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spent the weekend in one of my favourite cities. Barcelona. can’t wait to return again next week.
full steam ahead through the autumn forest. __ managed to capture some of the last fall colours in the beautiful area of Harz in Germany. @landalnl @landalde #ontdecklandal #entdeckelandal
WERBUNG | For me it’s always hard to wait with editing my photos until I am back home. I want to be flexible and see my shots right away. Editing my pictures in Lightroom has never been more flexible than with the #SurfacePro6 It’s portable like a tablet and as powerful as a laptop. It takes editing my pictures on the road to a new level. #microsoft #surface
birds-eye view on the perfect curve in autumnal colours 🍂
WERBUNG Is there something more fascinating and efficient than editing your photos right away while waiting for the Brockenbahm steam train? During my trip to the Harz mountains in Germany I started using the Microsoft #SurfacePro6 as my daily implement. It’s super light and the battery is super durable, which makes it perfect for traveling. #microsoft #surface
foggy mornings and orange leaves. it’s that time of the year again 🍂
water falls.
already about a year ago I witnessed this unreal place. never seen something like that before.
footloose. ___ high on life at Arctic beaches on the Lofoten Islands.
endless days on the scenic roads of the Lofoten islands 🇳🇴
swiss beauty framed by nature.
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