Paolo Sartori

Telling stories with photography

Simplicity is winter’s real beauty.
Back at this (cold) game. #iceclimbing
New year, new goals. Mine are really simple: to spend more time in places like this one. What are yours?
Staring at these there a better way to close this 2018? . . #patagonia #fitzroy #elchalten #alpinism #mountains #neverstopexploring #camp4pix #roam247
It’s not exactly a Christmas Tree but that’s what we were up to do these days...Feliz Navidad a todos!
Sometimes is hard not to be dramatic...
Some places make a photographer’s job easy. Ofenhorn, Lepontine Alps.
On steep rocks with @nadinewallner and @babsizangerl - the most psiched climbing team ever.
As far as I can tell, the value of climbing mountains is only found in how we carry the lessons we learn up high into the life we lead on the flat ground.
When the light fades and you still want to be out there...well, call it a good day.
Nothing like a quiet night staring at the Valley and planning new adventures...
Chasing light. Rote Wand, Austria. 📸 @enrychris
Soon ❄️❄️
One of the most exposed locations I’ve shot on. Odyssee, 8a+, Eiger Nordwand.
Early alpine love or to hate them?
“I’ve found a perfect place for this night”.
Sardinia. Where else?
When it comes to big wall climbing, the actual climbing is just a little part of the job. Hauling up heavy bags under the rain is a bigger one.
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