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Supernatural is ending after 15 Seasons and I'm not ok.... 😭😭 💔💔But I just wanna give a huge thank you to the creators, directors, cast and crew for an amazing show!!!! And I'd like to thank all of the fans that watch along with me to get it to 15 Seasons!!!! #spnfamily #castiel #samwinchester #deanwinchester #crowley
Welcome to my Funko Pop family Bucky!!!! #buckybarnes #jamesbuchananbuckybarnes
His glasses 💚 His hair 😍 That shirt 🔥 Those pants 🤤
Got a Rick T-shirt for Christmas! I was so sad but happy at the same time! :)
Got a More Than A Fan Marvel T-shirt for Christmas! 😍💚💙🖤❤️💯
New Funko pops I got for Christmas to add to my collection!!!! 😍❤️💚💯 Korg and Miek, Owen Grady, Blue, Indoraptor, Thor Ragnarok Loki, and 10 years of Marvel Golden Loki!
My Top Nine! Thank you all for your likes and comments! I'm so glad you love these 💚
The look you make when your sibling is getting yelled at by your mom or dad and you don't know what to do or when your at your friends house and their mom or dad starts yelling at them 😂
Bawled my eyes out tonight. Was confused, upset, and mad but overall thankful because without Rick Grimes who knows where this show would of went! 💔😭❤️💯 #thankyouandrewlincoln
Tom!!!! #coriolanus ❤️💯
Heimdall Edit!!!! #heimdall #heimdalledit
Can we just appreciate how good @renner4real is rocking this haircut!!!! #jeremyrenner #hawkeye #a4 #avengers4
Night! Here's a Tom Hiddleston photo edit! Have a wonderful night/day darlings! #tomhiddleston #tomhiddlestonedit
Found this earlier online and had to share.... So if you're having a bad day read this :) hope this helps
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