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Baseline on an 18km old GT2RS. Only OF. #pfafftuning #pfaffmotorsports #onpointdyno
Over 100whp more than our last engine - which was no slouch! If you haven't already seen the @speedacademy video covering our emotion filled Dyno session, it's totally worth the watch. Kels jams. Thank you to all and especially @jimwolftechnology for the incredible attention to detail and knowledge they brought to this engine. . #summerofkels
This is the kind of art I hang on walls.
This is the hot setup. Peltor ear protection covering Bose Quiet comfort noise cancelling ear buds. It's eery how quiet it is with this setup. Even with a super loud exhaust I can only tell the car is running from the vibrations! . Oh and John's car was pretty cool too. @tougetuning #neverstoptuning #tunethetuner
We know you've likely already seen this, but we need to give a big congrats to Will for doing a stellar job at TC2000, where he set and then re-set the FF record with his OnPoint wired and tuned Civic. We wish we could have been there with you Will, what an awesome experience! #timeattack #pztuning #vibrantperformance #motec #tsukubacircuit #partyinjapan
If this doesn't make the power, I don't know what will. #vq37 #vq42 #naisbest #jimwolftechnology
Super thanks to @jesse_tong for going out in a mega storm to pick up Kels' new heart. Can't wait to get back from vacation to bring her to life. #jimwolftechnology #motec #vibrantperformance
Kels is going M150, and this harness tires together the engine, motor and Motec for what is sure to be one very flavorful party. #motec #m1build #itcandoanything #Motorsportelectronics #onpointdyno
You have no idea the level of attention to detail and commitment the guys at Jim Wolf Technology put into this engine. Everything down to selecting and massaging the under piston oil squirters. Clark and I have been dreaming about the ideal VQ for years... And now we've finally built it. Over 14:1 compression, 4.2L displacement, 2-ring pistons, oversize intake lifters and mega cams, coated bearings from @kingbearings , and ported heads by @4pistoncylinderheads. There is a ton of untested sauce in this engine, but if it all works even 80% as well as we hope, it should be something very special. I can't thank the guys at Jim Wolf enough for everything, Clark especially. He spent a ton of evenings and nights putting this engine together with love and obsessive attention. We'll do our best with the rest of the car to do this engine justice!! #Repost @jimwolftechnology (@get_repost ) ・・・ Sending "Kels" a new heart, VQ42HR (OEM sleeves). Should smash some records. @onpointdyno @mountainpassperformance
Kels inspiration. Tell me your German secrets. #rsr #porsche #naisbest
Super pumped for my Pfaff friends running in the 24 this year. A huge step up for them from World Challenge but one they will attack with humility and dedication. Good luck men. Happy to have an OnPoint built loom going around Daytona for 24 hours with you all. #onpointdyno #pfaffmotorsports #imsa #daytona24 #naisbest #rywiremotorsportelectronics
Here's a good way to start 2019 tuning, with an RB powered, Curious Garageworks restored 260Z! #datsun #onpointdyno #neverstoptuning
Merry Christmas my wonderful OnPoint customers and friends. It was a fantastic year. Clearly, you all miss Kels. Don't worry, we do too. 2019 is the year of Kels. #yearofkels #onpointdyno #neverstoptuning
We don't always TIG weld, but when we do, we listen to Rage Against The Machine. #ratm #rageagainstthemachine #tig #headers #kels #350z #onpointdyno #vqpowered
Excited to announce that we are now tuning the #VR30 platform with #Ecutek ! These cars make heaps of gains with tuning so it would be silly not to throw some bolt-ons on and come in for a tune. We map these cars out specific for our fuel and our climate. All for about the same price as an E-Tune! #neverstoptuning #q50 #q60 #tougetuning
When an $1100 heat pump controller shits the bed we take matters into our own hands. Oh and now it's integrated into our Nest thermostats so the pumps won't be short cycling when there is no load. #neverstoptuning #geothermaltuning #firstpcb
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