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So I just found out that @americanpolicebeat ran an article on my #FITFORDUTY workout. I had no idea they were doing this and although the event wasn’t done for recognition, it’s still pretty cool. . The unfortunate truth is this workout caused me more stress on the back end than anything. To be honest any attention I get is almost not even worth the headaches and anxiety to follow. So no... I don’t do this stuff for the attention as some people have said. . I want to help people. It’s why I became a cop and it’s why I chose to start this account. I’m beyond grateful that the positive feedback far outweighs the negative, but no matter how positive we are every once and a while we let the negativity get to us. It’s bound to happen. . Stay positive people! Don’t let people’s negativity bring you down. Keep the ball rollin! . #nyc #thinblueline #backtheblue #police #cops #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #neversettle
It’s been a process for sure, but I’m moving in the right direction. Training is getting back to where I’d like it to be. . Super thankful to have the @1stphorm crew in my corner through this process. Some of their products that have been very beneficial to my healing and maintaining muscle tissue throughout this process are: Anabolic bridge BCAA Level-1 shakes Post workout stack Hair skin and nails Full mega Micro-factor Let me know if you guys have any questions, and the link in my bio is for free shipping and 110% money back guarantee. . #NEVERSETTLE #IAM1STPHORM
@kennychesney and @olddominionmusic never disappoint. . Great time with some of the best people I know. . Keep a tight circle full of amazing people that encourage each other to be great. . @richbakerrealestate @elisacbaker @052_jd @elester9 @pepsi @nashfm947
This arm is going to grow.... I’m finally able to start training hard on it again, but that snapping sound is in the back of my mind with every rep.... . Train smart everyone. Warm up properly and concentrate on the muscle you’re training and what movements that muscle is responsible for. . Happy Friday guys. Have a safe weekend. . 📸 @theptboss . #flexfriday #armday #pump #1stphorm #legionofboom #neversettle
Go take your top off and get lost... it makes for some of the best days. . 😎 @gargoyleseyewear #JEEPLIFE
NEW FLAVORS!!! If you were at summer smash, you know how good they are.... I’m personally VERY excited about this new megawatt flavor. (I’m actually taking it as I type this...) . Check out the link in my bio for free shipping and 110% money back guarantee on all @1stphorm products! . #IAM1STPHORM
You can’t control what goes on around you. Especially in our line of work where the “chaos” could mean the absolute worst. You can only prepare for those moments, making every training session absolute chaos. In doing so, people will call you crazy and obsessed... until they need some one that has prepared for that moment of chaos... . Embrace the chaos. . Stay safe Stay strong Stay successful Stay alive . #THINBLUELINE #IAM1STPHORM #NEVERSETTLE #NYC #BACKTHEBLUE #POLICE #FITNESS #MOTIVATION #FIRNESSMOTIVATION #1STPHORM #FITSPO #INSPIRE #INSPIRATION
New week starts tomorrow! Don’t be complacent, don’t settle for average or just getting by. Demand more of yourself and run with people that do the same. . Dominate this week and don’t skip leg day! 😝 . Check out my link for free shipping and 110% money back guarantee on all @1stphorm products. Legs with @youngmusclestl 🎥 by @tylerhaegele . #IAM1STPHORM #LEGIONOFBOOM #FITNESS #LEGDAY #THINBLUELINE #NYC
Today did not suck.... . THANK YOU to everyone that came by to say hi and kick it with the @1stphorm crew! . #NYC #IAM1STPHORM #1STPHORM #NEVERSETTLE #NEWYORKCITY
It’s been a long road since surgery.... As most of you know, eight months ago I had my left biceps tendon drilled back into my arm after I ruptured it back in late December. I was pretty much sidelined from any upper body training for about six months. (As you can see in the photo on the left.) I’ve been hitting the gym harder each week for the last couple months which I’ve been quiet about because progress has been much slower than I’d like, but just know I’m in that gym every day no matter how discouraged I get, or how painful it is. . So no matter how discouraged you are or get, keep showing up and doing the work. Stay on track with your nutrition and supplements. I promise it will pay off in the end. This whole fitness thing is a process and doesn’t happen over night. It took me over twenty years to get where I was and there’s no telling how long it will take me to get back there, but I know I’m moving in the right direction. Let’s keep that ball rolling, let’s get better together. Keep killing it guys. NO MATTER WHAT. . (February 26 at 205lbs - August 8 at 212lbs) . Any questions about @1stphorm Supplements, let me know or click the link in my bio for free shipping and 110% money back guarantee. . #NEVERSETTLE #PROGRESS #WORK #MOTIVATION #IAM1STPHORM #1STPHORM #HEALTH
I’m not sure what clicked in me one day, but it was a few years ago now. I wanted more out of life. I was tired of being complacent. I wanted to improve my life while having a positive influence on society. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to break stereotypes, build relationships and help change people’s lives. . It’s a work in progress and I still have a very long way to go, but I like where I am now a lot more than where I was a few years back. . Thank you guys for all of the help, love and support along the way. . 📸 from @makeawishamerica @makeawishmetrony Gala #GRATEFUL #NEVERSETTLE #NYC #STL #THINBLUELINE #BACKTHEBLUE #TEXAS #FITNESS
Have a meal with you any time and anywhere. I usually have this packed in my patrol bag, but last weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to make a trip to the beach for a couple days and my level-1 protein from @1stphorm was one of the first things I packed. . Let me know if you guys have any questions and the link in my bio is for free shipping and 110% money back guarantee. . #IAM1STPHORM
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