New hat day.
Orange and Purple.
Great dinner with a great wife @longwongsaz
Saw these and decided to take pics of them. 04 and 07.
Me as a kid building the "rich mans house"
Skateboarding has been the biggest influence of my life. Passing down some old decks to kids that live the dream is so cool.
First installment of Desert Relics is now live. Link in bio. @brewsandbruises hit it outta the park with this joint.
Just made a snow crab roll for lunch. Pretty happy with the outcome.
@ohsnapitsvts in a vintage Hornacek apron jersey.
My dad doesnt like Post Malone.
A six pack and a half of Harolds Chicken... a good combination.
BS TS will be the death of me. Old one here.
Takis OD, call the hosp ASAP!
Our twist on Arroz con Pollo. W @ohsnapitsvts
This sketch i did in 2000 can legally buy some porn n smokes now! Shit looks like a praying mantis, influence from @j_merz.
Great photo editing by @ohsnapitsvts.
DESERT RELICS should be out mad soon!
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