Niki Zuul Thayer

Good Morning 😊
😂😂😂 waiting for my pick up order and I found this lol
When Ulta gets your name wrong lol if you're not going to write Thayer, at least put an apostrophe in your version of my last name. 😂
Damn you, Bandersnatch! Lol
😂😂😂😂 this would be epic lol @pioneervalleypro new show idea?
Stole this. 😂
I used to reenact this in elementary school because there was a tall hill on the playground. I wanted to be Kevin Bacon lol
Day one of a hair growth serum. Just put it on the bottom until I see what happens lol I'll post the results once the bottle is gone.
How else are you supposed to eat strawberries? Lol
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