Neve Caffrey

Model, fitness instructor, food loving, matcha drinking 20 year old with way to much to say.💥.

BRINGING THE HEAT💥 @kardashoon making flames🔥🔥(she’s so freakin good I can’t get over it)
just a little black and white moment🌪 Photography @alexatexa Make up @kardashoon
Over 5 years later and there is no one else I trust to keep my hair icy other than Stef @raepeacockhairandbeauty 😇 keeping my hair in good condition is so important to me, for my hair to still shine like this after years of bleach is pretty amazing👩🏻‍🦳 I am also making a big shift to try and use all vegan/cruelty free hair products where I can, I am currently loving @mauimoisture and @Davines official for cruelty free goodies that are keeping my hair healthy! If anyone has any recommendations for vegan beauty and hair brands, let a girl know!🥰
layer up kids, it’s cold out there⛄️ shot by @martsferenc and styled by @georgina.challinor (Ps- this is actually and extremely accurate representation of me today literally wearing all the jackets)
say what? New new @mobfreshsupplyco coming super soon🔥🔥
*three plates deep at the breakfast buffet kind of girl* @thegleneagleshotel you never disappoint, this places is heavenly😇 Thank you for making @alix.edward and i’s time so relaxing and delicious (see stories for all the food)🥰 Special shout out to tc @tonkacadbury for making it happen, you da best da!!❤️
every angle of my face, incase you were wondering by @martsferenc and @georgina.challinor
Doesn’t everyone match their eyeshadow to their hat? @asterialuxemakeup is a gem, why can’t she make me glow everyday💞✨😍
just a little glam by the babe that is @asterialuxemakeup for @weareurbanbliss 💞
We see right through your funky hat... (same but diff cos this hat is cute) 🐼
I have been loving my training right now, I have dropped all pressure I put on myself to do this workout or that workout and I am just doing what I love, what I honestly feel like doing on that day. For many people they need a goal in mind to push them to get into the gym, right now for me as life gets busier I’m so happy just going in and doing what I enjoy with no pressure on trying to achieve a aesthetic or physical goal. If you are just trying to get yourself stared in working out/going to the gym or trying to build up the motivation to get back, try taking away the pressures, forget all the little things and tell yourself I will just get my body moving in what ever way you want to. I promise you that doing 30 minutes of something is 100x better that 30 minutes of nothing. Things are so often over complicated, the truth is that if you are being active in some way that’s amazing and that’s really that matters. Wearing all @gymsharkwomen 💦
Evening in Edinburgh with mumma and lots and lots of amazing food🤗 @thrivecafebar this menu is almost completely vegan and seriously amazing, currently waited on my loaded fries and I’m pretty excited about it🍟 (ps- if you come the califlour wings are a must try!!)
Best kind of jobs are the ones where I get to wear trainers, hoodies and beanies. So really just how I dress everyday.🤷🏼‍♀️comfy always for @ellesseuk @ellesseheritage
🌎🌻🍃🐝🌊 @eastcoast.88
This mornings leg session created by @nevfit_ followed by a very small set of abs. I know I am by far the strongest however today I moved more weight than I thought I could and I felt stronger than I have in a very long time. Having someone to train with definitely gives you an extra push aswell! If you are struggling with motivation grab a friend, keep each other going and if you are in need of a good leg burner head to @nevfit_ page for full details!💦🍑
‘You are absolutely gorgeous and that’s the least interesting thing about you’ I stumbled across this quote shared by @uhnonee after a week of bad body image, tearing myself apart when I looked in my mirror, generally being negative and doing everything I would tell others not too. This quote came to me at the right time, very simply there is loads of amazing things about us and our appearance is the last of all of them. My negativity thoughts are not fact, there is no evidence to back them up, they are just that, thoughts. However what I know is true is that I have so much more to me than what is seen on the outside, and all that is so much more important anyway. Not every week is a high but I know this will pass and next week will be better. Ps these photos are so raw, no hair, no make ,nothing to hide behind. Just me ☄️@martsferenc and @georgina.challinor thank you for allowing me to be me❤️ (is this my Instagram or my personal diary?)
Back to basics🌚 with wonderful ladies @martsferenc and @georgina.challinor
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