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I’m currently offering 20% off on my #PulpFiction pin for a limited time! Link is in my bio 🍔😎
This was originally going to be a pin, until I realised it’d been done a million times already. So, I’ll be giving it away as a sticker instead 😎
As you may have noticed, I kind of abandoned this account for a while, but 2019 is the year I plan to focus on making new pins and other little knick-knacks (including stickers) for my store. Happy New Year to you all!
Pulp Fiction “Don’t be a square” pins are now available in my store (link in bio). ・・・ If you’d rather buy through Etsy, then just search #PinsNoodles on their site.
To celebrate what would be #StanleyKubrick ’s 90th birthday, for the next 24 hours you can pick up both of my #Kubrick inspired pins for just £10! Link in bio.
Really awesome photo of my Kubrick pins taken by - check him out, he’s a creative BEAST! ・・・ Thanks again to everyone who’s picked them up! And if you haven’t, then they’re both still currently available in my Etsy shop (link in bio).
A special thank you to everyone who’s picked up a Shining pin. These have been selling a lot faster than I expected, which has therefore allowed me to place the order for my next pin sooner than planned. As always, your support is much appreciated!
The Shining pins are now available to order! Link in bio. #pinsandnoodles
To celebrate Etsy’s 13th birthday, I’m currently offering 10% off over on my Etsy store - the offer will only be available for a number of days, so act fast! Link in bio.
#Repost @_nickkemp ・・・ A million thanks to everyone who’s bought a pin so far and also kindly shared photos. Your support is very much appreciated and means more than you know! ・・・
My sister being a good supportive little sibling by sporting one of my pins ✌️
#Repost ・・・ "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that" @pinsnoodles has just released this stunning pin, order it now! #enamelpin ・・・ Many thanks to for this classy 50th anniversary graphic he created to help promote my Space Odyssey pin - I had no idea he was doing this by the way, but that’s just how awesome he is!
The 2001: A Space Odyssey pins are now available to order! Link is in my bio. #pinsandnoodles
The 2001: A Space Odyssey pins have landed! #ComingSoon