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Love the cute penguin top @luvkaramel made with the #cottonandsteel frost penguins print ❤️ #cottonandsteelfabric #nekonekofabric #japanesefabric
#Repost @cookiekhoo ・・・ Another look at the #twirlypearlie - the new pattern add on by @peachpatterns ! Check out the second pic for the twirl factor! Fabric from #cottonandsteel via @nekonekofabric ! #japanesefabric #nekonekofabric #cottonandsteelfabric #cottonandsteel
#Repost @soulshesews ・・・ #projectsoulshesews 1. Made some changes to the paper pattern of Bondi Dress. Love this length so that my thunder thighs can be covered 🤭 Good as a working dress too! The fabric is very light and breathable. I would love to make more of this Bondi in other Nani IRO fabrics! (sorry! Not ready to show my face yet 😂) Dress pattern: Bondi Dress from @tessutifabrics with abit of changes made Fabrics: Nani IRO Fuccra Rakuen double gauze from @atelier_to_nani_iro purchased from a lovely local fabrics store @nekonekofabric #nekonekofabric #japanesefabric #naniirofabric #naniiro
#Repost @makegood.madegoods ・・・ My second #sundaysews make: #weekendwrapdress made in #naniiro cotton lawn that I wore for our #weddinganniversarydinner last week! Swipe to see a special detail of the dress: I decided to leave the selvedge on because I love that uneven band of white at the bottom and kept the words at the back hem of the dress because it’s handmade! This dress was supposed to be worn for #cny but I changed my mind in case my relatives would faint when they see black on the first day of CNY 😅 . #nekonekofabric #japanesefabric #naniirofabric #kokkafabric #leinani
#Repost @limbksews with @get_repost ・・・ Oh boy, Am I glad when this test came along! It's always been such a headache every CNY, finding out ways to dress up the man. I can't every well be making him red t -shirts every year, can i? 😂 And I've my new fabric arriving at my door just in time; kokka paintbrush from @nekonekofabric 💥💥 TADAHHHH💥💥 Here's a classic mandarin coat shirt perfect for CNY n other semi formal functions. Yippee! @porcupinepatterns Fabric @nekonekofabric #porcupinepatterns #japanesefabric #nekonekofabric #kokkafabric
#Repost @japanesesewingbooks ・・・ Latest creation. The fabric was so stunning I made it super simple. Added two hooks to carry messenger style but DH has claimed it for his document bag. Looks like I'll need to make another for myself. Fabric available at @nekonekofabric. #japanesefabric #kokkafabric #nekonekofabric
#Repost @pocketful_of_rainbows88 ・・・ Tadah!!!! New foldable tote bag done just in time for start of beach vacation tomorrow 😎🌴🏖🌞 Fabric is kokka sea pebbles in blue from @nekonekofabric Pattern: Pelican Tote by @bagstockdesigns My modifications: * added recessed zip * added more internal pockets #japanesefabric #kokkafabric #nekonekofabric #seedesign
#Repost @threadinlove ・・・ It’s the birthday so I made myself a bag! Love the shape of it and even more so in #riflepapercofabric 😍 thank you for the bag pattern @verypurpleperson #reversiblebag #pdfpattern #memade fabric from @nekonekofabric #japanesefabric #nekonekofabric #riflepaperco #riflepapercofabric #cottonandsteel #cottonandsteelfabric
We have the new Kokka Paintbrush soft canvas in stock, in black, blue and light blue 💕 #japanesefabric #kokkafabric #nekonekofabric
#Repost @applelulucrafts ・・・ It’s been a while since we’ve been so enraptured by a Japanese fabric—the Kokka Tayutou Floral Canvas from @NekonekoFabric. In fact, this is actually the first Classic Lady Handbag that we made. The royal blue geometric trees against the striking orange red background made it chic yet oriental enough to be our perfect Chinese New Year new handbag. 🍊🍊 Well we’re still celebrating Christmas, but it’s never too early to start preparing! After we finished quilting the exterior, we felt that the hexagon blossoms really goes well with this effect. For the lining, we also went for a contrasting yet complimenting royal blue. In this version, we also made the chain longer at 110cm. So do you like the Hello Kitty or the Kokka Tayutou Classic Lady Handbag better? ☺️ It’s now available for advanced sewing workshops. #japanesefabric #kokkafabric #tayutou #nekonekofabric
#Repost @japanesesewingbooks ・・・ Somebody asked me yesterday what do I do with all the bags I make. Why, carry them all of course! Here's one from the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection from Atelier Farn 😆 I love the fact that it is one-of-a-kind and definitely a limited edition! Pattern from Liberty Print Arrange Bag by Minakawa Akemi but I tweaked the width to my liking because I found the original version too long. Once again I'm using the @kokkafabric Paintbrush canvas from @nekonekofabric The gunmetal handbag hardware in my stash was a perfect match! #japanesefabrics #kokka #kokkafabric #nekonekofabric
#Repost @applelulucrafts ・・・ We’re so excited to share our latest piece of work—the timeless Classic Lady Handbag. 💃🏻 Inspired by the book Liberty Print Bags by Minakawa Akemi, and with the help of a few very lovely people, we managed to crack this pattern just in time for the upcoming festive period! 🎄 It’s a very challenging sew but the result is satisfying. As always, we love to pass on what we’ve mastered so this is now available for advanced sewing workshops. As the accessories have to be sourced from overseas, you’ll need to make a pre-booking for this workshop. The first round of orders will close this Monday, 9am. Once the accessories arrive, we’ll arrange the workshop dates with you to ensure stock availability. So hurry and drop us a message today! Meanwhile, do check out the details of this version made in Hello Kitty and Bear Canvas Oxford from @nekonekofabric in these photos. We’ll also post a very exciting Chinese New Year version next. Stay tuned for it! And we hope you like our latest piece of work! 🍎❤️ #japanesefabric #nekonekofabric #hellokitty #hellokittyfabric #hellokittybag #hellokittylover #kiyoharafabrics
#Repost @limbksews ・・・ Needed new work pants desperately, cuz I've been outgrowing them! 😆😂 In Ponte, Designer stitch new pattern Harper works great! Worn with Synthia blouse also from DS, cotton + steel flutter rayon #japanesefabric #nekonekofabric #cottonandsteelfabric #cottonandsteel
#Repost @zoe.van.den.heuvel ・・・ Pompons and Nani Iro grace double gauze 🧡💗💙👌🏻 #naniiro #japanesefabric #nekonekofabric #kokkafabric #naniirofabric
#Repost @japanesesewingbooks ・・・ My daily bag for lugging all the kids stuff around, plus it's really soft and cozy and doubles up as a chair cushion when you mean back on it 🤣 This is a print by @erishimatsuka for @kokkafabric called Pikku Saari and it comes in a few different colorways but this gives me such a happy vibe that I use this almost everyday! When I first saw the fabric, I just had the thought that the lines will make it really easy for me to make it into my favorite quilted bag. So I did! #japanesefabric from @nekonekofabric #nekonekofabric #kokkafabric #pikkusaari
The Kokka Rayon Linen collection is one of our favourite, it's very soft and drapey, suitable for apparel❤️ #kokkafabric #japanesefabric #nekonekofabric #rayon #linen
#Repost @szesews - Kayo Horaguchi Botanical Garden Soft Canvas ・・・ It turned out well and fitted! Too excited with my 2nd #esthershort and the fabric that I purchased from @nekonekofabric. #nekonekofabric #kayohoraguchi #japanesefabric #kiyoharafabrics
#Repost @japanesesewingbooks - Kayo Aoyama Sketch Flower Ball Soft Canvas ・・・ New blog post on Sketch by @kayoaoyama (link in profile). Learn more about her fabrics and in particular, what a typewriter fabric is! #japanesefabrics #japanesefabric #sewjapan #kokkafabric #KOKKA #kayoaoyama #nekonekofabric #homedecorfabric #typewriterfabric
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