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Dusty developed a lot of roles of film from this summer and we found this in the mix. I almost forgot about this day. Rediscovering undeveloped photos is funny like that. It’s like reading an old journal you forgot you had and revisiting that moment in time. Feels a bit like time traveling.
EMERGENCY UPDATE: The @lafdfoundation needs your help. We’re requesting donations at to provide hydration backpacks for @losangelesfiredepartment firefighters who are working tirelessly to contain the fires across #SouthernCalifornia . Any amount of money you can spare makes a difference. 📷: Tony Handy / LAFD
SKATEBOARD GIVEAWAY! @girlisnota4letterword is taking over @eatflowerchild IG stories tomorrow from 2 PM - 5 PM PST to give away one new Street Angel board from @dusterscalifornia 👏🏼 I'll be part of the #girlisnota4letterword crew answering YOUR questions about crushing the patriarchy from atop a skateboard - so make em' good because you could win this awesome skateboard! Photo @elise_crigar Street Angel artwork by @jimruggart
This past week I told the @everwildla tribe a story that included a time machine. One of the kids came up to me about an hour later and asked me to ‘hold out my hand’. He placed an “imaginary travel-sized time-machine” into it and said “now you can go wherever you want, whenever you want”. I felt lots of gratitude in that moment for this big white box. It surely doesn’t help me travel back millions of years ago to dig up T-Rex eggs like my imaginary, travel-sized time-machine can. But it does take me to the mountains and the sea and that’s pretty alright with me. I suppose I’ll have to use my imaginary time machine to travel elsewhere 🧙🏼‍♀️
Last weekend @dusty_ham and I took a weekend rip up to SF. We packed a lot of exploring into a few short days and made a last minute decision to dodge our flight and drive home. I used my film camera with a broken light meter the entire trip so here are a few photos from the ol iPhone while I wait to see if any of the photos I took came out decent. These photos are mostly from the Lost Coast Trail/Half Moon Bay/Shark Fin Cove. The ocean in these parts is beautiful and dramatic. The marine layer accentuated it all.
Little peelers forever | vid @dusty_ham
Here for the Summer. Pic| @dusty_ham
Probably thinking about food, definitely taking in that all too familiar view. | @girlisnota4letterword flannel & RAD T. 📷 @ianloganphoto #girlisnota4letterword #itsnotaboutpretty #xsunified
When I was in middle school we had to start looking at different career paths. MIDDLE SCHOOL 🤯 It infuriates me looking back on it. Most of us were around 13 and only concerned about our after school plans. Who in the neighborhood would be around for a game of capture the flag, roller hockey (🤓so fun), biking to the river, working on the fort in the woods, creating mazes in the cornfields (sorry farmers 😬), and stacking hay barrels in the barn to make forts. I was just a kid and here I am being told to pick 3 careers to start seriously thinking about because you know, college is just around the corner. 🎓 We revisited this topic in 9th grade when I was still just trying to get outside and play. I thought to myself, “what do I like about school itself?” My conclusion: “playing” and the only place I could really do this was in Phys Ed. Fast forward a few more years and I graduated from @sunycortland with a Bachelor’s of Science in Education and my Teaching Credential in P.E. I quickly began to notice that my hours spent indoors overweighed my love of playing outside. I thought I had made a $40k mistake because I discovered during student teaching that I would focus on Outdoor Education, and not so much my degree 💸. I took a few Outdoor Ed master classes and drove West until I reached the ocean 🚗. I ran out, jumped in and started fresh. • I began doing what I loved most and reaching out into the community. I wake up every day with plans to skate, surf, and explore wild places with kids who love to play and dive into adventures as much as I do. It truly took a village to create @everwildla a nonprofit that mentors kids and families to develop a meaningful attachment to the Earth 🌿 I learned this summer that my Teaching Credential will not be going to waste as EverWild just became the newest @inspirecharterschools Specialty Program and I have jumped on board as the homeschool teacher. I’m excited for our families to have the option to “enroll their kids in school” without taking them away from playing in the wild.🌴 📷 @lilbellies _________________________________________________ #letthekidsplay #letthembelittle #wildandfreechildren #letthemexplore
Interchangeably a mural for a dog/skateboarder. @kelseymontagueart on the wall @xs_unified artist series socks on my feet- with art by @scottsueme 📷 @cblmixedmedia 🎨 #xsunified #lofeinxs #scottsueme #whatliftsyou #lodedboards #orangatangwheels #paristrucks #girlisnota4letterword #longboardgirlscrew
I don’t necessarily have a quiver for skate or surf and I don’t really swap out boards or change my set up too often either. Although I know it’s important to try lots of different set-ups and boards to become a better all around surfer/skater, I take pleasure in spending lengthy amounts of time with one set-up before trying something new. ☀️ Been in a long-term relationship with this board for a year or so. She’s heavy with ding repairs from that all too familiar learning curve but still treats me swell. | pic @dusty_ham #happyhurricanefabioSoCal
Happy Go Skateboarding Day 🤘 Head over to the @girlisnota4letterword online shop to receive free shipping on all orders for the next 24hrs. Use code FREESHIP [link in bio] Love me some @itsnotaboutpretty flannel ❤️ 📷 @ianloganphoto
Went mural hunting with @cblmixedmedia and found the #lovewall 🧡 Peep the New Linen 5-Panel hats from @xs_unified 🧢 so cozy! • • • #xsunified #lifeinxs #xshelmets
2 ft high and rising.| Pic @dusty_ham
Not recent but nothing new. 📷 @amandapowellwebber
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