Keyboards - Cory Henry/Funk Apostles/Lauryn Hill/Bootsy Collins/Knower/Meg Mac/Gabriel Garzon Montano/Liv Warfield

Hey y’all, I wanted to let you know that I’ve started a new educational blog on my website (link in bio). The first blog called “Answering the ‘What to Practice’ Question” is up and running. Check it out and throw me your comments and questions!! (📷 - )
New Year’s Shred. #coryhenry #funkapostles #denver
🎵 🎵 🎵 📷-@patshamus
Headed into 2019 like.....📷-@patshamus
Me + Lockett + Electricity #synthlife #electronique
A quick recap of day one of this mini Colorado run with @coryhenry and the #Funk Apostles....enjoy!
Current pedal setup: @strymonengineering Zuma (power) and Blue Sky (reverb) @redpandalab Tensor (glitch) and Remote 4 (glitch controller) @_mwfx_ Judder (more glitch) @earthquakerdev Hoof (fuzz/rock power)
Just got the @_mwfx_ “Mini Judder” as a Xmas present to myself....check it out! @yamahasynths_official #gearybusey #yamahareface #judder #onehandedxmastunes #isoundbetterwithasustainpedal
Here’s a highlight reel of my weekend trip to Thailand with @knower_music ! #shredcity #synthlord #funblast
Small clip of me making a piano sample do some strange things....this board is incredible! @dsisequential is the best...
Arena power stance. #coryhenry #funkapostles 📷-@patshamus
And now, I come home.....see you in about 12 hours, USA!!! (I have 8 days off, so hit me up if you’re interested in Skype lessons!!!) 📷-@tarona
DublinHotelVibes X NickSemrad #op1andchill #op1 #teenageengineering
It’s a dream come true to be playing music that I helped write to an arena crowd. Thanks to the ex-boss lady #LaurynHill for letting the #FunkApostles support her on this Euro run. Up next, Glasgow!! #coryhenry
Synth toughness with @knower_music. #synthlife
This @knower_music mini tour was super inspiring for me. From the moment I moved to LA, it was a dream and a mission of mine to try and play with Louis and Genevieve; however, I don’t think I could’ve known how absolutely inspiring it would be. These 2 have the work ethic of Kobe and Jordan, and are both an absolute joy to be around. Along with the incredible musicianship of @jacobmannmusic and @pettergrinchenolofsson and one of the best tour moms around in @rosannafreedman , this was one of the most fun weeks I’ve had in years. Now, I’m headed from one inspiring tour to another (after a few long flights from Italy to the US)....see you TONIGHT, Atlanta, with @coryhenry and the #FunkApostles !!! #tourlife #ineedanap
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