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When you’re meant to get 3 but bottle it after 1 🔹 Strength phase over currently into week 2 of some volume trying to reducing a bit of body fat % 🔹 Not changing my macros I prefer to increase output rather reduce food intake. So more activity, couple 2 a days sessions and higher intensity in sessions
Almost the weekend 🙌 🔹 Wonder what it holds for the tribe aka @rhian_adams_athlete & @adventures_of_seren 🔹 Any suggestions of what/where to go let me know below
Lunge, lunge and lunge some more. 🔹 Deficit Reverse Lunge great variation of the reverse lunge to increase your range of motion and strengthen your posterior chain 🔹 #bootybuilder 🔹 📹 @burgersandbarbells69
Split stance Trap Bar Deadlift . This ones a little beaut, cues of this are pretty much the same as a normal deadlift set up. However put one foot in front of other ensuring feet are parallel and that heels and toes have a gap between them.Front leg does the majority of the work . Great exercise for athletes who’s looking to develop and strength and power. As the split stance can ltransition into a sports specific movement
Who else hates Front Squats? . Unfortunately the benefits outweigh my hatred 😂 . Firstly better on the knees compared to back squat, someone who’s had three surgeries this is very handy . Helps develop a solid core and lower back whilst also reducing the strain on lower back compared to back squats . Crucial for Olympic lifting . Lastly tests your flexibility to the max
Want to improve your deadlift? Or how about your hamstrings and glutes? . Properly aligned loaded Back extensions will get those hamstrings and glutes burning . Don’t forget to add sufficient weight, performed here as superset just using a 20kg bar but when fresh 60kg for 8-12 will get everything burning . Couple tips hips above pad and focus on using your hamstrings and glutes
Lunging and lunge positions should be a integral part of your workouts . Here’s one variety the reverse lunge/step back lunge . Some of the benefits of incorporating lunges are a reduction in spinal loading, more sport specific movement, improved Glute activation and hip flexor flexibility . @whgym #fitness #lunge #training
Alternating Isometric Incline DB Press . Great exercise for building uni lateral strength as well as stability . Great session down @6pdxb with @jonnyyoungfitness watching him smash a 150kg Bench with ease
Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there . Had a great day with the family including my mum and dad who’s in town, down the @thefarmdubai . Honestly was a sea of food in front of us as their menu is too tasty to order one thing
Got an itch to play some 7s 🏉 . Anyone need a player in July?
Full Body Roll Out *variation . Kneeling rolls out too easy? Full standing to hard? . Try this variation, grab two lightweight resistance bands wrap around wheel and toes . Band will allow sufficient resistance to control the motion . *tip* at full extension pause for 3-5 seconds
The Number 1 priority is to enjoy your workouts. If you like to run, then run, if you enjoy lifting, lift etc... it’s easier to stay consistent when you enjoy what you do.
Barbell Floor Press . Great exercise for developing upper strength. As being on the floor removes the ability to use your legs to drive through . Also reduces the strain on your shoulder joints . Programmed them in today just to finish my arms off at the end of the session
Great evening out at @thegreenplanetdubai with these two. Well worth a visit... especially when it’s in the @entertainergcc 👌 . #family #familyday #familydayout #dadbod #dad #cheekymonkey #uae #dubai
Landmine Deadlift . As you can tell I do love a landmine special and a exercise variation . Landmine deadlift is ideal for someone progressing from a KB deadlift or wanting to revisit/ improve on their hip hinge patterning
Need a goal to stride for! . Looking for suggestions, people said try crossfit, do a triathlon, do a show... what do you reckon?
Trying to hang on to the weekend like . This weekend I wasn’t more than 10 meters away from this little legend
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