Phoebe Little


Tiny hag flash 🌝
Usually I draw demons but sometimes I draw cozy things
Working on twee little filler illustrations for Cliterary Journal #2
Conclusion of #thedemonbride comic! Stay tuned for late summer/early fall release 👀 🎃
Happy Fourth of July, I guess ?
Downtown Fran 🐶
The credits were rolling and my candles had burned all the way down...
It’s wretched, wiry fur sanded my flesh...
B.B. got herself a stick 💓 #francinethechow #chowchow #chowsofinstagram
Scene from a night alone at home
Francine got so hot and sleepy on our walk the other day 🌭 #chowchow #francinethechow #chowsofinstagram
Been obsessed with this sculpture ever since I’ve been obsessed with orgasms 😎 #bernini #ecstasyofsaintteresa
Shout out to @black_kandy for making the best ear glam and makin me feel cute 💕💕
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