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Double tap to wish them marital bliss... #ficadera2018 @queenimmaculata @ficasej
Fine wine #ficadera2018 #stew
Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife. Please give it up for King FICA who sealed it up with his Queen Dera traditionally.
Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.. #ficadera2018 glammed in style.. Congrats to them..
That dance when you realise you found your sister...Ebere your lover!!! #vineb18 issa goal.
Yea, so swept away!!! Love is beautiful.. @ruzoma_artistry @nufxmedia was present..
The bride & her maidens... Beauty personified..... @nufxmedia shot it
You may now kiss your bride... Still on #vineb18 @nufxmedia
See how it went down. We wish them a lovely marriage.. #vineb18
Its a 10-day countdown to #vineb2018 We can't wait... Congrats to them!!
Happy independence day to all proud Nigerians... Naija will be great!!
In a class of ours.. #dope #photography
The yellow color is synonymous with warmth, happiness, fun & friendship.. For us this picture symbolizes all plus Power.
That feeling when you realise its the day you take your bride home... Congrats to Uchenna & Blessing..
And the bride steps in & in all splendour... #nufxmedia
The lovely ones, the fine ones, ndi Maramma, in summary, meet the Mammah's. @nufxmedia we bring out the beauty inside. Shout out to them..
Family's always going to be there, other things material come & go.. Don't they look Awesome?? Meanwhile, the look on the young man's face though...
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