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Spirit animal: Marmot In love with the Cascades

Couple of humps for hump day πŸ‘Œ
Who else is ready for it to be this time of the year again? All I've been thinking about lately is what new gear I want for the winter πŸ˜…
Friday feels 😜 one of the best Fridays in recent memory making a "quick" "day trip" into the Pickets. All smiles and 10 second timer selfies on top, but we started and finished in the dark and enthusiasm was hard to come by at the end of probably the hardest 16+ hours of my life. 19 miles and 9k feet of gain, rough terrain, and pile of a choss in probably the most scenic spot in the lower 48.
Last light, reflection, and flowers. Despite the fact the sun had vanished behind the ridge by the time we made it back it down to the lake I swam one more time for good measure. Is anybody else like me with, warm all the time, with an inexplicable need to swim in alpine lakes? Do real marmots ever swim? πŸ€” And yes if you follow @lucaspete23 (you should) he just posted his version of this pic taken at the same time on a point and shoot vs a DSLR tbh I can't tell a difference tho 🀷
Had a tough time getting out of bed to go to work this morning, so here's a picture of another morning where @lucaspete23 and I slept in as long as possible under the open sky before walking up Dakobed in the distance. We did the same thing when slept on top the next night missing what was probably a marvelous sunrise from the most remote volcano 🀦
When you set up camp before the rain starts πŸ‘Œ
Baby, you and me We could change the world forever And never come back again Let's leave it all in the rear-viewΒ  You don't have to cry You don't have to cry -mac miller, RIP
Minor obsession with this curvy ridgeline πŸ‘€
Leaning out over thousands of feet of exposure just for a better angle. Classic @justindong_
don't take anything for granted, need to get back to the hills and find some zen
just a random tarn
After hours on a relentless climber's path climbing steeply from the valley below we reached the notch and could see the rest of our route ahead of us. I turned to @lucaspete23 and said something like, "oh $&!# we really aren't that close yet". More from our climb of West McMillan Spire, second point from the right. This is Terror Basin as seen from the notch. Sidenote: Sometimes I refrain from giving out locations on insta in order to do my small part in preventing locations from being overrun/disrespected. In this case I'm not worried due to the sheer amount of effort required to get there haha
Shots from the only clear day I've had in the mountains recently. The smoke parted for less 24 hours on Friday two weekends back, but we sure as hell made the most of it. Went C2C on West McMillan Spire with @lucaspete23 with over 9k feet of elevation gained along the route πŸ™ƒ
Alpine playgrounds πŸ‘
Always go, no matter how smokey or how far you walked the day before. All phone pics this time around, gotta come back with the real camera when the smoke clears out.
Can't believe I stood on the point second from the left (West McMillan Spire) with @lucaspete23 yesterday. The southern Pickets are arguably the coolest mountains in the lower 48 and it's a dream come true to have stood among them. This a shot taken from Luna Peak at sunset last summer.
Smoky scrambling. Got to go on a couple great adventures with @justindong_ while he was still around, excited for him to take even more amazing pictures of me next summer! Thanks for the snap Justin!
Weirdest sunset ever, 2 separate smoke layers but when the sun shone between them the light was yuuuuumy and the smoke was purple
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