Seb Stan fan account. Daily updates. But first, who the hell is Bucky?

#Repost @destroyermovie with @get_repost ・・・ It’s all a part of the plan. Don’t miss @imsebastianstan as Chris in #DestroyerMovie , in select theaters December 25.
I’m living the dream. Pt 2 ♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️ #ccxp2018
I’m living the dream. Pt 1. ♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍♥️😍 #ccxp2018
In love ♥️ #ccxp2018 Hiiiiii This gift is for you. It was made by me and by a lot of your fans all around the world. Aww thank you (smiling) “There’s letters, messages and arts.” “Thank you” He put in some safe place and You’re too sweet. (Smiling and hugging me) Than we were about to pose for the photo and me: “Can we try something like this?” Showing him a picture) he: “Sorry, I can’t pick you up” (sad face) “No problem at all. That’s fine” “But we can make a pose like this” And he started to tell me what to do. Me: “Sure. That’s great” Than we hugged again. thank you and bye
More about yesterday 😍😍😍
Who knows that song Gorgeous by Tay Swift? I want to sing for him. Hahahahaha ♥️
I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOO. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I CANT BELIEVE THIS DAY. Seb in front of me. Grabbing my hand a few times. I can’t explain what I’m feeling. You guys have to know that the first time I saw him I cried a lot when he left. Like an ocean. Than I was fine. Now I know that I won’t die to tomorrow after the photo op (maybe???) (these are my personal photos) #ccxp2018
Ladies and gentlemen... Here’s A FAN LETTER PROJECT. ♥️ A project. Made by so many amazing people from all around the word. I’ve started this since not everyone had/have the opportunity to meet the one and only Sebastian Stan. It will be handed to him in a few days and this is a way to make every fan feeling close to him. In every letter, message and fan art I could feel all the love and positive energy. Obviously I didn’t read the letters and the fan arts totally brought me to tears. There’s absolutely so much love involved. ♥️ THIS IS OUR! Thank you all. This Saturday Seb will receive this amazing gift. I’m going to add some amazing Brazilian dessert 😋 Brigadeiro, you know? I love it! 🥳
New/Old BTS from Monday! (via @i.heart.sebastianstan ! / @yawchannel / @sorotinho )
What a crew!!!!! #monday (via @argyburgy ~ tks for sharing )
We didn’t know we needed it until this moment. (via @evedove insta story @supermakis @yawchannel )
Desise Gough and @imsebastianstan printed a book with backstage pictures from the last three months in Greece and gave one to every crew member. THIS IS SO AMAZING 😍♥️👏🏻🎉 ・・・ We also we want to say thank you for always sharing backstage pictures with us. We are really looking forward to watch this awesome movie. Congrats to all of the cast and crew 👏🏻 ・・・ “Best #moviewrap gift ever! Amazingly talented and sweetest people on earth #desisegough and @imsebastianstan printed a book with backstage pictures from the last three months in Greece and gave one to every crew member. I know it’s gonna be really hard to not get very emotional when I flick through the pages and remember what all these hard working and fun loving people did for our film. Love and enormous respect to all the cast and crew of #mondaythemovie ” - @argyburgy
#Repost @sebastianstanfan ・・・ Sweet @imsebastianstan delivered a message from to all the attendees of @tokyocomicc from the set of Monday in Greece to apologise that he had to cancel. We now also discover that he’s filming a scene where Mickey ends up in jail??? 😱 . Here is the transcript of what he said: . “Konichiwa! So as you can tell, I am filming a scene in jail. I’m not really in jail - it’s a jail scene. And so, I am not able to be there for Tokyo Comic Con. I’m very sad about that because I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and I’m still working on making that happen. So hopefully, 2019, I will get to meet all of you guys in Japan, and I am working on that and I can’t wait. So I miss you all! Almost got it - but we’re gonna make it happen soon. Lots of love from Greece.” . 🎥: @/tetsuko86 on twitter . #sebastianstan #sebastianstanfan #mondaythemovie #captainamerica #buckybarnes #wintersoldier #marvel #mcu #infintywar #avengers #actor #tokyo #tokyocomiccon #comiccon #convention #ssfanmovies #ssfanconventions
Do you want more still from @destroyermovie ? Take this. (via @sebstanforyou )
The hat. That hat. Iconic.
#Repost @chrysanthospanas ・・・ ❄️Cold outside, so hot inside surrounded by so much talent!💥 Sebastian Stan @imsebastianstan #DeniseGough @yorgos_pirpassopoulos #Athens #AthensRevival #Greece
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#Repost @aarontoney_action ・・・ #tbt #bts with @imsebastianstan and the gang. Couple of Ironmans, and a couple of Buckys. Fun fact: Mr. Daniel Stevens(On Seb’s right side) was one of the few first Iron Man Stunt performers for the first film, he’s also served as Huge Jackmans main double on the Wolverine films 💪🏾 #captainamericacivilwar With @gregrementer @danielstevens1 @jyou10 #captainamerica #stunts #ironman #blackpanther #roadtoinfinitywar #wintersoldier #marvel #mcu
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