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Sad news as two bear #cubs that were recently rescued in Northern #California are now thought to be victims of a poaching. 💔 - The California Department Of Fish And Wildlife posted the update on its Facebook page while requesting information on the two small #cubs that they found, after being alerted by a concerned citizen on March 9th near the area of Long Gulch on Highway 96 in #Yreka , California. - - The 5-week-old male cubs, now named Blaze and Yreka, were then transferred to , where they will remain until they weigh approximately 100 pounds each and can be released home into the wild.- - CDFW is requesting that anyone with information contact Warden Dan Beck via the statewide tip hotline, CalTIP, at 📞(888) 334-2258. Tips can also be sent via text to CALTIP, followed by a space and the message to tip411 (847411). CalTIP (Californians Turn In Poachers and Polluters) is a confidential secret witness program that encourages the public to provide CDFW with factual information leading to the arrest and conviction of poachers and polluters.- - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals
The amazing people at Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme @socp.official along with their vets and orangutan caretakers are having to care for a very young infant who arrived just the other morning with a badly broken arm. Likely a result of the #PalmOil Industry. 💔- - The female infant, named 'Brenda', is only around 3 to 4 months old and still has no teeth. She was confiscated from a villager in Blang Pidie, on the west coast of aceh by SOCP Operational Manager, Asril Abdullah, and Quarantine and Reintroduction Supervisor, drh Citrakasih Nente, together with staff of BKSDA Aceh. It was obvious as soon as they first met her that her arm was badly broken and unsurprisingly this was confirmed yesterday with an X-Ray, the humerus in her left arm being snapped completely in two.- - They are also having to care for a poor adult female orangutan 'Hope', whose photos are doing the rounds on social media after she was brought to the quarantine centre by @orangutaninformationcentre and @bksdaaceh full of holes and air rifle pellets. 💔- - The team are now battling for both of these poor #orangutans , sadly as like so many others, the victims of conflicts with people and human brutality. #PalmOil - - They both had surgery this weekend, by which time we "hope" they'll both be stabilized after their ordeals. May God Bless them both! 🙏💞🙌 _______________ None of this essential work would be possible without considerable support from many people around the world. Help us continue the SOCP's much needed welfare and conservation work, and help orangutans like 'Hope' and 'Brenda' directly! Please visit : 👉 Thank you! 💛 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals
#NEWYORK MAN & HIS #DOG RESCUE TWO #DOGS FROM FROZEN RESERVOIR! 🙏💞🐕 - - By: Melissa Khio Via Circa @light.knowledge.power - - 🌍👉@Peace_4Animals @WorldAnimalNews_
Scientists announced today that only 10 #vaquita porpoises likely remain in the wild and that the animal’s #extinction is virtually assured without bold and immediate action.💔 - - Today’s announcement from the International Committee for the Recovery of the Vaquita also calls on the President of #Mexico , @lopezobrador to end all #gillnet fishing and adopt a “zero tolerance” policy of enforcement in the vaquita’s small remaining habitat. - “With an estimated population of ten, we have arrived at the end of the line for vaquitas, with only two options remaining,” Zak Smith, a senior attorney with the @nrdc_org ’s Marine Mammal Protection Project told WAN. “The Mexican government can choose to save vaquitas by removing deadly gillnets from their habitat or accept responsibility for the species’ extinction.” 💔🐬 #SaveVaquitas - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
The last photos of Kenya’s ‘elephant queen’. These incredible photos were taken by @willbl on the plains of #Tsavo in #Kenya . The female, known for over 60 years as F_MU1, has died of natural causes and was one of the last remaining super tuskers in #Africa . ‘If I hadn’t looked upon her with my own eyes, I might not have believed that such an #elephant could exist in our world.’ 🙏🐘💞 #ripsweetangel - - Via: @bbcearth - - 🌍👉@Peace_4Animals @WorldAnimalNews_
🚨TAKE ACTION NOW!! Sign petition demanding the immediate release of 36 #beagles .🐕💔 - Over 60,000 #dogs are used in toxicity tests and research every year in the #UnitedStates . An undercover investigators recently captured multiple studies, including a one-year pesticide test on 36 beagles contracted by #DowAgroSciences at a Michigan lab. - - This cruel and unnecessary testing includes the force-feeding of pesticides to the dogs, who are otherwise held in practically barren cages. There is no way out for dogs like these. The dogs who don't die from the poison throughout the tests are scheduled to be euthanized in early July. - - These dogs used for testing often come from large, #USDA -licensed breeding facilities. Dogs, who are known for their kind and loyal nature, are often used in these tests because they are easier to manipulate and less apt to fight back. - Tragically, this suffering is all too common and most dogs die in the laboratory. But, there is hope for these 36 dogs and we have to act fast. Their time is running out! - 🚨Please sign the petition and demand that Dow AgroSciences immediately halt the tests and release the 36 dogs to the @humanesociety. 🖋👆(LINK IN OUR BIO) - Via @muchsygold @humanesociety - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Breaking! (#AB273 ) To Ban #FurTrapping & (#AB44 ) To Ban The Sale Of Fur in #California Passed The 1st Committee!👏 - We have a long road ahead but it’s well worth the fight to save the lives of animals used for vanity and fashion. - We will need everyone’s support until we get both of these important bills signed into law. 🙏💛🦊 #MakeCompassionTheFashion @socialcompassion @directactioneverywhere @animalhopeandwellness @peace_4animals @worldanimalnews_ @centerforbiodiv - - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews @lorenasgonzalez
The tide is turning in the West for captive #marinemammals , yet live capture operations, traveling #dolphin shows, polluted sea pens, and needless deaths of animals continue to mar the captivity industry around the globe, especially in #Asia , according to a report co-produced by the Animal Welfare Institute (@awionline ) and @World_Animal_Protection (WAP). - The fifth edition of “The Case Against Marine Mammals in Captivity,” released at the @ITBBerlin conference in #Berlin , is meant to be a one-stop-shop for those who wish to learn why it is unacceptable to confine marine mammals for public display and entertainment. - “Tourists and the global travel industry provide demand for existing and new captive marine mammal facilities, which is why we have chosen to launch the report at one of the world’s biggest travel shows. The arguments and evidence of suffering are here in plain language for travel companies to see,” said Nick Stewart, global head of the campaign on captive wildlife tourism at #WorldAnimalProtection . 🐋🚫🐬 #DontBuyATicket #EmptyTheTanks - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
To all of the women activists, producers, directors, explorers, conservationists, scientists, marine biologists, lawyers, doctors and mothers. Those who never give up hope and are fighting every day to make this world a better place for the future of our planet and it’s species. Wake up every morning with a passion, purpose, and a goal, and keep fighting to accomplish it for the greater good. Never Give Up! 👊 Happy #internationalwomensday @careforwild @enormouselephantrun @dswtfosterparents #Africa
In a commendable move that should serve as an example to #airlines everywhere, #Cargolux announced yesterday that it has decided to place a ban on the transport of #lion bones.🙏 - The #Luxembourg -based air carrier, which maintains a global network that makes it one of the largest scheduled all-cargo airlines in #Europe , took this important stance against #wildlifetrafficking that will hopefully encourage other cargo airlines to do the same. - “This positive decision will go some way in disrupting this abhorrent and cruel trade, stated Michele Pickover, Director of the #EMSFoundation , who expressed the organization’s sincere gratitude to Cargolux. “It also sets a great example to all of the other Cargo Airlines to make more ethical decisions when it comes to the international #wildlifetrade .” - - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced plans to strip #graywolves of #EndangeredSpeciesAct protections across the lower 48 states. If finalized, the proposal will allow #trophyhunting and #trapping of wolves in the #GreatLakesStates . It will slow or completely halt recovery of wolves in more of their former range. - - “The @realdonaldtrump administration is dead set on appeasing special interests that want to kill #wolves , Collette Adkins, a senior attorney at the @centerforbiodiv said in a statement. “We’re working hard to stop them.” 🙏🐺🙌 - - Read More 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
(SWIPE LEFT 👈 FOR PART 2) WAN & Peace 4 Animals investigating a #CannedHunting Facility in #Florida with @arminvestigations for #WeAreOne - - A #CannedHunt is a #TrophyHunt in which an animal is kept in a confined area, usually fenced in, increasing the likelihood of the hunter obtaining a kill.- - The animals of which sometimes are threatened and endangered species, have either been raised on game ranches or brought in to be sold off to hunt for sometimes upwards of $25,000-$50,000 and more. These animals are killed for people’s sick trophy collections to stuff and put on their wall. - - Canned hunting has been banned or restricted in 20 states in the U.S., including: #Alabama , #Arizona , #California , #Connecticut , #Delaware , #Georgia , #Hawaii , #Maryland , #Massachusetts , #Minnesota , #Mississippi , #Montana , #Nevada , #NorthCarolina , #Oregon , #RhodeIsland , #Virginia , #Wisconsin , and #Wyoming . But sadly in 30 states it still remains legal, as well as internationally in #SouthAfrica . - - If you live in a state where canned hunting is legal, please call your state representatives and tell them to Ban #CannedHunting . If we all work together to create enough uproar worldwide, we will END this sick trade! 👊 - - Credit: @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals @katiecleary11 #WorldAnimalNews
You have a rare opportunity to stop an extreme form of animal abuse by joining @ida_international ’s efforts to #BanFoieGras sales in #NewYorkCity . 🙏🦆 - Horrifically, to produce #foiegras (French for fatty liver), #ducks and #geese have large metal pipes forced down their throats so they can be pumped with more feed than they could ever eat naturally in order to over-enlarge their livers; often to over ten times their normal size.💔 - Thankfully, Council Member @carlinalrivera has introduced a bill, #Intro1378 , that will ban the sale of foie gras from force-fed ducks and geese – but she can’t pass it without your support! - To Help, READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Breaking! @SantaAnitaPark Racetrack has cancelled upcoming races following the death of another #horse today, bringing the total deaths to 21 #horses since December 26th. 🐎💔 - WAN reported last week that after the Racetrack’s temporary closure following the recent deaths, they shockingly decided to open their doors once again. Tragically, more horses continue to die. - 🚨TAKE ACTION NOW! Please call #Arcadia City Council Members at 📞(626) 574-5403. You can also email the following contacts urging them to take action and to conduct a thorough investigation that will hopefully shutdown #SantaAnitaPark permanently! - Arcadia City Mayor Sho Tay at - Mayor Pro Tem April Verlato at - Council Member Peter Amundson at - You can also email the City Council at 👉 - Please include your physical address & telephone number which is needed to assist with a response. - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
Animal welfare organization @peace_4animals has announced that it is co-sponsoring #AB572 , #TheCaliforniaDeforestationFreeProcurementAct ; a critical bill designed to combat threats, such as #climatechange and the #palmoil industry. This important legislation will save #rainforests and precious #endangered species such as: #orangutans , #tigers , #rhinos , and #elephants that call them home. 🙏🐘🦏🐅🦍 - This marks #Peace4Animal ’s first official co-sponsorship of a #California state bill. - “I have long advocated for change in the palm oil industry,” said @katiecleary11 , who created the ‘#PalmsOffPalmOil ’ campaign six years ago. “Most recently, during a life-changing trip to #Borneo and #Sumatra while filming my new documentary ‘We Are One,’ where we successfully rescued an orangutan that was four months pregnant with the help of the @orangutaninformationcentre from a palm oil/rubber plantation.” - Assemblymember @ash_kalra of #SanJose authored the bill. Co-sponsors also include @socialcompassion (SCIL) and @friends_earth. - Please consider donating to Peace 4 Animals🙏👆(LINK IN OUR BIO) - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
To commemorate #WorldWildlifeDay , authorities in #Myanmar destroyed more than an estimated USD $1.15 million dollars of confiscated wildlife parts in #Yangon yesterday.- - The public event, which was organized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conversation in opposition of the illicit #wildlifetrafficking trade, marked the second symbolic demonstration of its kind in the country.- - According to #Xinhuanet , yesterday’s burn included 219 pieces of #ivory , 210 dried sections of #elephant trunks, 527 bones of #tigers , #leopards and other wild animals, 800 different horns and 134.7kg of #pangolin scales.- - The move is intended to send a message to people that #wildlife crime will no longer be tolerated in Myanmar. 🚫🐘🐅🐆🚫 #endwildlifetrafficking - - READ MORE: 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals
Happy #WorldWildlifeDay ! Today, and every day, is a reminder to use your voice for those who don’t have one! - - We must fight for our #wildlife , now is the time. Many species are facing #extinction within the next 5-10 years. If we all work together by supporting organizations, boots on the ground, and those who dedicate their lives to making sure these species are around for future generations, we can save them! 🙏🐘🦏🐅🦍🦒 - Thank you for your support! ~ Peace 4 Animals & World Animal News - - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
SOUND ON🔈Update Mofalodi, Charlotte, Davide - @therhinoorphanage ’s precious baby #rhinos graduated to the next level of their rehabilitation process.🙏 They are now fully weaned and direct human contact (and cuddles) will be broken. They will still be given the normal teff, lucerne and game pellets as supplements to keep them in tip top shape, and they will still be safe and sound in bomas at night. Introduction to other orphans and a larger day camp will happen within the next month. Please enjoy this video of their last milk bottles 🦏💛 #rhinoorphans #rhinoconservation #wildliferescue #stoprhinopoaching - Via @therhinoorphanage - 🌍👉 @worldanimalnews_ @peace_4animals #WorldAnimalNews
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