Nathaniel Feinstein

She was 11
Work birthday Spider-Manesque cake
I found this in Sarah's things. It made me happy. Then it made me sad.
Getting my Ghost of Christmas Future on
So, this happened, but I'm not really ready to talk about it. (But, go, me!)
Be a hero
Today in Bridgeton...
More Greenwich with what's-his-name
that time Stan Lee from Earth-1218 visited Earth-616
Thank you for the immeasurable joy you've brought me and so many others over the years.
Vicky was bolt upright behind the steering wheel, both hands plastered on the horn ring, her head swivelling wildly. From all around the children were coming. Some of them were laughing gaily. They held knives, hatchets, pipes, rocks, hammers. One girl, maybe eight, with beautiful long blonde hair, held a jackhandle. Rural weapons. Not a gun among them.
Strange days indeed
I totally have a new best friend, my childhood hero! See you at my birthday, @emophilips !
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