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This is me. 27 years young. An inspired artist. Passionate about planet Earth, discovery, and creativity. Seeking joy, wisdom, and spirit. In love with @maui.meg . Humbled to call Maui home for a decade, and so grateful for everything and everyone here. Learning life day by day. • This self portrait was inspired by my favorite movie Princess Mononoke. I love the idea that maybe some day us humans and the forest will live in peace. • @nikonusa #Z7 + Z 24-70mm
The Spirit of the valley provides a boundless impression of meaning. An expansive, transcendent power where Earth and water unite and create a natural mystic void. It is here in the valley that emptiness finds its home🕉 • Photo taken with @nikonusa #Z7
Makai - To the Sea we fly like birds with @mauiforestbirds after 5 days spent working to help restore a native Hawaiian forest up in the mountain. I’m working on a really cool project from this recent trip that I am excited to share with you. Aloha Friday! • Shot with @sonyalpha #A7RIII rented from @hawaiicamera - I must say I was super stoked on Hawai’i Camera’s service - Fast, reliable, and easy!
🍵 A tea party in the forest 🌳- This new year I’m realizing the importance of good relationships and good experiences shared with friends & family. I believe they are essential to our happiness and well being. Share the love🦋 • • Shot with the new @nikonusa #Z7 - I’m loving this camera!
A creamy mountain sunset 🔥 . . Shot with @sonyalpha #A7RIII I rented from @hawaiicamera
Exploring the wilderness of this mountain has brought some of my most fulfilling experiences in #2018 . . Excited to continue this journey of learning more and more about the conservation and restoration of our native species and habitats. Happy #2019
“Essence” . In the midst of this mist, a split second in time reveals some of the mountain’s true character as we fly out of the native forest. . . Fine art prints available now in my Mountain Meditations collection: 👉 www.ponovisions.com . . Shot with @sonyalpha #A7RIII + #Sony FE 24-240mm
Mele Kalikimaka with Aloha to you❄️ . . “Ohi’a” is a new release available in my Jungles & Forest collection on my website(link in bio). A portion of proceeds from fine art prints of this image will be donated to @mauiforestbirds to help protect and restore Native Hawaiian bird species and their habitats. Visit www.mauiforestbirds.org to learn more! . . ʻŌhiʻa (Metrosideros polymorpha), the most abundant native tree in the state of Hawaiʻi, are dying from a new fungal disease. On Hawaiʻi Island, hundreds of thousands of ʻōhiʻa have already died from this fungus, called Ceratocystis. Healthy trees appear to die within a few days to a few weeks, which is how the disease came to be called “Rapid ʻŌhiʻa Death.” This disease has killed trees in all districts of Hawaiʻi Island and has the potential to kill ʻōhiʻa trees statewide. Please help save our forests and share anyway you can 🤲🏻 #HappyHolidays . . Shot with a @sonyalpha A7RIII with the #Sony FE 24-240mm lens - Both rented from @hawaiicamera
Misty morning mountain🌦 . . After 5 days of perfect weather on our recent trip working with @mauiforestbirds - the final morning brought the misty clouds and the feels. Packing all of our gear in the dark, it wasn’t easy to say goodbye to this place. When the sun rose all I could do was smile inside with so much gratitude for everything the mountain taught me here . . Shot with a @sonyalpha #A7RIII I rented from @hawaiicamera
Celebrating new life🌸
My heart soared on this mountain. Words can’t describe this week spent in the native wilderness with @mauiforestbirds 🦜 - I don’t know that I’ve ever done more meaningful work in my life? Connecting with the Earth and working with others who truly care restored some of my faith in humanity. Always humbled and continually grateful for this island🙏 . . More from our journey to come! 📷: @maui.meg
“Call of the Wild” From my Jungles and Forests collection. Fine Art prints available now on my new site: www.ponovisions.com Happy Holidays🎄
Aloha & Happy Thanksgiving
Finally created my first image with the new drone I won from @photoconhawaii - Stoked on some new perspective @djiglobal #MavicAir
Within natural walls of Earth’s great valleys, one may discover new wonders of what it’s like to be human
Ohana Sunset 🌅
It’s been a fun Milky Way season✌️ The evolution of artistry in digital photography and technology is mind blowing. It’s an awesome time we’re living in ~ Aloha Friday 🤙
Even as our species destroys the natural world at an accelerating rate, nature remains a source of deep love and fear. For almost all of the 100,000 years that humanity has existed, nature has been our home. We do not and can not live for long outside of this self-sustaining environment. . . “Boom” from my Visual Therapy collection. Please visit my website for the full image: www.ponovisions.com ✌️ . . Words by Edward Wilson from The Origins of Creativity 📖 - A great new book I picked up in Woodstock, VT👍
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