phatu reid 🌹🍯💍

An artist of some sort. @phatus_photos2.0

Gotta fix my glasses to see your bs.
Sat there worrying about your dreams I forgot I had to live my own. #browngirls #dreambig
Bad beti or karap mayna?
Red red wine 🍷
I love you ❤
Happy anniversary to us ❤😘
I hope you're okay if you're suffering. I hope you know that I'm here for your suffering and if you dont want to speak that I'm still here. I hope you know I have patience for your silent cries and that I dont mind staying up at 3 am because words cant come out your mouth and you just want to hear earth and what it sounds like at 5 am. I hope that you put down what is in your hand and you hold mine. I hope that you never fear that'll I'll hold me being there for you against you because I promise you I wont. I hope that you learn to fight on your own one day but that you wont forget I'm not there yet. I hope you can hold my hands when i need you there. I hope that if you choose to let me go because it helps you and that it's ok. I hope that you know I still love you and that everything will be ok.
Baddie vibes.
We changed into more comfortable clothes 20 mins after these pics 😬
Accept yourself before you let others accept you.
I never changed, I just found myself 🤙🏼
Everyday with you is a blessing. I love you so much ❤
1 year of depression and love and life isnt so bad now.
Turns 21 and still doesnt know how to smile. #birthdaypart1
She was like a firework. Blinding and hot.
Be in peace not pieces.
One thing I was always told was I need to watch my mouth. One thing I never did was watch my mouth. I never said anything that nobody else wasnt thinking, I just always let you know how I felt. I love that people always found it disrespectful when I tell them they're a little bitch but honestly, if you get offended guess what you are? 🤷🏽‍♀️ I deal with a lot of that bullshit of "respecting my elders" but if you feel you can talk to me however you want welp so can I. My mom used to hate this so much about me but now she encourages it. If an auntie says they dont like my piercing, she tells me to let them know who I am. If a man tries to objectify me, my mom empowers me on to let them know what I am. Never stand back on what you say, if they cant bear to hear what you have to say then fuck them. Let a bitch know who they're dealing with. #browngirls #bengalipride #fuckyou
It's never too late
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