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Writer, director, actor , producer, horseman,painter, hyper, loving parent, husband.

I think this is such an amazing picture. #rocky3 #creed2
Since I was walking down memory lane, this may be an incentive for some people. This was my entire world for at least three years ,an old infested 6’ x 6’ room in a flophouse hotel… I couldn’t afford to buy anything so everything in that room Was found on the street. An old hotplate, a little old oven, a lamp found in a trash can , A couple of old fake paintings,even the bed was from a dumpster. I am incredibly grateful for what I have today but this is how I started out. When I came to New York,a city of millions of people, I didn’t know one person. I stayed pretty much to myself and focused on what I wanted to achieve. I’m not stating this to feel sorry for myself , I am presenting it to you as an example of how you should never give up because you NEVER know what’s waiting around the corner in the journey of life!
I’ll never forget those hungry days When the world just seem to pass you by and never wave hello... Thank you everyone I count my blessings every day.
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Just finished a promo for the NFL to air this Thursday on Fox. Steelers versus the Panthers! #creed 2 #fox #nfl @foxsports
Keep punching till you can’t push anymore! #creed2
“ THE SKULLCRUSHER” Handle of the Rambo five “heart-stopper“ knife #Rambo 5
“THE HEART-STOPPER” Niolox.Stainless steel Rockwell Hardness Guard: Titanium Handle : Green Micarta on top of the handle is the brass fixture called the SKULLCRUSHER ( which will come in handy ) Designed by: Dietmar Pohl (Pohl Force Knives Germany). #dietmarpohl Unstoppable as you will see... Razor sharp ... super powerful ... most perfect design for battle EVER... you will see.
While we’re on the subject of matchups , who do you think would win in this battle ? Apollo Creed or his son Adonis ? EXPLAIN WHY ... #creed2 #thanksgiving #mgm #heart
Just for fun , who do you think would win , Rocky Balboa in his prime ,or Adonis Creed in his ? #creed2 #mgm #thanksgiving
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