Niki Zuul Thayer

"I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to fall..."
This is one of the songs I play at full volume 😂 @modsun 💜
New ink 😁
Listening to @modsun tonight. Song by him. "Selfish" check him out! ♥️
What does this even say?! Lol
😍😍 @rocklovejewelry
Oh. My. God Where can I find these.
Snapchat has outdone itself with how to train your dragon. I love this one.
2013 throwback 😁
Check out @modsun his new song selfish is out now and it's all about self love and appreciation. At the end of the day, after giving all the love and support you do, never forget to love yourself too!
A family of deer out back 😍
Body like a back road... 😉
Sledding with my dad 😊
So....a prison toilet?
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