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Order in chaos. #Repost ... @_pakhandi_
This Durga Pujo, show us what you see. Let your lens tell us your Durga Pujo story. Share your best images from the celebrations using #YourPujoShot , tag us in your posts and stand a chance to win National Geographic merchandise!
Mornings at 10,000 feet. #Repost ... @indian.backpacker
A pack of arctic wolves strolls by on the Arctic Bay in Nunavut, Canada. It's hard for scientists to spend time studying the animals, as temperatures in their climate can get down to −63 °F. #YourShot by @ejazkhanearth
Coming out of its shell. #Repost ... @rmd_galleria
High in the Sierra Nevada, floodlit giant sequoias tower into the night sky. They can live 3,000 years, but California’s recent severe drought has tested them. “We’re treating this drought as a preview of the future,” said ecologist Nate Stephenson. #YourShot by Keith Ladzinski
Lightning rod. #Repost ... @jaded_head
The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow. #Repost ... @prudhvichowdary
Steam rises from Yellowstone's Steep Cone Geyser, located in the national park's Lower Geyser Basin. #YourShot by Michael Nichols
The view from the top. #Repost ... @the.corporate.muggle
Sea lions are found on each of the islands of the Galápagos archipelago. Sea lion pups seem clumsy and playful on land, but are sleek and fast underwater. #Repost ... @thewildling_
Surrounded by giant green anemones, a lone ocher sea star feeds on mussels and barnacles. Since 2013 sea stars along the Pacific coast have been dying in unprecedented numbers. Scientists suspect that warmer seas are weakening the species’ resistance to disease. #YourShot by Keith Ladzinski
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