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If he ain’t looking at you like this, then what is he doing? Lol jk. My munchkin @_ministime_
✨TAG A FRIEND WHO LOVES DIY FOR LONG HAIR✨ Many of you voice your concerns about how some products that I show you are not sold internationally so I created this DIY deep conditioner. This is Chebe Powder from @sway_naturale and it’s used to grow long hair. I saw videos of how women use this to grow their hair long and I was amazed at how long their hair was (was past their butt). The only thing was , they left it in their hair and it was just no way I could leave it in mines but it does really good as a deep conditioner . I used Jamaican Black castor oil, coconut oil, Chebe powder and Shea Butter to create this deep conditioner. I started on dry hair and the reason I did this deep condition first is because I wanted to shampoo the Powder out my hair as it takes a few washes to cleanse out fully. Nonetheless, my hair felt amazing. I decided to do a braid out and my hair was so soft and manageable (tutorial coming on the braidout). I hope this helps some of you and I enjoyed the star of the show which was the Chebe Powder from @sway_naturale . . . . #naturalhairdoescare #4chairchicks #myhaircrush #teamnatural_ #teamnatural #naturallyshesdope  #berrycurly #kinkychicks  #protectivestyles  #voiceofhair  #naturalhairloves #respectmyhair  #unconditionedroots #afroliciouswomen #healthy_hair_journey #naturalhairstyles #hairnbeautydirectory #naturalhaircommunity #naturalhair #blackboldandnatural #naturalhairbloggers #essencemag #naturallycurly #naturalhairdreams #naturalgirlsrock #naturalhairspot
Hey Curls 👋 , when drenching your hair in @carolsdaughter CoCo Creme hair mask becomes a ritual. Have you tried any of the products from the @carolsdaughter CoCo creme line? How’s you like it?
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Last years picture. This ponytail held me down
There’s just something about this season that makes me happy. Even though Fall is my favorite season, I can appreciate all that Summer brings. What’s your favorite season? . . Used the @myafricanpride Moisture Miracle Leave In and 5 Essential Oils for this “blow dry” look. Check previous post for Instagram video.
✨TAG A FRIEND✨ Slot of you guys have been asking me how I stretch my hair. Sometimes, I stretch it by twistouts, braidouts, and etc but this is how I stretch my hair when I want to create a style of stretched hair or a “faux blow dry”. I can not stand the blow dryer on my kinks because my hair always end up feeling crunch and super duper dry, I have only blow dried my hair about 4 times since I been natural and hated each experience because no matter what I put on my hair to give Moisture, as soon as the heat touches it it becomes crunchy. . . For my faux blow dry I started on wet hair and used the @myafricanpride Moisture Miracle 5 essential Oils to oil my scalp and then my entire head. After, I used their Moisture Miracle Leave in . I didn’t use a styler because I’m stretching my hair for another style and when I’m about to start that style I’ll add a styler again. Also since this is a faux blow dry, I didn’t need or want any definition. . . Let me know what you do to stretch your hair. Also, Click the link in my bio for the full tutorial . . Song- Flavour ft. Diamond Platinumz- Time to Party . . . #naturalhairdoescare #4chairchicks #myhaircrush #teamnatural_ #teamnatural #naturallyshesdope  #berrycurly #kinkychicks  #protectivestyles  #voiceofhair  #naturalhairloves #respectmyhair  #unconditionedroots #afroliciouswomen #healthy_hair_journey #naturalhairstyles #hairnbeautydirectory #naturalhaircommunity #naturalhair #blackboldandnatural #naturalhairbloggers #essencemag #naturallycurly #naturalhairdreams #naturalgirlsrock #naturalhairspot
On the left is a 14 year old me. I just moved from Dc to Maryland into a new environment. I was excited to start school in a new location because they wouldn’t know how much I got teased at my old schools so I can start afresh. Little did I know I was walking into the same thing but worse. It’s started from literally the first day when (as usual) I had to correct the teacher on how to pronounce my name. Instantly everyone laughed and the teacher had to yell at them for laughing, this was not the attention that I wanted at all. As you can see my hair was breaking as well, my mom knew nothing about relaxers but refused to let me go to the salon. It was high school and I cared so much about my looks because I wanted to fit in but my mom could care less. I didn’t have the nice clothes, freshly done hair, money for makeup, and at that time I couldn’t wear jewelry because my mom didn’t let me (I didn’t even have my ears pierced). It was a very rough time in my life and high school was by far the worst 4 years of my life. . . On the right is 27 year old me. I still have some scars from back then but I am definitely grateful for those years. It taught me confidence, forgiveness, love and gave me strength. I have my own, I’m married to a loving husband, my natural hair is popping and my skin is glistening. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and I owe it to my past. . . It does get better and what you once hated will be what you’re grateful for. The lessons that hard times teaches us is what makes us better people. In the storm it seems so hard but I promise you, it gets better.
My husband makes sure that a smile is plastered on my face at all times even when he isn’t around 😌.
“Making my way downtown Walking fast, faces pass and I'm homebound” 🎼🎼🎤.
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