Philip Garza

23 | houston.

stop trying to be God
Jordan year
راحة نفسية
Met @ghastly & showed him my ink 🐐
I fell in love at the mall Saw my reflection in the mirror
It’s 2017. Uber eats is on the way to my apartment. I just ran out of juul pods but Marlboro Reds will do the job momentarily. What’s on her mind? I couldn’t figure her out. I don’t have a cool guy face. Her smile was mesmerizing, I actually had to wipe drool off of my lip. She had this Blake Lively type look/attitude about her. But anyways, what really made the night was the fact that she had this green leaf stuck in the center of her teeth, and I didn’t say one word the entire night. In my head I thought it was funny, so I just kept it to myself. The rest of the evening was horrid. 📷: @melian_2321
annual @excisionofficial appreciation post
Heart shaped kisses, I really miss my mistress 666, evil bitches want my mentions
Happy Birthday to eight pound, six ounce, Newborn Baby Jesus, don't even know a word yet, just a little infant, so cuddly, but still omnipotent... ☃️🏈
🎓 1 Peter 3:4
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