to this year’s @photoconhawaii event! . Mahalo everyone🙏
Butterfly effect🦋 @canonusa . . Traveling through time digging up photos from my early years on Maui as #HurricaneLane passes by the Hawaiian Islands💨 . Thankful the storm didn’t get too close 🙏 AL🌞HA
Will be nice to get back to these days after #HurricaneLane . Hope everyone in Hawai’i is staying safe. Aloha Friday🏝 . . “No Worries” from my Ocean Therapy collection. Full image on my website: www.ponovisions.com
“Sunstones” . from my Ocean Therapy Collection🌊 . This image is an excellent print on aluminum. Full image on my website, contact me directly for custom prints of any size. Ships anywhere Worldwide! . . Aloha Friday!
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be #Tarzan 🦍
When you wish upon a star ☄️💫 #PerseidMeteorShower 2018 . . . A perfect night atop Mt. Haleakala with awesome friends 🤙 Sincere Mahalos for your support and creative inspiration @aaronlynton @mrod_media @stu_soley . . . Single exposure image shot with @nikonusa @tokinausa @manfrottoimaginemore . . 20mm • f2.8 • ISO 10000 15sec
Aloha is the Hawaiian value of unconditional love. Love for oneself and for others. It is the outpouring and receiving of the spirit. . . Aloha literally translates to “being in the presence of the life’s spirit.” That inner spirit is more than a simple projection of positive character or personality: It is an incredible source of energy for us as human beings. . . Aloha is a self-love stemming from self-awareness and self-esteem, and love for others knowing they possess this goodness of spirit as well. . AL🌞HA Everybody! . . Words from Managing with Aloha by @rsay - Mahalo for your beautiful words Rosa 🙏
Tonight’s Sunset 🌅 Thanks #HurricaneHector . . Straight off the @apple #iPhone 8
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