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DC editor-- SVP 14/AE Cs6 Male-- He/Him pronouns #DC #EdwardNigma

Two red-headed dorks. - - Collaboration with a good friend of mine: @vclentini . Her part slayed, ngl. 🙏🙏 - - Ac: @jokeraudios Cc: crya.otiel Dt: @red_rose_blood
Dork squad - - Dt: @hrooxhraa @nygmoid.mp4 @gothamsmostwanted @mxriarty.fx - - Ac: ?? Cc: crya.otiel
Sorry, honey, but a man has his standers. - - Dt: @mxriarty.fx crypticshork cxnningham raposo.austin @hrooxhraa feltz4president @the.riddler - - Ac: @jokervidz Cc: crya.otiel
Chapter 7: A Mad Tea-Party - - Ac; me Cc: crya.otiel - - Dt: @edw____ @hrooxhraa
Oops, my finger slipped. - - Dt: @captivating.hd @mxriarty.fx @hrooxhraa @feltz4president @multimurmur @vclentini - - Ac: @kuteaudios Cc: crya.otiel
"They we're blaming each other for me..." - - Dt: @feltz4president @multimurmur @vclentini @crypticshork @captivating.hd @voidemrys - Ac: @deadaudio Cc: I forgot.
Enchantress is shook - - Ac/ib; @killarfrost . Dt: @hrooxhraa @cxnningham @feltz4president @captivating.hd @agamctto @multimurmur . Cc; crya.otiel
Iconic duo - - - Ac: ?? Cc: crya.otiel Dt; @captivating.hd @feltz4president @hrooxhraa
"Riddle me this: why didn't I stop when I was ahead?" - - Dt: @vclentini @hrooxhraa @feltz4president @kurtwxgner_ - - Cc: crya.otiel Ac: deadaudio
"Well, well, well, bat-something-or-other, isn't it? Who invited you? Do you know what happens to gate crashers? They have to match wits with the riddler." - - Cc: crya.otiel Ac; Crowleydaily
So often... So alone.. - - Comic: Batman: The Dark Knight 2 issue 12 - - Jonathan Crane - - Ac: sad_audios Cc: crya.otiel
Jonathan crane - Comic; Dark Victory, The long Halloween, The haunted Knight - - Dt: Scarecrow stans. Cc: crya.otiel Ac: I forgot
Jervis Tetch - - Dt: all tetch fans Ac: @kuteaudios Cc: crya.otiel (Sorry for brightness)