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Stack of FOIL Board goodness 👀🕊🙌 #loyaltothefoil #loyaltotheonefoil #gofly #foiltheworld
Team ONE Italy, we thought it was warm there? Wetsuits? Like most of our Northern ONE counterparts that are mid winter ❄ Enjoy @onesupitaly #winter #italy 🇮🇹 #edge2 #pasta
This Lady gave her upmost performance in Australia's Biggest Ocean race @2018kotc Kate Baker came in 2nd Place in a strong Elite Womens Fleet. She also gave some of the Men next to her a Lesson on how to come in on a Dugout. We love watching how much this lady and athlete improves in confidence. Congratulations @kate_bakersup Board was 14ft x 26" Storm
Sweet Dreams are made of these! Inspired now? Go to Facebook for Full Video Rider - @dontfollowmejacko 📽 by @dave.sup #loyaltothefoil #indianocean #onefoilboards #oneoceansports #flying #mothernature @eastcoastfoilclub_aus @foilbuzz @foilbuzz
Ocean Sports, whether you love big Unlimited Ocean Boards or Downwind Foil boards we have you covered Location - Perth @2018kotc 📷 by @angiesup #bigboysandgirlstoys #downwind #westernaustralia #mandurah #indianocean #beauty
The All Round Perfect Race Board for whatever gets thrown at you. The EVO 2.0 under your feet and you are ready for any conditions. The EVO 2.0 is now available in our amazing Molded Construction Hybrid, Dynamic, Elite as 14ft 24" 26" 28" Rider @dave.sup
Good luck to our Denmark Team Rider @nicoline.rasmussen in the ISA Technical Finals today. 📷 @georgiasphoto #isaworlds #china #teamdenmark
Happy Birthday to this Legend and have a great week in Perth Downwinding your brains out 🤟 @bentardrew80
Zamami Island - Japan 🇯🇵 We look forward to Returning Soon @paddleleague #japan #zamami #fromwhereyoudratherbe
Kate Baker - ONE Team - STORM 2.0. Kate had a great 2018 season finishing top 10 on the International Paddle League and she is training hard for 2019 and with boards like this under her feet kate is one to watch closely for 2019. @kate_bakersup @paddleleague #storm #ocean #team #onesup #athlete #womeninsport
Down Wind Foil Board Madness _ 6'1x26" _ 6'8x28" _ 7'11x31" Fully Molded Construction. These are tough as Nails and bulit to last. Contact your ONE Dealer today! 3 Amazing Colour Ways! #onefoilboards #foil
Whilst it is HOT Down under our Northern Counterparts are now embracing the Falling Maple leaves and Cold Weather @psppaddle @onesupnorthamerica #winteriscoming ❄️
Hitting Italy very soon! Even a couple of very special Italian Flag Graffics. If your in Italy and want to find out more about ONE contact @onesupitaly #italy #onestanduppaddle #mummamia
Another 18ft Custom Board order, this thing is amazing! On it's way down to Sydney now to the very lucky owner that has been waiting patiently @bentardrew80 @windsurfnsnow @bridgeys_earthmoving #suptaxi #custom #australiandesign
STORM 2.0 Arrived in Australia today 🙌 Much to the delight of those lucky customers that got some 🔥☄
JUST ARRIVED Blue Silver Glossy 17'11 x 24.5 Custom Unlimited 👀 So beautiful. This is another special custom done by @bentardrew80 for an Australia Customer for the upcoming Downwind Weeks in Perth. The request from Customer was Gloss Nose. We think it looks damn sweet! #amazing #custom #australiandesign #topend #ultralight
Ben Tardrew not only our Designer but also a Dad of Twins. Ben is a busy man but always finds time to test boards. Here testing the AllRound 10ft with Pearl along for the Ride 📷 @ash_tardrew #cityofgoldcoast
'I AM A GENIE IN A BOTTLE, GOTTA RUB ME THE RIGHT WAY 🤣 & THEN I WILL GRANT YOUR 3 WISHES' 🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️ . . What would your Combo of 3 ONE boards be? .... Surf, Race, Foil, Custom?
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