Nup The Cup Lunch

We are happy to announce another great awareness and fundraising event in April, bring family and friends and let us enjoy a cruelty-free brunch supporting the great work of @nsw.hen.rescue , @porschesrescue and A Poultry Place. Get your tickets now so you do not miss out: We will have delicious food, a raffle with amazing prices to win (donated by Vegan Psychologist Clare Mann, @wearenutie , Candles For Kindness and Frau Haus Design to name a few), pop up stands featuring @baeveganperfume , Treat Dreams and @12fifteen.candles ,table gifts kindly donated by @gingerbreadfolk , a kids corner supplied with Gentle Heart Publishing reading material and lots of other surprises. We look forward to seeing you there! #fundraiser #awareness #easter #easterbrunch #vegan #crueltyfree #egglesseasterbrunch #ditchdairy #ditcheggs
A big big thank you to you all from my heart for a fantastic event yesterday! Thank you to those who were there and proved that you can have a good time and be glamourous without hurting others (be it racehorses or any other beings by leaving them off your plate). Thank you to those who wanted to be there and missed out on a ticket, you proved that this event was necessary and just a start for bigger things in the future.Thank you to @bodhirestaurantbar for making this event perfect!!! Thank you to those who contributed with generous raffle donations! Thank you to those who were there in spirit and nupped to the cup on social media and everywhere else, every voice against this cruel stupidity of horseracing needs to be heard loudly. We won’t change the fact that another beautiful soul has lost his life in the most cruel way yesterday but we have to fight against the way these beings are treated in the future and we all need to do our bit. Each of you involved in the Nup the Cup Lunch yesterday have helped me to raise $3120 which will all go to the three chosen sanctuaries with ex-racehorses. You have spread kindness instead of supporting cruelty, thank you so much for that! Feel free to share your photos of the day and #nupthecup and #nupthecuplunch and tell your friends and collegues about it, this lunch was just a start! Thank you all 🙏 #nupthecup #nupthecuplunch #nupthecuplunchsydney #horseracingkills #youbettheydie #melbournecup #nuptothecup #horses #lovehorsesnotraces #bekindtoeverykind #animalsarenotforentertainment
We are ready to say nup to the cup today. Looking forward to our Nup the Cup Lunch, Elva and I are thrilled to welcome 150 guests in a few hours time who will be supporting ex-racehorses with us rather than the cruel horseracing industry and its evil gambling brother. #nupthecuplunch #horseracingkills #nuptothecup #melbournecup #flowercrown #springcarnival #bekindtoanykind #horses #racehorses #youbettheydie #50centbullettotheirhead #crueltyfree #veganbaby
We have got a last minute donation from @treat.dreams for our raffle tomorrow, a voucher for a chocolate making class calued at $140 including treats and champagne 🍾 Thanks so much! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!!!
Featured here are two recipients of the donations raised through the Nup the Cup Lunch, Lucky Lago and Didge. Lucky Lago was rescued from slaughter as a 2 year old as his trainer deemed him no good. He had been purchased for $40k as a yearling. Didge, short for Digitise, is a 20 year old retired horse who had an unsuccessful racing career of three starts then became a ridden horse and has back problems as a result. Didge is the horse with the white face markings. They are now loved and cared for and free from harm, let’s support the wonderful people that took them in so they can be someone not something. Photos are a courtesy of @littleoaksanctuary #nupthecuplunchsydney #nupthecuplunch #melbournecup #nuptothecup #horseracing #horseracingkills #vegan #lovehorsesnotraces
Have you got your flower crowns and tickets ready for the Nup the Cup Lunch? If you feel like you don’t need a flower crown but change your mind on the day we’ll have you covered with our flower crown stall onsite. We look forward to celebrating horses not races with you on the day and raising funds for ex-racehorses with a raffle rather than a sweep. #nupthecuplunchsydney #nupthecuplunch #melbournecup #nuptothecup #horseracing #horseracingkills #vegan #flowercrowns #lovehorsesnotraces
The third of our pop up stores on the day is @deliciousskin. Delicious Skin is a new era of nourishing, luxurious and kind skincare. They use ingredients that naturally nourish your skin. No fillers, no fragrances and no chemicals. The products are more concentrated, beneficial and last longer than many other skincare ranges. Delicious skin is cruelty free, vegan, palm oil free and eco friendly skincare. A range of products filled with rich botanical extracts, beautiful scents and whole plant based ingredients. We look forward to seeing you all soon!!! Photos are copyright of Delicious Skin. #nupthecuplunchsydney #nupthecuplunch #melbournecup #nuptothecup #horseracing #horseracingkills #vegan
One of the three pop up stores on the day will be @i_am_jika. Jika is an artisan jewellery and sculpture brand based in Robertson, NSW. Each Jika piece is hand made from 100% recycled and sustainably sourced in their 100% vegan studio, on 34 acres of tall eucalyptus forest in the Southern Highlands, using traditional techniques and sustainable processes, inspired by nature, myth, dream, tradition and ritual. Jika’s mission is to create wearable art and sculpture that facilitate a conversation between the inner and the outer - and affirms the body as sacred. Photos are courtesy of. Jika. #nupthecuplunchsydney #nupthecuplunch #melbournecup #nuptothecup #horseracing #horseracingkills #vegan #jewellery
Along with the flower crowns for sale on the day, there will be three pop up stores. One of them is @maisonblancheau who produce natural and plant-based home fragrance of the finest quality such as candles, diffusers and hand lotions, all meticulously designed and handmade in Sydney. We look forward to seeing you all soon! Photos are courtesy of Maison Blanche. #nupthecuplunchsydney #nupthecuplunch #melbournecup #nuptothecup #horseracing #horseracingkills #vegan