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We are after it now! 1:27.9. Amazing work after the boys thrashed a new engine, then gearbox in it! #WTAC #onpointdyno #pztuning #motec
What you should always tell the driver when they are awake at 4am trying to talk shop. #WTAC #PZtuning #motec #timeattack #partytime
What do we do after a long day of developing and testing Tesla Model 3s on the track? Remote tune checkup on Will's @motecusa M130 all the way in Australia, from the Model 3! Good luck Will and team at WTAC! #dyno #motec #wtac #onpointdyno
This one picked up some Jam with a smaller pulley on the Jackson racing #Rotrex supercharger. And incredibly there were no strange @speedacademy issues that needed to be resolved before tuning! I was so impressed.
This thing is really fun. And it sounds amazing. @speedacademy #beams #3sge #onpointdyno
Wasn't able to get to CSCS today, but it looks like Kels has held onto the Unlimited RWD record for another year. Hopefully next year we can come out and make a real effort with the old girl . Huge congrats to OnPoint tuned clients for dominating CSCS today, including @c3carbonproducts @canttrustthesystem @pfaffmotorsports @lapli_realestate and others! . #timeattack #cscs #motorsport #onpointdyno
Tuned this thing the other day. I like it.
When you're sick on the couch but your baby knows how to chill so it's ok. ❤️
Whenever I tune one of these things I always end up wanting one... #ecutek #r35
Ok Kels, ok. I'm going as fast as I can. #shewantstorip . Thanks @fizzer2k @shea_mcguire & Marco for helping thrash today!
Another shot of the big boy primaries for Kels' new 4.2L heart. Thanks to @joeferguson555 for helping kels meet her goals. 1.875 stubs up to 2 up to 2.125". It's going to be magical. (I hope)
What's happening here Kels?
She will be passing me tools in no time! #laurlaur #babytuning
For 8/6 day we had the pleasure of configuring and tuning a @motecusa M150 and C127 in this Toyota 86 (ok, it's actually a BRZ) With Motorsport traction control, boost control, fantastic OE integration and best in the business knock control, this is a fantastic kit for these cars.
Billet block by the team Gelinas. First startup was last night and we had very little oil pressure. We thought our weekend was done but while I was sleeping the guys pulled the motor, found the internal leak, repaired it and put it back together. No sleep for them yet . We now have 95 psi and are heading to the dyno. This is what dedication looks like. #neverstoptuning #motec #m1army #onpointdyno @motecusa
Off to finalize a custom M1 project with Gelinas reaching using some custom firmware and an OnPoint designed and built harness. I guess you could say security had a few concerns about my carry-on! #motec #m1army #neverstoptuning @motecusa
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