Keyboards - Cory Henry/Funk Apostles/Lauryn Hill/Bootsy Collins/Knower/Meg Mac/Gabriel Garzon Montano/Liv Warfield

Synth toughness with @knower_music. #synthlife
This @knower_music mini tour was super inspiring for me. From the moment I moved to LA, it was a dream and a mission of mine to try and play with Louis and Genevieve; however, I don’t think I could’ve known how absolutely inspiring it would be. These 2 have the work ethic of Kobe and Jordan, and are both an absolute joy to be around. Along with the incredible musicianship of @jacobmannmusic and @pettergrinchenolofsson and one of the best tour moms around in @rosannafreedman , this was one of the most fun weeks I’ve had in years. Now, I’m headed from one inspiring tour to another (after a few long flights from Italy to the US)....see you TONIGHT, Atlanta, with @coryhenry and the #FunkApostles !!! #tourlife #ineedanap
Synth-life with @knower_music tonight in Lausanne 📷-@teodordumi
This @knower_music tour has been absolute rowdiness...good lord. Next up, Saint Herblain!!! #knower
Tour with these geniuses starts today. So hyped to play these tunes with @knower_music !!!! #synthlife #nerdpower
One more show tonight in Buffalo with the #funkapostles before I head out for a bit with @knower_music. So much good music going on! #coryhenry 📷-@matt_dangelo
I had an absolute blast filming this video for the new @dsisequential #ProphetXL . Check the link in my bio for the full video, and shoutout to @domi_keys , @peterkeys88 , and @glasysmusic for crushing it as well! #davesmithinstruments #sequential #synthnerdery #synth #gearybusey
This is a short example of how I combine descending/ascending bass lines with a melody to create re-harmonization. I exemplify this with a clip of one of my philosophical/intellectual heroes @ericrweinstein showing off his mandolin skills. (PS - I have a day off from tour tomorrow and will be teaching Skype lessons, so message me for pricing/availability. Thanks y’all! #ericweinstein #idw #yamahasynths #reharm
I think this counts as jazz. Thanks, Boston, we had a blast! #coryhenry #funkapostles 📷- @huberjonathan
Just a little bit of piano last night in Lancaster, PA. #coryhenry #funkapostles #yamahasynth @yamahasynths_official 📷- @e_sharp_90
Always great to see the legends @parrisbowens and @jamespoyser at a much great music has come from these two gentlemen!!! #keyboard #heroes #InsertOreoJokeHere
I have a new battle station for this tour, y’all. @dsisequential #prophetX @yamahasynths_official #yamahamontage
In 2 days, I head out for about 2 months of tour with 2 of my favorite bands on the planet. I’ll be starting and ending with @coryhenry and the #thefunkapostles and I’ll do a few weeks of European @knower_music shows in the middle. This is going to be epic. #SynthExplosion
Got to meet one of my absolute fave musicians of all time last weekend (and spoke with him about working together in the future)....the legend @vanhunt !!! I still remember the first time I heard “Out Of the Sky” when I still lived in Lincoln....the part at the end where the horn stabs come in and about ended my life. Then, a few years ago, he releases “The Fun Rises, The Fun Sets” which has influenced almost everything I’ve done since I heard it. This man is an absolute legend and I’m excited to possibly make some music with him!!! Thanks to the man @darujones for dragging him out of the house :-)!!! #vanhunt #thebest
Many folks hit me up to ask me what I’m listening to or currently inspired by. Therefore, I decided to start curating a monthly playlist of what I’m listening to. Follow my new artist page on Spotify to join this playlist, and while you’re there, check out my new beat-tape ;-)
#Repost @yamahasynths_official ・・・ “It makes it super easy to do a lot of really creative things and it makes it super easy to be really unique.” Keyboardist, composer and producer @nicholastsemrad is always on the forefront of sound design. He holds a deep passion for finding unorthodox ways to navigate through the sonic spectrum, and his work with Yamaha is driven by this passion. We recently checked in with Nicholas and his new Yamaha MODX7 at his home in LA. Click the link in the bio to check out the full video feature. #YamahaSynths #YamahaMODX #NicholasSemrad #MODX #MODX7 #synth #synths #synthesizer #synthesizers #studio #yamahamontage #montage #keys #keyboardist #keyboardplayer #yamahasynth #yamaha
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