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first “Earth” snippet including ariana and justin bieber!✨ it looks AMAZING
ari will be a zebra, interesting 🤔
Ariana Grande a singer? Nah, she’s just a chef
Ariana is involved in @lildickygram ‘s new project called “Earth”. Artists such as Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes or Halsey are also involved.🌎
omg why is she so cute i wanna hug her!!!!🥺🖤
Justin, Billie and Hailey yesterday in Coachella during Ari’s performance 🌙 #Arichella 🌵
this dance >>>>>>> #Arichella 🌵
MAGICAL #Arichella 🌵
omg she is so cute!!!😍 #Arichella 🌵
best. performance. ever.
goodnight n go, beautiful as always 🌙🖤 #Arichella 🌵
NSYNC and Ariana performing together!❤️ #Arichella 🌵
i feel bad that nicki’s mic didn’t work but i still think they are the queens of coachella🔥 #Arichella 🌵
she looks so cute omggg
which one is your favorite? i personally think the last one is the most beautiful, the platinum glitter top is absolutely breathtaking and i’m in love with it✨ p.s: they’re all @versace custom outfits
dangerous woman will always be one of that songs that make you feel powerful
the orchestra she deserved #Arichella 🌵
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