Rather make money then it make me ......

I like her .
Love what im seeing !
This gon b a classic . #NLL
8 hour drive for the bag & I want it whole..... “click the link in my bio”
I heard as long you keep pushing you gon get there . “Can’t wait to drop new music” #NoLoveLost
RIP COCA . “New shit on the way” #NoLoveLost
Young’n made a mill off them zip locks I’m trying to make a couple of this hip hop you get robbed if the watch don’t go tick tock tunnel vision my nigga ain’t no pit stops - #NoLoveLost
Been in the trap slim . #NoLoveLost
What’s understood don’t need to be explained . #MBM
Can’t wait to give this to y’all me god got something in the works !
Morning warm up . @iamspesh talk to me .
You know crums is still bread right ...
Being Rich Obviously Kills Everything. #BROKE
Tell @liltunechi I got em .
The get back ...
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