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Missing home. Missing our animals and our garden, our teas, and all of the plant medicine that surrounds us. When we travel, I try to create a space that feels familiar by planting mini herb gardens in the window sill, I bring sprouting jars, I make tinctures and continue our morning tea time. But the truth is after a while you just crave the comfort of being in your space, and today is one of those days for me. How do you take home with you when you’re away? And Mamas, what are some of things you do to create a familiar space for your minis?
I can’t help it. All I want to do is take pictures of this guy. Can you blame me? Two of my favs in one photo #mcm 🖤🌻 🖤
GOOD Morning! As most of you already know every Sunday I donate my social media to my @yearsofliving team to talk about carbon pricing! This week's post comes from Rose Thompson, a student at Seattle University. The ballot initiative in Washington State would be the first carbon fee in the U.S., so we are doing everything we possibly can to win in November! Yes!!! Get involved!!!!!! “The past couple summers in Washington, I’ve stepped outside my home for weeks on end, only to be able to see a rough outline of a nearby hill due to the choking smoke from wildfires. A nurse walked into the coffee shop I work at expressing just how many patients were coming into the hospital due to smoke-related illnesses. We live in a society where it appears every choice we make is a choice between environmental sustainability and economic growth. According to economists, enacting a carbon price would be the single most effective way at both a local and global level for countries to significantly reduce their carbon emissions. That is why I'm so excited about Initiative 1631 in Washington State, which will be on the November ballot. I-1631 would hold polluters accountable by requiring them to pay for every ton of carbon pollution they emit; the money raised will support a just transition to clean energy. This would be a HUGE step towards cleaner air and water and a healthier world for generations to come. As a fellow working with Our Climate, we are working to reach out to as many people as possible, to help those who are unsure or uneducated about initiative 1631 understand why we are saying “yes” to clean energy and “no” to fossil fuels. We are the younger generation, the ones who will have to deal with the devastating impacts of human-caused climate change for years to come, the ones who will breathe less easy, worry about how much clean water is left and wonder which forest is next to burn down. Please do your part and say yes to #PutAPriceOnIt , and volunteer to help pass I-1631 at”
If you ever find yourself in Manhattan or Sedona, please do yourself a favor and visit @thechaispot . I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Khalida and David, listening to the story of how they met and what inspired them to create this space. Over a cup of chai, we shared stories on human connection and love conquering all, while Khalida opened up about growing up in Pakistan and falling in love with David in America. I was so deeply moved by their vision for this space, and the fact that they donate 50% of all the proceeds to building schools for children in Pakistan. Thank you for an amazing evening filled with music, love and the gift that you two are.
For the past 5 years we have worked with @connecther for the Girls Impact the World Film festival to help young female filmmakers around the world tell stories about the disproportionate affect environmental issues have on women. We’ve watched these young filmmakers turn into activists through their storytelling, and witnessed the profound impact their films have had in their communities around the world. Tonight we had the chance to spend a truly spectacular evening benefiting @isfofficial and @connecther with some incredible supporters of both the film festival and my husband’s foundation. Thank you to everyone who traveled to spend the evening here with us. And to the beautiful @thechaispotnyc for hosting us on such a special night.
Last night was too fun! Sharing this stage with such a talented group while being directed by the legendary Academy Award-winning Bobby Moresco in a play that rocked me to my core... What an honor it was to say those words out loud, to live them for two hours on a stage in front of such an amazing audience all benefitting @cultureproject_ highlighting some very relevant issues we are facing today. Women Center Stage is Culture Project’s on going initiative focusing on human rights, gender and racial equality, and the freedom of artistic expression.
How do you stack your @bayouwithlove ? All of our new Classic Collection is 18k gold recovered from recycled @dell tech, with cultivated diamonds grown above ground locally using solar energy to guarantee they are 100% conflict free. I love adding these pieces to my story. Wearing things that look good but also feel good, that’s where it’s at!
Rehearsing a play I hope you all get the chance to see someday. So powerful. So relatable. So relevant. And yes, that is the legendary Bobby Moresco directing us. Pinch me 🙈
We have a very cool announcement coming your way so stay tuned! A special Bayou With Love + Earth and Element collaboration you won’t want to miss. We are two women run, owned and operated companies who have a passion for helping other American brands run a sustainable and ethical company. We want to highlight female founded companies that make sustainable and ethical production a priority, while creating great products as a result. Don’t you think it would be nice to have...a shop in Los Angeles? A place for you to come experience this for yourself? See our @bayouwithlove pieces, get to know @earthandelement pottery while discovering new brands? Would you come?
When your rescue babies have babies. What a sweet surprise. Can’t wait to kiss this dude again. Thank you to the amazing Diane Warren Foundation for loving on all of our rescue kids and her incredible rescue partner Denise for being such a badass and picking up the phone every time there’s an animal in need. Doing this together was as rewarding as it was challenging and these guys are just the icing on the already sweet cake. @boochaces we’re thinking about you.
Happy Sunday Mamas! 🍼 milk break #14monthsandnursingwithteeth
Our braided band from the new @bayouwithlove Classic Collection is definitely one of my favorite pieces. All of our bridal is made with cultivated diamonds grown locally above ground using solar energy, making them 100% guaranteed conflict free made entirely with gold from recycled tech. Our Bridal can be stacked and worn with any piece that adds to your story, it doesn’t have to be worn on “that finger”! Thank you for the encouragement and excitement as we enter into this very special chapter over at Bayou.
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