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Be happy always.☺😀..yeah right!😕 Don't you see what's going on?? 😰😰😰 The economy? 💰💰💸💸The politics?💣Health?🎗 Global warming? 🌋🌍Poverty?📊 Hunger? Pollution? Education?🎓🎒 Values? 🚻🚹🚼🆘🔯 Makes you want to scream and run away!!!!!😤🏃 Wait!!!!! ⛔ Take a deep conscious breath...💆 Exhale..👄 And again....💆 Now... . . We have to define HAPPINESS, is a concept as elusive as love💘 Happiness, for me, it's a state of deep inner awareness and contentment, that keeps me connected to my sorroundings and myself , and enables me to feel grateful yet responsive and proactive to what i CAN control, CAN do, CAN help with, which gives me full freedom to enjoy life at its fullest without guilt shame or doubt. . Wonderful! Simple! Exhilarating! Easy? Didn't say that! Nope! Not at all! . Most people, me included, have tried or still try to "get" happiness, "find" happiness, "achieve" happiness as if it's a treasure "to be found" outside, in someone or something or even some place... . We think that a happy person cannot feel sad, worried, lethargic, doubtful, even cry😢! We assume if we are happy we must live in a constant state of bliss!!! And i think that's why people find it so challenging!! And even impossible! . I define happiness as a capacity to enjoy life as it is, with a slight innocence, allowing the element of awe and surprise always to be present,and surely accompanied by enormous gratitude!!!! . When we are grateful about the little things, eventually they become big things and add up to a happy life!. And having a life to be grateful for, should make us happy! . What about all the problems? Troubles,? What about them? Your attitude gives them the magnitude! We do what we CAN, yes! We let go of what we can't. . We stop saying problems and say instead challenges We stop saying life is hard and start saying life is full of opportunities HAPPINESS IS FROM THE INSIDE OUT. AND IT'S CONTAGIOUS! . #happinessisachoice #happy #lifecoaches #coachingespiritual #coachvenezolanaenisrael #coachinglife #behappy #choosehappiness #lifelessons #motivación #inspiration #influencer #inspirational #morni gquotes
Your best make up, is your smile!👄💄 Your best smile is when you're happy😃 Your happiness comes from your feelings😐😕😬😮😲😖😤😀☺😍😠 Your feelings are a result of your thinking👀👀 Your thinking is dependent on your beliefs💁🙅🙆 Your beliefs can be reframed!!!💆💆💆 . . INSTEAD OF SAYING WHEN I"LL...(HAVE, BE, ACCOMPLISH, AQUIRE, BUY, FIND, GET)...... LETS START SAYING I HAVE, AM, ACCOMPLISHED, AQUIRED, BOUGHT, FOUND, GOT, ALL I NEED TO BE THE BEST I CAN BE R I G HT. N O W !!!!!!! . A to B to C= Activate=Belief= Concequence Trigger=emotion=reaction . AND THE BEST I CAN BE IS H A P P Y!!!!😃😃😃 And it shows! . . Changes and shifts only happen in a possitive grateful kind of an alkaline enviroment....only when my thoughts are possitive, about what IS, i can see beyond...i can create beyond..i can move into possibility. . May the light of happiness shine through you today and always!🌠🌠🌠 . . . #lifecoahes #coachingespiritual #spiritualcoach #happinessisachoice #thoughtscreate #reframing #coachingdeparejas #coachvenezolanaenisrael #shinebright #motivation #inspiration #light #coach #cbtpractitioner #nlp #influencer #jewishwomenofinfluence #instacoach #livingtoserve
How much energy do we waste trying to (pretend) we are in control? Or worse yet, be all worked up because things didn't go my way...??? . The biggest way to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally is when i accept that there is only so much i can control, and for that i have to show up for 100%, do all that i can with all that i have but the outcome? NOT IN MY CONTROL A T- A L L !! . . "It's not your job to finish the work But you're not free to be excempt from it" -ethics of the fathers- . We must toil, and make an effort but let things take their course... There is a whole big plan that we have no clue of! Enjoy the process...take a break..let things happen. Great day for all!✋🌻🍀 . #lifeisagift #crecimientoespiritual #coachingespiritual #coach #coachvenezolanaenisrael #lifecoaches #letgoandletGOD #controlfreack #growthroughwhatyougothrough #relaxnothingisundercontrol 😃
Don't miss it!! . . #tzfatkabbalh #lextures #miami # westpalmbeach # consultations #wisdomfromtheholyland
Nothing is more important!!! You give out the energy you carry inside; and what you carry inside is your responsability 100% Responsability= response ability ( our ability to respond to life) and nothing can "make you" neither happy nor sad or even decide what is you want to feel, and that in itself is a full time job!!! . . We have to invest in feeling good, and doing ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to arouse those feelings. . . Whatever makes you happy; do more of that, every day, all day! It's amazing what happens when you decide to be happy!!!! . #coaching #happinessisachoice #lifecoach #coachvenezolana #kabbalahcoach #choices #empowerement #motivation #coachespiritual #spiritualcoach
Stay tuned... video comming soon🎥 5 love languages Acts of service Words of affirmation Gifts quality time Physical touch What language do you speak? How do you love? How do you want to be loved? Self love, romantic, parents, friends . #lifecoaches #couples #love #5lovelanguages #Kabbalah #coachingdeparejas #coachingespiritual
Si solo piensas En toda la VIDA que se te ha ido, En los años que han pasado, En los errores que has cometido, En las oportunidades que has perdido, En los amigos de quien te has distanciado, En amores que han desvanecido En planes que has cancelado... . . Piensa entonces, si estás tan ocupado solo suspirando y lamentándote por un pasado, cuando vas a poder crear tu futuro??? Con qué energía? Decide en qué tiempo quieres vivir? . . Sin embargo si quieres puedes pensar En toda la vida que tienes por delante En los años que aún te quedan En las lecciones aprendidas En las oportunidades que se presentan a diario En los amigos que puedes recuperar o hacer En un nuevo amor que puede renacer Y planes que puedes hacer. Invítate a un café y empieza a hacer tus sueños realidad! Porque los sueños solo se realizan despiertos!💖💖💖 . #compromiso #coachingdeparejas #coachingespiritual #coachvenezolanaenisrael #lifeisagift #dreams #kabbalahcoaching #sueños #destinoenprogreso #create #creandomifuturo #lifeisagift #lifestyleblogger
AMARSE Cuando fué la última vez en que nos detuvimos a pensar en la persona que se ama a sí misma? Sí!, esa que vive constantemente con determinación para perseguir un sueño, para no dejar a medias lo que un día latió con fuerza en su corazón. Para no dejar que la vida suceda, sino que hace que pase! Y todo lo que hace, lo hace con dedicación, amor y pasión! Es fácil apreciarlo y distinguirlo. Cuando te amas, dejas de pedir permiso y apartas las excusas. No te enrollas la cabeza pensando una y otra vez en lo que otros puedan opinar. Simplemente, vas a por ello. ¿Y por qué? Porque has descubierto el secreto que hace que la vida suceda hacia adelante y valga la pena ser vivida: «Igual que yo pertenezco al mundo, el mundo me pertenece a mí, y solo por esta razón —solo por haber nacido— ya tengo el derecho a servirme de todo cuanto me ofrece». Y cuando me entrego a disfrutar la vida en su entera gama de sensaciones, me estoy amando porque vivo en amor. Sin importar dudas, miedos, dolor. Enamórate de tí, y haz todo con amor. . . #lifeisagift #doallthingswithlove #coaching # loveyourself #amor #coachvenezolana #cabalá #espiritualidad #coachespiritual #spiritualcoach #diadelosenamorados #lifecoaches
Not in the destination, not in the outcome, not in the future!. . Did you ever travel to a long awaited destination just to get there and feel blah! .."nothing special" kinda feeling? And wandered what is the fuzz people are making about that place? . Well..let me tell you something i learned...if you don't get into the right mindset, enjoy with all your 5 senses( yes! Sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste) and are present every step of the way AS PART OF THE WHOLE EXPERIENCE, you will never enjoy...and life will just be a bunch of places people, noise smells and tastes that randomly appear or WORSE! are there to annoy you. . . Take the time to reaaaaally BE. Find the joy in the wind .the sun or the rain..the fog..the heat..the smell at the gas station..the people around you..the music..the jokes..your time alone..the kids making noise..the traffic..the sound of nature..the leaves..your body walking.. whatever it is...JUST BE PRESENT! And only then...your journey will be magical AND FULL OF JOY!!!!!!! HAVE A JOYFUL LIFE😃🙌💖 . #lifeisagift #coachingespiritual #spiritualgrowth ##bepresent #joy #journey #lifecoaches #coachingdeparejas #coachvenezolanaenisrael #thejoyisint the journey #lifeisagift #5senses
El ego es como un laberinto de espejos, cuando aceptas que estás envuelto y entiendes que estás ahí para poder mirarte y descubrir donde debes sanar, entonces, Podrás salir. . . No te quedes atrapad@ en el juego del ego, elévate por sobre la lógica, sé creativo, sé resiliente, atrévete a hacer el trabajo de sanación con humildad, con entrega, con paciencia y mucho amor. . . Al final, entenderás el porqué. Mientras haces el trabajo solo pregúntate PARA QUÉ?. . . #coaching #lifecoach #coachingespiritual #cabalácoach #motivación #ego #laberintodeespejos #coachvenezolana #positividad #cambio #egovscorazón #trabajodelalma
"Crea tu propia felicidad". . En este mes, donde es propicio incrementar en alegría, es importante entender que todo lo que deseamos, está dentro de nosotros como una semilla esperando a brotar. . . Qué tipo de "jardín quieres sembrar? Qué quieres crear en tu vida? Cómo te relacionas con la felicidad? . . No olvidemos que la felicidaf es subjetiva. Lo que a mí me hace feliz no es lo que a tí puede hacerte feliz... Por eso el hecho de ESCOJER es tan importante. Es escoker qué me hace feliz e integrarlo a mi vida TODOS LOS DÍAS! . . Si no soy yo mi mayor motivadora, cómo espero que lo sean los demás?. . NADIE PUEDE HACERME FELIZ!!!! NADA PUEDE HACERME FELIZ!!! YO ESCOJO MI FELICIDAD! . . #coachingespiritual coaching#lifecoach #coachvenezolanaenisrael #viviralmáximo #escojer #happy #choosehappiness #kabbalah #cabala ##coachvirtual #influencer #motivadora #kabbalahcoach #chooseyourownhappuness #jewishwomenofinfluence
Un niño siempre puede enseñar tres cosas a un adulto: a ponerse contento sin motivo, a estar siempre ocupado con algo y no rendirse hasta recibir aquello que desea. . . #coachingespiritual #coach #lifecoach #niñointerior #sueño #perseveracia #alegra #vivirenelpresente #hoyesmirealidad # Friyay#felicidadesunadesición
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