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You know I never really felt like I fit in. I used to think I was a strange kid. I was afraid to live. Afraid to speak up and express myself, but now I'm just like screw it. I don't even care anymore. Being different is cool and I wouldn't have it any other way. Today if you ask me who I am I'd say I'm an ODDPUNK. I'm not afraid to be myself even if I am a little odd. You gotta stand for something right? Why not stand for yourself? . . . . . #different #differentnotless #love #differentview #differentdimension #differentlook #differentcolors #differentperspective #differently #differentworld #differentangle #differentisbeautiful #differente #differentisgood #differents #differentiation #differentday #differentbreed #instagood #differentstyle #photography #fashion #instagram #ownit #style #art #ownyournature #beautiful
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Pray for Indonesia
Darkeness Before Dawn: I went through my own personal battles with social anxiety and would like to let anyone out there know who is struggling with mental health issues is that you are not broken. Times may get tough but there is hope for you. I feared negative evaluation, social events, and being in the spotlight, but over time things got better. I went through rough times but I am much stronger today and would not be half the person I am today if I didn't overcome social anxiety. I made anxiety my bitch and now it answers to me. I can proudly say that the way out of social anxiety is not to avoid social situations but to put yourself in as many scary situations as you can. Talk to strangers, say hi to people in the grocery store, smile at people as you walk down the street. Sounds crazy, but it worked for me. The key for me was to take baby steps. Each day I would challenge myself with a new mission. It was like a game to me. I also did some other things like meditation, reading books about anxiety, wearing flashy items to draw attention to myelf, working out, etc. I remember one time I spilled water in a restaurant just to see how people around me would react. Guess what happened? Nobody gave a shit! People looked for a second but after that no one cared. Half the battle is getting over your own sense of self importance. If you can do that you're halfway there.
Kids already a g
Anybody who is different is feared. Anybody who is not you is to be distrusted. Anybody who does not agree with your choices is to be hated. Anybody who does not agree with your choices is to be detested. Middle fingers up. Why is life like this? We are odd and misunderstood. We are young and reckless. We are fat, anorexic, acned, stuttering, crippled, scarred and damaged. We are underground artist, filmmakers, and rappers. We are skaters, punks, protesters. We don't fit in, but it's okay to be different. We know the truth. We are free.
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Cut me deep, cut me deep like surgery
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