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Writer, director, actor , producer, horseman,painter, hyper, loving parent, husband.

After he returned home RAMBO Would always volunteer for dangerous rescue missions, this one during a Lethal flash flood .. . #rambo5
I remember when we designed this for Rocky III… We wanted to make something very unique, and it was! We have identically duplicated them and they turned out perfect ..They will be gone soon so,GO FOR IT! @slystalloneshop
A very very sad day ... Producer ANDY VANYA , the man that Made Rambo happened, died today… LOVED this man’s courage - a pioneer. Believed In making FIRST BLOOD when no one else did.…This truly breaks my heart. Rip
Congratulations to my friend Manny Pacquiao and truly one of the greatest Fighters ever on his victory tonight! I hope he fights Mayweather next!!!!
Here with my friend Anthony William, The Originator of the Celery Juice Movement. If you guys haven’t checked out his new book Liver Rescue, it’s a life changer! @medicalmedium
I came across this incredibly rare footage from an old French documentary, when I was competing… There’s a very insightful moment when sons and fathers compete!! #polo
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Carl Weathers! Your performances were amazing! ... Besides being a great actor he is the BEST cinema boxer of ALL TIME ! Truly amazing , GRACE , POWER , and UNBELIEVABLY FAST!!!!! Never ever to be duplicated! Thank you my friend, never could have done it without you!!! ..... I have to admit I regret having Apollo passing away so soon. He was Irreplaceable...
After a lifetime of war all Rambo wants are days of peace ...Happy just to take a breath of freedom, to work his fathers ranch , to train horses , to live a meaningful life , To protect the only two people he still feels love for…fate has other plans. #rambo5
Every few days until the MOVIE comes out I’m going to post images from the upcoming RAMBO . See if you can follow along with the story using your imagination. All of the images that I post will be in black-and-white, but the film will be in dramatic color… #rambo5
I would like to thank the publishers of INDUSTRY magazine ...#industry magazine New Jersey
It’s a long road to reach your goals but it’s definitely worth the journey…
The last part , where SUPER TRAINER , Robert Salle , is trying very Hard to show The Raging Bull how to throw a big punch PROPERLY ... But in fairness You’re either BORN with speed or not. P S This is several years old folks #grudge match
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