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Mileven fans, I see you, I love you and I got this pic from @sarahhindsgaul
Blessing you with the gift of @kjapa photobomb gifs for all your insta story needs.
Stop me if you heard this one: A warlock and a mortal take over the @sabrinanetflix account. @gavinleatherwood today. @jaz_sinclair tomorrow.
WE DON’T NEED A REASON TO TORmen t mor tal b.... oys.... (📸 @damon_baker )
Attention, class, for today’s lesson we’ll be watching the official trailer for @AlfonsoCuaron ’s ROMA. On a loop. Indefinitely.
Thank you, Stan. (via @nxonnetflix )
the Holidays can be such a witch. Dec 14, @sabrinanetflix holiday episode
Me: Sunday Scaries aren’t a thing. @nxonnetflix : here’s a meme I made of @kiernanshipka Me: Sunday Scaries exist for the sole purpose of me posting this pic
Chilling Adventures of @chance_perdomo As He Takes Over @sabrinanetflix (happening now, btw)
Consider this your official notice that Sex and the City: The Movie is now streaming
When you’re so in love with a ship that you bring the actors back to iconic shooting locations just to capture some dope portraits. #omander (📸 by @hiclavero ) 🌈🌈🌈
Susie’s character and @lachrwatson ’s involvement in shaping Susie is certainly a step towards more inclusive LGBT representation — however there’s still a long way to go both on and off screen. @lachrwatson , @liv.hewson , @jacobtobia , and @shivaraichandani tell Hollywood #WhatIWishYouKnew about queer characters.
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