#EVERLAST aka Whitey Ford

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Thanks. To. All.
Waiting on the weekend like....
One of my guilty pleasures in Texas is @whataburger Jalapeño cheeseburger ..... what’s wrong w this picture? 😂😂😂😂 I guess the singularity of jalapeño was literal in the sandwich title. 🤔
Doorbell cam at my house night the fire got our house. Thanks are not enough for these guys . God bless the firefighters . Rock Box in San Antonio tonight.
Getting back at it this weekend Texas here we come. #whiteyfordshouseofpain
Thankful to have my family safe and sound and start the rebuilding. “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans”
Rest in Power Stan Lee. Excelsior!!!!
Fuck it all it’s just stuff. As I said we were luckier than some the bones of my house are still there. We’ll have to gut her and start fresh. This kind of thing puts life right back into crystal clear perspective. 2 houses right by me are GONE completely. Thank you to all the firefighters out there still risking their lives to save people and homes you will never know how grateful we all are. Thanks to my neighbors who came out and helped me start to clean up. Funny how tragic events show you what great people you’re surrounded by. Thank you to ALL of you that sent positive thoughts and wishes it was helpful to know so many people were sending those vibes. Couple months we’ll@be back to normal hopefully. I look forward to getting back out and touring some more after the new year. Stay tuned. 📷 @mrseverlast
Ouch! This is gonna hurt. So massive thank you to all that sent positive vibes. My heartfelt thank you to the Firefighters that saved my neighborhood. We were very fortunate others lost much more than us. We and the others in our neighborhood will rebuild and keep it moving.
So that’s my house. Family is out and safe. As for the rest I am trying to stay hopeful but we’ll see.
Apologies for any inconvenience but the shit is hitting the fan at home.
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