Nate Lahy

sketchbook - black raspberries
sketchbook - oysters
sometimes on very few occasions i get to draw.
a very wise man once told me not to trust these open water pens. @modfarm has a great article on why. just because you call it sustainable doesn’t mean it is.
loves to destroy earbuds and classic literature.
research @thecropfoundation - next chapter coming september 29th
from maine to pennsylvania to virginia. maker and period unknown to me. working beat to shit look exceptional.
why is agricultural tourism important for small farms? sometimes you need other sources of income to survive.
took a field trip today with @thecropfoundation to @theneighborhoodharvest to check out there amazing hydroponic operation. #localfarms #localfood #knowyourfarmer #wheredoesfoodcomefrom #thecropfoundation
what exactly makes a place a place and what is the terroir of that place. this diagram represents the terroir of white tail deer - this is where my head is. #community #sketchbook #senseofplace
when you’re trying to look at aerials of the @commune_va bakery site and @scubasteveart paintings start harassing you.
the search for inspirado
biggest thank you to my wonderful wife for organizing a much needed trip to the mountains. and forcing me to take a vacation. love you @kherborn
question. what kind of bear is best?
well at least they don’t want to put children in fucking cages.
these days my approach to landscape architecture is more influenced by the writing of chefs than trendy design firms and theories. @jeremy_charles77 sums it up perfectly here. can’t wait for this book.
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