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USPA 100kg/220lbs Div🇺🇸 ➖SWAT/Patrol/FTO🚨🚔🏋🏾‍♂️ ➖Powerlifter💪🏽 ➖Aspiring PL Coach ➖ARMY National Guardsmen ➖SIGMA MAN 🤟🏽

Got to love DELOAD WEEK with @whitney.sp ....Today on the menu 2X1 working up to RPE 8-9! 486 moved so fast (in my story) so I put on another 5kg! 497X1, should’ve moved better and I definitely know I can. My hips shot back and the bar rolled up my back😤! Never satisfied always trying to better my form! BUT I’ll take it though hitting this with the fatigue I have right now, means we trending in the right direction 🚀 . Telling everyone, if you need a coach, @ct_whitney is definitely the best IMO 🤷🏽‍♂️ . #whitneysp #strongaf #powerlifter #squats #squatsbooty #prbreaker #garagegym #gymmotivation #garagegymhustle #noquartersquats #myjourney #uspapower #uspaindiana #uspapowerlifting #uspaillinois #copsthatlift #bluelinebeasts #leoathlete #bluelinebeast
Sooo first non lifting post (yes I have somewhat of a life outside of lifting and working 😂🤦🏽‍♂️) Went to my first Murder Mystery party and had a blast(and i wasn’t even killed)! Let me introduce everyone to Pizzy Tankus AKA best guitarist in the country! FYI...I won best costume too 🙏😝
‼️CUT SOUND ON‼️One of my favorite superheroes stopped by today...I knew SHYT was going to get real when he took two scoops of @pr_breaker and hung up his cape!!! 237.5/523 for an easy double 💪🏽. . . @whitney.sp #powerlifter #powerlifting #whitneysp #deadlifts #superhero #batman #strongaf #prbreaker #materiapreworkout #garagegym #garagegymhustle #garagegymathlete #uspapower #uspaindiana #uspaillinois #uspapowerlifting
Just a little motivation....I started training to compete early 2017 and it’s been a long road! Rome wasn’t built in a day SO it’s all about being consistent day in and day out whether you want to lose weight OR get stronger! As my coach said @ct_whitney @whitney.sp...just keep chipping away and we will get to where we want to be! Don’t give up and keeping chipping away one pound at a time 💪🏽
End of week 5...I haven’t done Pause Squats in quite sometime. Had 4X3 on the menu, started at 352 and ended with 392X3 @7 (shown in video) rep PR. . . So I played around with squatting in flats and it felt better than I even thought it would! Might play around with it a little more since I felt my balance was better and my chest was more upright! ALSO, my second Squat session with @stoicgear and I must say I’m really impressed with them! The quality of the sleeves are really good, especially at that price point! These sleeves are MUCH MUCH easier to get on and off compared to my SBD ones. SO if you’re in the market for some new sleeves, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!!
Week 4....Deload week, one of the things I absolutely love about @whitney.sp programming is, I get to work up to a heavy RPE 8 during this week then he cuts my volume on my working sets!!! #genius . . . Anywho, I was supposed to just do 215kg/475X1 but in the video, I hit the back plate on my rack which completely screwed me 😤 So I did a second set to get a clean rep and it moved decently but definitely not in the RPE range I was supposed to stay in 🤷🏽‍♂️ BUT that @pr_breaker juice powered me through my sets 💪🏽🔥 @garagegymhustle #garagegym #uspapower #depthbeforedishonor #aintnoquarteringhere
Sumo deadlift progression ...trying to work on a more upright torso, pushing my knees out AND hooked grip (poor thumbs)! It’s slowly getting there, no pain in the hips and trying to be patient off the floor. Last set 397X5...sumo elites what y’all think?? #hookgrip #whitneysp #powerlifting #sumodeadlift #sumo #formoverweight
Just some bench accessory stuff..Close Grip Bench 4 sets of 5 at 100kg/220 with 30 lbs resistance mini bands.. 🔝 Over here just chasing the state bench records that’s all...USPA drug tested division record 150kg/330.7 (I’ll have that my next competition 💪🏽) The non drug tested division it’s 182.5kg/402.34 #trainingwithpurpose #garagegym @whitney.sp #whitneysp
Operation switch to sumo...might actually take place soon! Couple adjustments and these felt better than last week with no pain in my hips! 🙏These were after heavy squats 💪🏽🔥. ✔️3X5 at 375 lbs @6-6.5 ✔️453X1 @6.5 -7. Side note...definitely wasn’t supposed to be going that heavy (went off program 🤫) but I had to see if my form was actually good and NOT a placebo effect due to the weight being light..Got to keep working on my hip mobility though 💪🏽 don’t mind the horrible dancing at the end, I got pretty excited 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
🗣Free tip...If you’re looking for a solid squat and/or bench accessories or variations to add to your workout/programming or just want to change some stuff up...Try adding in some tempo work! Definitely isn’t for the weak hearted but the benefits/gainz you will see is WORTH IT!! My high bar squats (shown above ⬆️) looked so much better than my low bar squats 🤔. . . 3 seconds ⬇️, 1 second 🛑, THEN explode 💥☄️back up! @ct_whitney @whitney.sp with the wizardry 💪🏽 . ✔️high bar squats 3X5@ 330. ✔️bench press 3X5 at 231. #5starnutrition #goaldriven #depthbeforedishonor #prbreaker #materiapreworkout #prbreaker
First day of programming for my next competition...which equals VOLUME 😢😤🤮🤢damn safety straps too high 🙄. . I got goals that won’t be achieved without putting in that work! #noexcuses . . ✔️5 sets of 4 @363...w /AMRAP on the last set (shown in video) THEN 3x5 at 330 sumo deadlifts which I sucked at it, but I’ll get better though! . . . @whitney.sp @ct_whitney @virusintl @a7intl #powerlifter #heavylifting #beastmode #uspapowerlifting #garagegymmotivation #squats #sumodeadlift #garagegym #whitneysp #goaldriven #headdowngrinding #powerliftingcardio
Supposed to be letting my body rest before I start back programming with @whitney.sp on Monday BUT my boredom got the best of me today! Been itching to play on my new bench for awhile, 315X3 (rep PR) RPE 9! Not bad after competing less than 6 days ago AND my form is still locked in 💪🏽🔥, now let me get back on schedule 🙊🙉🙈 #whitneysp #benchpress #powerlifter #uspapowerlifting #copsthatlift #gymmotivation #garagegym #garagegymlife #bluelinebeasts #thinblueline
*MEET RECAP* my first @uspapower @uspaindiana meet went amazing, I switched to this federation to challenge myself and it did not disappoint!!! I finished 9 for 9 with PRs in every lift and left at least 10 lbs in the tank on every lift which still got me a 1st place🏅..I was called a sandbagger throughout the whole meet by the announcer 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ . ☑️ Squat 230kg/507lbs for 11 lbs meet PR! . ☑️Bench 152.5kg/336lbs 16 lbs meet PR . ☑️Deadlift 260kg/573lbs 11 lbs meet PR . ☑️Total 642.5kg/1413.5lbs MEET PR of 18.5kg 💪🏽🔥🙏 . . @ct_whitney @whitney.sp thank you so much for putting together an awesome plan for this meet! I have said this many of times but dude you’re a wizard with the programming because I didn’t think I’ll be this progressing this fast! ALSO, thank you @young_chiro for keeping my body from falling apart! You’re amazing 💪🏽 #whitneysp #powerlifter #uspapowerlifting #uspaindiana #copsthatlift #beastmode #heavylifting
The gym is 100% done! I legit can’t fit any other equipment in there which is an awesome thing for my pockets 🤦🏽‍♂️ I probably should’ve invested in stock from Rogue 😂😂 . . #cortscompound #garagegym #garagegymmotivation @garagegym @garagegymexperiment @garagegymlab @garagegymreviews @garagegymscom @roguefitness @garagegymreviews
Here’s the FINAL heavy squat day until my competition next week! 227.5kg/502 lbs! . . . It didn’t move how I wanted it to bc of the bar rolling up my back (got to keep working on that) but with all the built up fatigue from this peaking cycle I’ll take it! PLUS, it’s the most I have squatted in my life but I think i needed to get a little bit lower though 🤦🏽‍♂️💪🏽🤫🔥 #whitneysp #bluelinebeasts #bluelinebeasts #garagegymmotivation #strongaf #squats #virusintl #uspapower #powerlifting #heavylifting #sbdkneesleeves @ct_whitney @whitney.sp
Just a little fun at work...My SGT told me I couldn’t do 18 pull ups and was willing to put a case of my favorite beverage (sweet tea 😉😝), SO I had to take him up on his bet 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ Not bad since I weigh 220 lbs PLUS an additional 30+ lbs of gear on me! Next goal is to get 30 straight when they install the department pull up bar 💪🏽🔥#humanizethebadge #summertimefun #swatteam #swat #swatofficer #patrolofficer @thin_blue_line_athletics @bluelinebeasts @bluelinefit_ @bluelineflex @fitcops @leoathletepd @blueline_barbell_club
So finally my garage gym (Cort’s Compound) is basically 95% done! It’s a few more things I want to add but I’m in no rush to get them..I have to tell myself that every single day though 😂🤷🏽‍♂️🤫 Still probably one of the best investments I have made so far! Here’s what i have below ⬇️ if you want my thoughts of one of the pieces of equipment I have, just let me know. 🔹 Power rack Rogue RML-390F w/Matador accessory 🔹 Rogue Monster Utility Bench with a Competition Fat Pad 🔹 Rogue Echo Bike 🔹 Rogue Power bar and Texas Deadlift bar w/DIY platform . 🔹 Rogue Abram GHD 2.0 . 🔹 I used 3/4 in horse stall mats for the flooring. 🔹 Rogue Calibrated steel plates. 🔹 Rogue Curl Bar. @Roguefitness
Sometimes you have those days where you just have to push through....Today was one of those days! The last week before starting my PEAKING PHASE, so this will be my last video I post until my competition! 5 weeks out 💪🏽🤫 . 🔹Top set 518X1 RPE 7.5 🔹3X6 (last set shown) 440X6 #gymmotivation #noexcuses #whitneysp #deadlift #deadlifts #heavylifting #heavylifter #prbreakermateria #materiapreworkout #uspapower #uspaillinois #uspapowerlifting #garagegym #garagegymmotivation #bluelinebeasts #thinblueline #fitcops #strongaf #strongcops #cortscompound @whitney.sp
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